Posted on April 22nd, 2020

Stanley Gunaratne.

The Covid 19 situation is a terrible global crisis. In the island of Ceylon, where despite $3 billion a year wasted on Provincial Councils and Indian style politicians, we have managed to curtail the spread and combat it thanks to a relatively efficient administration which is in stark contrast to the usual modus operandi of the prevailing system (which has been designed by India and Indian bootlickers). 

It has shown that this country has zero need for 225 fat buffoons (Indian bootlickers), Provincial Councillors (bootlickers of the bootlickers) or endless “jobs for the boys” appointees in a bloated public sector to run the country. The politicians are attempting with various press gimmicks to try and prove their relevance!

This opportunity to free ourselves from India and this Indian corrupt system must not be missed. It is sad that our island of such potential has seemingly in its post-independence history never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Nations that were far behind us (South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and even Japan) have overtaken us tanks to coherent social policies and sound economics with THE RULE OF LAW. This is despite us having far superior infrastructure and supply chain links in the 1940s and 50s.

IF an election is to be held (it is this author’s opinion that the country does not need to elect the same bunch of fat buffoons presented thus far by ALL the political parties in an act of reshuffling the same deck), then will any party, including the President promise the following:

“1. Vote for us to abolish the Indo Lanka Accord
2. Vote for us to abolish the 13th amendment and Provincial Councils
3. Vote for us to use all the money wasted on Provincial Councils on proper electrified high-speed public transport like in Japan/China/Singapore (a high-speed train can cross the island in 70 minutes)
4. Vote for us to BAN all ethnic parties
5. Vote for us to mix the whole population and end ethnic ghettos (i.e. reinitiate the Gal Oya Schemes)
6. Vote for us to establish the rule of law
7. Vote for us to build a proper international airport
8. Vote for us to ensure proper schools for your children
9. Vote for us to ensure proper hospitals for everyone
10. Vote for us to stop being an Indian vassal state
11. Vote for us to teach these politician mankollakaraya Indian bootlickers a lesson
12. Vote for us to establish ONE nation, ONE PEOPLE, one LAW.
13. Vote for us to restore our national flag of 1948 (the Lion flag minus the artificial stripes) where the Lion represents us all
14. Vote for us to have all children of all ethnicities in one school together in the same classroom and on the same playground (taught in either Sinhala, or English medium) – BILINGUAL in one mother tongue and English – NOT the Trilingual nonsense
15. Vote for us to have an independent judiciary
16. Vote for us to support our armed forces
17. Vote for us to put the PEOPLE first and to become a nation of LAWS, not endless hordes of politicians!
18. Vote for us to have young, vibrant, visionary, and genuine patriots in Parliament instead of fat buffoons!”

The rule of law, zero tolerance for corruption, and pro-business policies can result in a shower of investment into this country and take us toward being another Singapore with ease. But nothing will change unless some entity promises above and does it. It is high time for a “PAP” style party in Ceylon.

In addition, the name of the country MUST be restored to Sinhale (Ceylon in English is acceptable as a phonetic transliteration) with the complete removal of the artificial Indian name of Sri Lanka, the name of a party, not a nation, or her people. 

No self-respecting country would continue to abide by the Indo Lanka Accord which violates international law and is akin to the Nazi Anschluss imposed on Austria against her will prior to WWII. ANY POLITICIAN WHO DOES NOT SEEK ITS REMOVAL IS A TRAITOR PURE AND SIMPLE and guilty of committing High Treason.

This country has vast potential. Just recently, West Texas Crude was selling for a negative price on the international markets – meaning one would be effectively PAID by the barrel to store oil. When Ceylon has vast storage capacity at the Trincomalee Oil Farm (with capacity for 12,000 tonnes of oil at current capacity) and all of that is under the control of the Indians (the enemy of our nation), that speaks volumes about the opportunities we miss. Furthermore, in the era where electric cars are taking off, we are sitting on some of the purest graphite (used in electric batteries) in the world and have zero supply chain links (in 1948, we were the number one graphite producer in the world)

Will President GR promise the above 18 points? Or will he simply go along with the vile vermin politicians seeking reelection who are shedding crocodile tears for the Sri Lankan/Ceylonese people who they have enslaved and robbed all these years?

I ask all patriots to DEMAND patriotic POLICIES on manifestos and vote for your country and children, not for parties and politicians.

No more “India is my brother” from our so-called leaders. 

I bow to thee my country of Sinhale/Ceylon.

A concerned citizen,

Stanley Gunaratne.

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