Caught with His Pants Down is Batalanda Wickramasinghe Calling for a State of Anarchy?
Posted on July 8th, 2019

By Gandara John

Caught with his pants down, literally selling off Sri Lanka to the Americans, a desperate Wickramasinghe has reportedly called on his thugs to get onto the Streets to prevent and intimidate law abiding citizens seeking Justice from Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court of Justice.

Wickramasinghe has reportedly exhorted his goondas to enforce the Rule of the Street over the rule of Law.

Seen by many Sri Lankans as a traitor in the mould of a Don Juan Dharmapala, they see Wickramasinghe’s call for anarchy as a call to the Americans to militarily intervene in the country.

Stunned law abiding citizens were openly asking the question, If the Police fail to arrest and question Wickramasinghe even with a State of Emergency in place, wont the new Attorney General who has shown a great deal of spunk order the arrest of Wickramasinghe?”

A member of the notorious Mont Pelerin secret society and the head of an equally obnoxious Nazi style organisation, ‘Independent Democratic Union’ Wickramasinghe has lived on the fringes of the Law; he has a yet unresolved and an unsavoury past with the Batalanda murders and with Sri Lanka’s Biggest Bank robbers.

Wickramasinghe’s reported call for anarchy came in the wake of many exposures which revealed that he had secretly drawn up agreements with the Americans to enable them to make the country a US Base.

One of the Compacts or Agreement with the Americans. was the secret deal with the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Before any monies could be even released by the MCC, the MCC have in black and white laid out three pre-conditions.

The first is the issue of Land grants to people with all rights of private ownership.

Sri Lanka has preserved its territory and Land with the tight control exercised by the Centre in the issuance of land grants. This way the people of Sri Lanka have been able to maintain tight control of over 80 percent of its sovereign territory and prevent foreigners taking over the land.

The second and third preconditions of the MCC are that we legislate the ‘Land (Special Provisions) Bill’ and the ‘Land Bank’ Bill, both drafted by the Americans.

Both these Bills together with the Issuance of Land Grants would facilitate the US buying up the entire country. Furthermore,  when land is privatised political power over Land passes from the Centre to the provinces which the separatists have always been clamouring for.

If these two Bills are passed in Parliament it would be in contravention of a Supreme Court Judgement (Bulankulame Vs the State) which determined that Sri Lanka’s Constitution secures the Fundamental Rights of the unborn generations to the Land.

In this attempt to privatise Sri Lanka’s Land a legal expert commented that this again is in contravention of Sri Lanka’s Constitution which does not consider the right to private property, a Human Right.

With the American Indo Pacific forces outside our shores, with a vulgar American Ambassador acting like ‘Ma Baker’ and with an exposed Wickramasinghe peevishly threatening Sri Lanka’s people with violence, the law abiding citizens are nervously waiting with abated breath to see whether the rule of law will prevail and whether Wickramasinghe would be  arrested and tried. Indeed, is he not also in contempt of Court

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