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A Carpenter capable of making a beautiful set of furniture using his Tools of the Trade according to the Design is an efficient Carpenter. The Carpenter is, therefore, an efficient Carpenter.

The Designer who articulated imaginary scenarios and built options and finally produce a Design with a Bill of Quantity is an Effective Designer.

Rarely we come across one individual versatile in possessing the skills of Effectiveness and Efficiency.

My famous Management Guru, Prof. Peter Drucker said: Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” What is the difference between being effective and being efficient?

Basil Rajapakse is a hands-on and Effective and Efficient Performer.  As Drucker said, The end aim of a Manager, is the delivery of results”.

Basil is right in front.

He Delivers. The ultimate measurement of achievement of a Performer.

9 Responses to “BASIL- THE CRAFTSMAN”

  1. dhane Says:

    Is any Effectiveness and Efficiency Carpenters available in Sajith group.
    I thinks Sajith have mostly කුලියට දේශපාලනය කරණ එන්ජිිoo මුදලාලිලා and Bank robbers.
    Mahesh have Effectiveness and Efficiency but they are still not popular amount the voters. Thereby Sri Lanka will continue with same old Rajapaksa wine in different bottle & label for another few years.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Mahesh is very likely fooled by a UNP agent planted to destroy Vikalpayas.
    He got caught, may become another Fonseka with no where to go.

    What can he do ? (Assuming he wins, which is extremely unlikely)

    1. 3 months he will be approving or disapproving Ranil’s work.
    2. After that he will be working with MR.

    Even if people vote him, he should not expect his virtually unknown NPM to win a 2/3 majority to do essential requirements,
    1. Remove Palaath Sabha
    2. No miniority laws

    He appears to be big FOOL. 40 years in the army not necessarily give you the wisdom to identify good managers and capable people among cunning foxes pretending to be clever experts, because Army is a place with a command structure which those cunning foxes cannot survive.

  3. aloy Says:

    As a regular LW reader and a commentator I do no like to ignore this write up.

    One CJ famously confessed that he sent the man to Rajagedera when he should have sent him to Welikada and one good thing happened: He stood his ground against the ‘Three Musketeers’ who landed here from Europe. Thereby we saw the end of their ‘Sun God’ who plague the country for thirty long years. At the time that CJ gave the verdict, I suppose the people of this country did not know much about the case. Similarly we have a faint hope that something good will happen this time as well. Also there is not much dirt against Gota either. The cases against him are not connected with corruption; they seem to be all politically motivated.However we all know the Malwana case against BR.

    The hero of MDP should really be in jail; I think he is on bail at the moment. His involvement is a minus point to Gota. So, I ask MDP not to insult those of us who have decided to support him unless of course he is doing a white washing sort of contract.

  4. Mario Perera Says:

    Being ‘efficient’ has to do with action.

    Being ‘effective’ has to do with obtaining results.

    The CJ in question was ‘efficient’ in that he delivered a judgment

    He was also ‘effective’ in that his judgment produced a result.

    But by his ‘action’ and by his ‘result’ he knowingly and willfully DEFRAUDED Justice.

  5. Mario Perera Says:

    Being ‘efficient’ has to do with action.

    Being ‘effective’ has to do with obtaining results.

    The CJ in question was ‘efficient’ in that he delivered a judgment

    He was also ‘effective’ in that his judgment produced a result.

    But by his ‘action’ and by his ‘result’ he knowingly and willfully DEFRAUDED Justice.

    He was a Chief Justice who was a FRAUD

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  6. Mario Perera Says:


    By defrauding Justice, the fraudster of an efficient and effective Chief Justice made a King of a Criminal.

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  7. Mario Perera Says:

    You will all recall what Robert Knox wrote in his book:
    An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon

    He declared: Take a Sinhala farmer, wipe the mud from his body, and he is fit to be King

    In today’s Sri Lanka: take a man reeking of crime, wipe that stench from his body, and he is fit to be king.

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  8. Randeniyage Says:

    Dear MDP

    If that fellow, who built a palace in Malwana which has no owners now (a palace cannot be without owners- it is so because Sri Lanka has no proper justice system) is a ” is a hands-on and Effective and Efficient Performer ” in delivering election wins, why did his management failed in 2015 ?

    He may be so, in masterminding, managing activities other than election work, I agree, but before I vote him , he should fully own that palace.
    There is another palace in down south without an owner belonging to future king.

    However, by effectiveness, if you meant , “effective in fooling public”, I agree, 100%.

  9. Dilrook Says:

    Like him or hate him, you must accept that he is a clever political strategist compared to others.
    But he is a total disaster as a minister, policy maker and a leader.
    I would be same if given the opportunity.

    The biggest supporter of Chandrika and Rajapaksas was Ranil. He pretends to be opposed to them but in reality he was protecting them, promoting them and helping them win elections.

    Keeping Ranil at the UNP leadership is like keeping a slow batter at the crease in a ODI or T20 match. If he stays too long, his team would lose for sure.

    Chandrika and Rajapaksas had an easy run since Ranil became the UNP leader 26 years ago. Now Ranil is in danger, they are in panic mode. Even if Rajapaksas win the elections, they will face a massive backlash from an aggressive opposition led by Ranil’s replacement.

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