Ranjan apologizes to Maha Sangha for his controversial statement
Posted on July 19th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake today (19) apologized to Mahanayake and Anunayake theros of Asgiri Chapter for the controversial statement he made regarding Buddhist monks.

The prelates had requested the presence of State Minister Ramanayake with regard to his statement, accordingly, the state minister visited the Asgiri Maha Viharaya in Kandy today.

Following a discussion held with Mahanayake and Anunayake theros and other monks of the Sangha Sabha, the state minister made an apology over his controversial statement.

Meanwhile, many religious leaders had deplored the state minister’s statement.

8 Responses to “Ranjan apologizes to Maha Sangha for his controversial statement”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ranjan Ramanayake is a CONGENITAL IDIOT who should not hold ANY government post.

    This man is a loose cannon, a serial bungler, the proverbial BULL in a CHINA SHOP!

    Ranjan, in the name of God, GET LOST and leave us long suffering citizens of Lanka in PEACE!

  2. jay-ran Says:

    If anyone closely watch and listen to how he made the apology,ANY ONE CAN SEE THAT HE MADE IT IN A VERY CUNNING WAY.HE SAID HE APOLOGISES FROM THE PRIESTS WHO DO NOT TAKE ALCOHOL HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT????????????????????????????????

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    Buddhist clergy should be called “monks” not “Priests”.
    Needless to say they cannot take alcohol, there are many more rules much more difficult to obey than taking alcohol.

    People will not judge politicians now , they are all the same. But we know very well there are some people wearing robes doing much worse evil than taking alcohol. These people are not called “Sangha” and should not be called “Sangha” which is well defined by the Gatha we recite dialy “Supatipanno Bhagavato Sawaka Sangho”.
    To be fair to Ranjan, it is Iraj that called the people wearing robes doing sodomy to children “Sangha”.

    Moreover, I noted one monk telling him here, if such evil is discovered, tell the higher monks , not the public. This is completely wrong. Such criminal activity should be reported to police first and police should take action and also inform higher monks for them to repel these buggers from Sasana. This the proper procedure to be followed to protect Buddhism from these criminals.

    Another thing is every word uttered by this man shall be carefully examined and he should be punished with the maximum sentence. If exaggerations are made, they are criminal activities. Unfortunately we don’t have proper law and order to do all these. Law is applied to poor only.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    It was wrong to generalize.

    However, there is some truth in what Ranjan said and it applies to all religious figures. They must be investigated and culprits must be punished.

    Don’t throw the truth bit with the wrongful bit. Take the truth and fix it, throw the wrongs.

  5. Nimal Says:

    Well put Dirook
    I will never trust a clergy of any deomination,speaking from my own experiences. Me and my burgher friends have lot to say about this and we were only 10 years old. It affected my friends very badly and they are no more. Clergy should be forced to marry as it is very difficult to control ones natural urges. So be real and good luck to Ranjan. Many are trying to demonize him, only the guilty would do that.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    So, in your view, is marriage the ultimate solution to sexual and other abuse?

    Is adultery and deviant sexual behavior the sole preserve of the clergy? Would it not reflect the degradation of moral standards in the general society at large?

    Are we then asking our clergy to be not like us, 100% pure and incorruptible, in some unfathomable way? If they were so pure and separate, can they ever relate to their own flock?

    As I recall, when I was growing up in Sri Lanka, at a time when homosexuality was not prevalent, homosexual behavior was called the “English Disease”. Yup, a disease identified with those very Englishmen your seem to adore and place on a very high pedestal!

    I think that we should expect, statistically speaking, some percentage of sexual deviation, and corruption of every kind, in every segment of the society including the clergy. Because of the respect we accord the clergy and their much touted “vinaya”, we can also expect that incidence to be smaller among them than in the society at large. That is my own experience with the Buddhist Clergy: the majority of them are indeed of high moral character and deserve that respect.

    Wherever bad behavior is found we should criticize it, and punish the wrongdoers under the law, but we should not expect them to be immune to the foibles of the laymen, for they are influenced by the norms of the laity, and their behaviour will mirror our own.

  7. Nimal Says:

    Be honest,clergy not immune from sins, worse case was Somarama and that Bishop in Australia. I don’t trust them with my siblings.

  8. Randeniyage Says:


    You have put it very well ( first time I am learning the term English Decease though) !

    Even when we were teenagers there were jokes about monks. However, having understood Buddhism deeper (35+), I started openly condemning people who bring up these jokes and they not only stopped it but also criticize it with me now. Recently brother of a popular professional ( in your preferred political clan), who is a Catholic, did a very bad job insulting Buddhism and all Buddhist got together to condemn him.
    I believe these jokes are made by some unscrupulous Catholics, despite their clergy is the one got caught doing horrific crimes to children.
    Recently GONJA said George Peel was punished by Pope. Absolute nonsense ! GP was punished by people of Australia. Pope is also accused of transferring pedophiles from country to country to save them !

    However, if Buddhist monks doing this, firstly clergy should disrobe them openly. Laws need to be passed if necessary. Then they should be handed over to police and laws should be amended to send them to jail for life ( as a minimum). Little monks should be given phone numbers to complain and those who prevent them talking should be given the same penalty.
    Lord Buddha is very strict on monks to be not only law abiding, but also taking every precaution to avoid getting suspicious by the society. This is very clear in Suttas.

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