An Open Letter to Ms. Alaina Teplitz of the US Embassy
Posted on July 12th, 2020

By Sri Lanka Study Circle

We, the members of the Sri Lanka Study Circle in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, a founding member of the Non Aligned Movement – the largest organised grouping of Nations after the UN –  that initiated a UN General Assembly Resolution in 1971 which was unanimously adopted by the entire World to make forever the Indian Ocean a zone of peace within which area no Nuclear weapons whatsoever  would be permitted, are perturbed by your insensitive and hypocritical attitude in not providing the Sri Lankan people official  Sinhala and Tamil translations of the draft MCC Conditional -Contract made out in English which too was made public only a few months ago while you took time and effort to  have your propaganda material on the MCC Conditional-Contract translated into Sinhala and Tamil.

This matter is of grave importance to the people of this country, about a 98 per cent of whom do not have an intricate knowledge of the English Language – and that includes parliamentarians – to read, understand and give an independent opinion on an issue that affects the very Sovereignty and future of the Country, her people and the unborn generations of Sri Lankans whose Fundamental Rights will be adversely affected.

When Agreements such as these, are signed or are being prepared to be signed behind the backs of the People and their Representatives, you are working against the very norms of civilized behaviour laid out clearly in the Vienna Convention on International Treaties.

We, the members of the Sri Lanka Study Circle, demand that you make available immediately to the people of Sri Lanka the official Sinhala and Tamil translations of the draft MCC Conditional-Contract and in the same measure make available to the people the originals and translations of the SOFA and ACSA.

 We demand that you do so immediately, before the General Elections, because the people can then study these Agreements and the election results will reflect in no uncertain terms what the people think of these ‘Agreements’ and the motives of the Americans.

2 Responses to “An Open Letter to Ms. Alaina Teplitz of the US Embassy”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    These American thugs are the sheep in wolves skin. They talk about democracy and war crimes of others, but they are the biggest criminals and racists of the world. They do not give aid for no reason at all. They do not want any other country to do well. Trust them at your own peril.

  2. aloy Says:

    In the same vain please ask the present government who signed the agreement with India for Colombo East Terminal on the sly. MY3 sacked RW for preparing to sign it. Does it mean that his concerns were cleared before someone went ahead and signed it during his time?. And now they are all together. How come?.

    Details regarding this agreement should be disclosed before the election.

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