GOTA PHOBIA – Part II (UNP’s Dilemma)
Posted on October 2nd, 2019


The UNP and the foreign servile reactionaries, NGO vultures, the Tamil chauvinists, the Butterfly gang and the bi and homosexual Jeppo have a persistent fear psychosis about the National Hero Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaks’s imminent and massive victory in the November 16 Presidential Election.  These reactionary elements, particularly the dollar servile NGO vultures who would not even hesitate to prostitute their own mothers, sisters and children are highly worried and are in the process of making all efforts to file case after case in the courts to prevent Mr. Gotabhaya contesting the election and make him a Stateless person perhaps as a reward for ending 30 years of ruthless terrorist war which three Presidents of this country including the father of joker candidate, the Charlie Chaplin were unable to put an end to.  

These shameless imbecile NGO vultures were in a deep slumber when the Singaporean, #arjun Mahendran, a close and thick pal of Ranil Wickremasinghe, was appointed to the highest prestigious post of Governor of the Central Bank and he fled the country swindling Rs. 11 Billion as a direct loss to the country and several more billion losses indirectly in the biggest ever robbery of this country.  These vultures should understand that within the first few weeks of winning the presidency, Mr. Gotabhaya will bring down the fugitive Arjun Mahendran from Singapore similar to what he did to LTTE arms procurer Kumaran pathmanathan (Kp) and all those who collaborated in this robbery and received millions of rupees as Santhosams will have to face trials.  Since the court cases are under scrutiny in the courts at present let us look at the predicament purported to be troubling the UNP as reported by the pro-UNP media.

Former minister Sarath Fonseka has informed that there were support from 2/3 of the members of the working committee for Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe to come forward as the presidential candidate and despite that Mr.  Wickremasinghe volunteered to nominate Mr. Sajith Premadasa as the party nominee.

Premadasa’s nomination now awaits the formal endorsement at a UNP National Convention today (October 3rd). The convention is to adopt a resolution to re-iterate the UNP’s goals. They are essentially ones made in their last 2015 election manifesto. The resolution reads as: We remain committed to taking forward the Constitutional Reform process commenced during our Government with regard to (i) Devolution, (ii) Electoral Reforms and (iii) Executive Presidency with the concurrence of the Prime Minister. We will consult all stakeholders”.

It is reported that there was some discussion on the third point — on the Executive Presidency. Political analysts state that If elected,  Sajith Premadasa will act in concurrence” with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. They say that the Sinhala text makes it even clearer. It uses the word ekaghathawaya”. While the word consensus” would mean a general agreement”, the Sinhala word, which in law will have precedence, says the Executive President shall work with the agreement’ of the Prime Minister. The nuance is more than subtle. Thereby, if elected, Premadasa will take office only in early January 2020 and work together Wickremesinghe at least informing his first Cabinet. The new president is also precluded from holding a ministerial portfolio under the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, though there are constitutional questions whether this would even include the defense portfolio.

The introduction of a new electoral system and a devolution package to address Tamil grievances being the other two points in the Resolution, Such pledges in the past had remained on paper and could continue to be so. However, to re-iterate them is to allay fears, particularly in the Tamil community and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). The TNA, which has remained a proxy to the UNF in the past, is not expected to respond until details are made public. It’s the first meeting with Premadasa did not go too well the analysts point out.

The Sunday Times is a UNP mouthpiece run by the Wijewardene family.  The devotes articles and opinion columns to promote the UNP and criticize and slander non-UNP political parties and views.  In this regard, its 5th column penned by a staunch UNPer under the pseudonym Rip Van Wrinkle is devoted to ripping all non-UNP political parties and politicians. 

The column last Sunday (29th September) totally devoted itself to admonish Sajith Premadasa on what to do and what not to do. It is very interesting and exposes that Sajith Premadasa is an imbecile  and ignoramus political infant, Extracts from this column titledUnlike father, unlike son! are highlighted below:

My dear Sajith,

. Having cleared all the hurdles put up by some Greens, you must be wondering which is the greater battle, fighting Gota or convincing the Green Man to let you run the race!

It is good that you are the Green candidate. If the Green Man ran instead of you, it would have been like a cricket match between Sri Lanka and India: the result would be known even before the contest began. Now, it is more like a game between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh: both have a chance of winning.

Even after your candidacy was announced, some in the Green camp were trying to knock you down a peg or two, saying you had agreed to ‘conditions’, allowing the Green Man to remain party leader and to stay on as your PM, should you win. I hope you made it very clear you will not be anyone’s puppet.

Many people criticised you for the way you went about getting the nomination from the Greens. You said that if you weren’t allowed to run for the Greens, you would contest anyway. In hindsight, if you hadn’t tried that tactic, it would probably still be the Green Man’s name on that ball

 There are some in your own camp who will be desperately hoping that you won’t succeed. If you don’t know who I am talking about, think of those people with special bonds who say that you should have passed ‘O’ Levels in this country.

Still, questions remain about your vision, Sajith. You need to answer them in the next few weeks. You talk mostly about following your father’s policies, but twenty-six years after his death, you must be more specific than that and you must concentrate on current issues.

 In your case, although most of us know who you are, many of us don’t know what you will be doing.

For instance, there is a question about the top job. All the Blue party leaders who held it — Satellite, Mahinda maama and Aiyo Sirisena- promised to do away with it but didn’t do so. Even the Green Man promised to do away with it only because he couldn’t get it last time. What then is your view The ‘pohottuwa’ chaps will make noises about Sampanthan seeya supporting you, saying you will barter the rights of the majority for a few votes. We do remember your father avoided

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