Guaranteed price for 14 main crops of Yala Season
Posted on April 23rd, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a guaranteed price for 14 main crops of Yala Season with the intention of strengthening the income of local farmers by uplifting the country’s agriculture sector.

Minister Bandula Gunawardana stated this addressing the media briefing to announce Cabinet decisions today (23).

Accordingly, the Cabinet has also given its approval to procure crops from farmers if they are unable to sell the crops for the guaranteed price in the market.

The guaranteed prices for 14 main crops (per kilogram) are as follows:

Maize – Rs. 50.00
Potato – Rs. 100.00
Big onion – Rs. 100.00
Red onion – Rs. 110.00
Orid Dhal – Rs. 220.00
Green gram (Mung bean) – Rs. 200.00
Peanut – Rs. 220.00
Dried chilli – Rs. 650.00
Soybeans – Rs. 125.00
Finger millet (Kurakkang) – Rs. 175.00
Cowpea – Rs. 220.00
Sesame – Rs. 200.00
Kollu – Rs. 250.00
Turmeric – Rs. 80.00
Ginger – Rs. 125.00
Garlic – Rs. 350.00

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