Posted on October 3rd, 2019


Civil Society Activists in many countries in the world appear to be working as independent activists without engaging in popular politics or supporting political parties, however, in Sri Lanka civil society activists appear to be in a mud puddle without clearly understanding the role of them. As I reiterated before, civil society activists were in the past in Sri Lanka under the reign of Kings and Queens, but they did not engage in active politics because they understood the real role and limits of them.  Since the 2015 presidential election, civil society activists have been engaged in a misguided role like politicians without understanding and identifying the role of them. It is possible to assume that they were mad on making easy money misleading international NGOs.  This situation is clearly understood by other countries in the world. It can assume that other countries and international NGOs are observing what is going on in Sri Lanka. 

Another vital point concerning the behavior of NGO activists is whether the international NGOs which are believed to be financing for local NGO activists knew that local activists were playing a game for an undue enrichment out of foreign taxpayers’ money. This is a serious issue that UNO or any other international organizations must be discussed or investigated and make justice for international donors.

It also seems that several activists have engaged in the role of government media to attract support from international NGOs, which have already learned a good lesson from civil society activists in Sri Lanka after 2015.  There are many issues that civil society activists must be worked in, despite such requirements they have engaged in complete rubbish politics such as to take presidential candidates to courts rather than playing their role.  What were purposes or aims of these local NGO activists sought funds from international donors and did the organizations audit how funds were using in Sri Lanka? If the purpose of them is to playing politics, they can go to the USA and support the Democratic party to impeach President Donald Trump, but they are scared to engage in such an active role.  Some of these activists are supposed to participate in university research and teaching roles and people of Sri Lanka have a question whether these activists playing the right role or a dishonest role.  Do they addicted to money coming from external sources rather than doing the owned job? Could these people trust is an issue for international NGOs?

International NGOs must extremely careful when funding for local NGO activists in Sri Lanka.


  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    ED, Local NGOs are vultures. They can not have jobs anywhere. They cough foe few dollars. No shame on them. They do what paymasters want them to do.

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