A shot in the arm
Posted on October 16th, 2019


It was indeed a source of hope and encouragement to hear the statement of Presidential candidate, Gotabaya Rajapakse that he intends to reject the UNHRC resolution co-sponsored by the Yahapalanay government in Oct 2015  which created a world record by sponsoring and adverse ruling on its own country.

The resolution was based on the Darusman report which was essentially mandated ONLY to appraise the Secretary-General of the UN. It was emphatically mentioned by UNSG’s then spokesperson as ‘ not a fact-finding mission, not, an investigation,, not an inquiry.,only a panel to advise the SG. The evidence of the OISL report was so weak that it failed to establish the primary claim that Sri Lanka had committed war crimes. Without questioning the scope of the UNHRC controlled by the UN charter and the resolution 60/25 of 2006 which created UNHRC, Yahapalnaya government opted slavishly to punish Sri Lanka and her armed forces in the hope of winning favours from the West and also to gain the support of the extremist Tamil political including the FNGOs.

We now await to hear the response of the other contenders to this critical issue


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