Corona Virus: Use face masks, precautionary steps, public urged
Posted on January 26th, 2020

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

While claiming that there was no need to panic over the Corona Virus, the Health Ministry has advised the general public to wear face masks as a safety measure.

Meanwhile, CMC Chief Medical Officer Dr Ruwan Wijayamuni also requested all who come to Colombo to wear face masks as a precautionary measure.

He advised to adhere to this method when entering public places, hotels and restaurants in the Colombo city and also to wear a mask to hotel employees and staff.

The Chief Epidemiologist of the Colombo Epidemiology Unit, Dr Sudath Samaraweera has also issued a statement outlining the measures to be taken to prevent contracting the disease.

According to the statement, the new Corona Virus was capable of spreading from one person to another. Public health measures should take to prevent the disease from spreading in Sri Lanka as it has spread to other countries.

Avoid crowded areas, wash hands regularly with soap or with alcohol, cover your mouth and nose with the elbow area when you sneeze. Otherwise use tissues and dispose of them safely, avoid close association with those has fever and cough and if anyone suffering from a fever and cough after arriving from an identified new Corona Virus affected area, seek immediate medical attention,” he said in his statement.

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