Was the Mullaitivu cremation staged against a Gotabaya presidency?
Posted on October 16th, 2019


News reports (e.g., Island 12-Oct-2019) tell us how the Malaysian anti-terrorist unit is handling nascent neo-LTTE groups when it arrested seven operatives including two members of parliament (Lawmakers).

Malaysian newspapers have reported the arrests of seven LTTE operatives in Malaysia. Two Malaysian Tamil lawmakers are among the seven arrested. Bukit Aman Special Branch Counter-terrorism Division (E8) principal assistant director, Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay says:

“To the police, it does not matter who the individual is. Anyone found to be involved in terrorist activities, regardless of their political party, religion, race, if there is evidence that they are involved in terrorist activities, we will arrest them.”

Two of the people arrested were those who had attacked the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in 2016 at the Kuala Lumpur airport. Others had pro-LTTE material, or attempted to organize “Hero’s Day to commemorate Prabhakaran”.

Mr.R. Sampanthan, and also Mr. C. V. Wigneswarn since 2013, and many other TNA lawmakers had made statements eulogizing Prabhakaran and pushed the Ideology of the late terrorist leader. Heroes’ Day celebrations have been held repeatedly. Last year a UNP lawmaker stated that the LTTE had to be revived. Such statements would have landed these lawmakers in jail if they had been in Malaysia.

So we see how the law of this country is being applied, even in regard to an extremely serious offense, equivalent to propagating the ideology of Prabhakaran.

This breakdown in law seems to be a part of the rule of TNA in the North. But now, Mr. Sampanthan has raised the issue of the cremation of a Buddhist monk in an area contested by a Palliyar Kovil and a Buddhist Temple.

How can Mr. Sampanthan and other TNA leaders now come to Colombo and complain in Parliament that the law is not obeyed? If they themselves can break the law with impunity in promoting Prabhakaran’s ideology at every public meeting they hold, their complaints ring hollow. How can the lawyers of the Northern Province protest in unison when they keep mum about the breakdown in law tantamount to treason as seen by the people in the South? This is what the foreign-funded NGOs in Colombo claim to be “Sinhala-Buddhist” hegemony!

The heavy-handed “Bodu-Bala-Sena” of Ven. Gnanasara displays the very antithesis of the behavior expected of a Buddhist monk, who is expected to be calm, disciplined, always practicing compassion even to his enemies, and even under provocation. So the BBS is simply a political force.

According to an article in the Sunday Island by its political correspondent Chandraprema, the BBS is also an NGO with initial links to Champika Ranawaka and the West. It is alleged to be initially funded and supported by the Nordic “peacemakers” and the US. The US granted Gnanasara a five-year visa and invited him over to visit the US, after his visit to Norway. After his return to Sri Lanka, the BBS started its strong-arm tactics.

So, was the Palliyar Kovil-Temple incident staged to create anger and discord at the dawn of a presidential election? Is this a way of saying, this is what will happen under a “Sinhala-Buddhist dominated” Gotabaya government? Are the NGOs the TNA playing out the scripts allotted to them?


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