Sri Lanka is a paradise for Israelis – Israel Envoy
Posted on July 4th, 2019

Ananth Palakidnar Courtesy Ceylon Today

Sri Lanka is a paradise for Israelis according to Israeli Ambassador to India and Sri Lanka, Dr. Ron Malka who was on a three day visit to the Island.

Speaking to Ceylon Today on Israel – Sri Lanka relations, Dr. Malka said that several countries had alerted their citizens over travelling to Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday attacks, but Israelis didn’t stop coming to Sri Lanka as they considered Sri Lanka a paradise. We Israelis are used to those types of attacks and nothing prevented our people from travelling to Sri Lanka.”

Commenting further on tourism, he said that tourists from Israel to Sri Lanka were on the increase and mentioned that he even saw a significant number of Israelis holidaying in Sri Lanka.

Elaborating on areas Israel was focusing on developing in Sri Lanka, Dr. Malka mentioned there was USD 200 million worth of trade between the countries each year. Israel imports seafood, tea as well as gems from Sri Lanka.

Agriculture and water management are prime areas Israel is focusing on in Sri Lanka. We are sharing our expertise with Sri Lanka on developing agriculture in the dry zone with the drip water irrigation system and are even helping set up greenhouses for advanced agricultural activities. Israeli expertise is also available on crops and seeds as well as fertilizer,” Dr. Malka said.

He pointed out that Israeli farmers have been assisted by drones and satellites with regard to climatic conditions, crops, soil and irrigation to farmlands.

The Ambassador also said that in the future, Israel could even focus on water desalination in developing the dry zones in the country.

Dr. Malka also said that Sri Lankans serving in Israel as caregivers were very popular with Israeli families and they were recognized for their commitment and dedication for the people they take care of.

He also added that Sri Lankans were recognised for their efficiency in the farmlands of Israel.

As terrorism remains a global phenomenon, all countries should come together to wipe out terrorism and Israel has its potential in a cyber security system and it could even share the expertise with other countries, Dr. Malka said.

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