Sri Lanka well prepared for any possible coronavirus outbreak – WHO Rep
Posted on January 31st, 2020

Courtesy Ada Derana

Sri Lanka is well prepared to address any possible coronavirus outbreak, says World Health Organisation (WHO) Representative to Sri Lanka Dr Razia Pendse.

She stated this speaking exclusively to ‘@HydePark’ on Ada Derana. 

Dr Pendse stated that WHO works closely with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health, the Disaster Preparedness Unit and the Disaster Management Center (DMC) to ensure that the country is well prepared to address any emergency of this sort.

We have all the necessary stockpiles what is needed in terms of equipment in this present situation. We are working very closely with the Ministry of Health to look at the preparedness in the hospitals, to also look at the different stockpiles and what could be the anticipated need, to see whether the country has it.” 

She stated that if required they can quickly mobilize their international networks to get the supplies that is needed. 

We don’t see any kind of huge gap here. The preparedness is very well. It is being monitored from the highest level,” Dr Pendse said. 

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