Do not prosecute them
Posted on December 17th, 2019

Viraj Kithsiri

The whole country is clamouring for immediate actions against the culprits of yahapalanaya.

From bond scams to the outrageous press conferences there are so many issues to be dealt with and punished.

Chief among the culprits are Mangala,Rajitha,Ravi, Champika,Rishad and Malik.
However on the top of the list is Ranil too.

However I do plead the government not to hurry up these cases until after the general elections.
If we prosecute and bring charges against them they will not get nominations from the UNP.
In fact this will be welcome by Sajith clan to go to the polls with a clean sheet. The government will be doing an immense favour to them by removing them from their nominations.

The Sajith clan or UNP cannot deny nominations to these seniors in their party however much they want to. That is why I noticed some UNP MPs urging the government to prosecute the wrong doers as soon as possible to get their baggage off.

As long as these fraudsters and those humiliate our race and Buddhism remain in the UNP ranks a two third majority is a foregone conclusion to SLPP.

Just start cases slowly until the general election for them to face the tune after elections.

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