Posted on July 4th, 2019


There is an argument that the legislature cannot deprive the right to live, under any circumstances.  This is the view held by some Western Nations. The last death sentence in Australia was in 1967.  The debate started again in 2002 after Bali bombing where 202 Aussies were killed.  Similarly Sri Lanka lost nearly 300 after 21/4 bombing.  The extent to which terrorism operates now, these events might not have been averted even if capital punishment was in place.  

Murder rate in Sri Lanka ( according to last published statistics) was 3.4 per 100,000 inhabitants.  In our region, our murder rate is higher than Malaysia   ( 31 million) and Bangladesh ( 165 million) population.

If someone with the criminal intent cause the end of life for another, then the criminal need to be aware of his destiny if caught and found guilty.

We need not get mixed up with Buddhism and Punishment for Crime.  Apart from deaths caused by terrorists attacks, today Sri Lanka is not a safe place to live at all.  People are always in angry mood.  Whilst walking if you accidentally bump into some one unknown  on the street,  are you blind” is the spontaneous question?  They are ready for a fight anytime with anyone for anything. 

In addition, corruption and contract killings are rampant in Sri Lanka.  Those who became rich recently consider themselves most powerful.  Politicians are in the front line in this parade.

Felons must be treated equally the same way the Felons treated the innocent victims.  Judiciary is neither a Temple nor Church.  Dhamma is not part of Criminal Law.

Death Penalty must be made  mandatory in Sri Lanka.


  1. Randeniyage Says:

    “Dhamma is not part of Criminal Law”

    Buddha Dhamma is the science which , if understood, WILL certainly get rid of criminal potential in every human who is capable of understanding it. Buddha Dhamma shall be made compulsory to ALL students from young, no choice shall be given to those who are worshipers of various fictitious Gods books written by warlords.

    If a murderer becomes a Sothapanna after learning Buddha Dhamma and practicing in jail should he/she be hanged ? Even if such a hypothetical miracle never happens, it is possible to rehabilitate some criminals.
    Hanging the lowest street level drug sellers while keeping drug kingpins safely hidden in high society among politicians and the “new rich” is not following Buddhism.
    If the country is rule according to Buddha Dhamma criminality will certainly be minimum and there will be a time people are ashamed to get involved in wrong doings, let alone criminality. Today what we see in the President himself has ZERO shame or FEAR of wrongdoing. People’s representatives voted to work for the state have the sole aim of become rich by stealing and is being encouraged by media.

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