Posted on July 31st, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage 

People want our communities to be safe.
People want our security ( our borders are safe) to be intact.
People want our environment and forest reserves to be protected.
People want our historical sites to be respected and protected.
People want our children protection from abuse.
People want our roads to be safe with adequate safety features.
People want our people to follow law and order and discipline.
People want law-abiding, disciplined, society & nobody to challenge court orders and respect the law & order.
People want to see Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese live in harmony.
People want politicians to less talk and more to deliver.

When our Army commander was appointed to his present position, some nongovernmental organizations started complaining of his appointment and influenced the government to change it. Which is wrong and it is the inter-fearing to internal affairs of a country. It is our national security, safety, and internal affairs. Which is again very wrong according to UN Code as well. However, these influences were due to the hidden motives of different objectives of western countries and the United States. Those objectives are not visible, but those influences are the mitigation of geopolitical interests of powerful countries of above to enter and to make ground for themselves and executing their futuristic interest due to economic shift to south Asia in the world economy. Ranil Maithree’s rule was the best ruling for westerners as it was the weakest ruling of the Sri Lankan state history. The interested countries want to make our country weak from many fronts, such as a weaker constitution, weak-armed forces, communal unrest among religious groups, etc. Introducing mockery into our constitution-making the country’s instability and making vulnerable our country’s integrity & slowly destabilizing the country and make it more unstable was the carefully planned strategy by western powers. So it happens but not totally because of its strength of the constitution. There were certain front-line politicians such as Dr. Wijayadasa Rajapakse and Dinesh Gunawardena who did do a good standing to protect the constitution and its integrity.

Plotting, conspiring, igniting troubles, funding, and making use of international media, was quite common in those days, and making false statements against the country was quite common as well. It is one of the strategies; present-day imperialist plotting to destabilize countries. It was quite successful in the middle east; as they were able to external forces to flattened the countries of very well-governed of Iraq, Libya, and Syria. In order to achieve their interest, they use local interested groups, bribing politicians, make use of nongovernmental organizations, monetary gifts arms and ammunition, etc. We experience such interventions, at a low level in our country. The politicians are responsible for receiving western funding to carry out neo-liberal economic policies in Sri Lanka. The famous debatable MCC funding is a product of that geopolitical interest of western policies and their interests.

Simultaneously, we remember there was a movement by Maduluwawe Sobitha and a bunch of other people. But now they are not active. Probably Maduluwawe Sobitha had his honest intention to bring a better political and social environment to our country. However, their movement was successful and Ranil Maithree yahapalanaya came to power causing many perils to our country. The main political contender Ranil Wickramasinghe wants himself to snatch the power and continue his regaining Sri Lanka economic devastation and making the country towards a market economy. Our own exports were let to malfunction, corruption went up, our productions were malfunctioning, Strikes were daily on our streets. Sri Lanka once made into trouble again. There were much nongovernmental organization boldly commenting on democratic freedom. But they didn’t remember there were many moms jumped into rivers and died with their children. Those years the suicidal rate was very high and people lived their lives with desperation. People jumped on to running trains and dies by themselves. You all remember activist Sarath Wijesooriya where is he now? Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha who initiated the movement went out of boundaries and introduced huge political destabilization into our country. In the end Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera before his demise accepted that his movement was wrong, but Thera himself done the damage to the country by mobilizing the people against that day government. Because of that movement, the country ends up with a government-run by a president who does not have the backbone to make decisions, and pro-western interest was achieved in that way. So the country was unsecured, people were unsafe, religious disparities were looming, the country was vulnerable for attacks from Muslim extremists.

As everybody is aware it happens in our country. I wouldn’t’ say the government of Mahinda Rajapakse in 2015 was perfect, but it was a government that came to power and run through the people mandate. In those days the movement leaders were making discussions in media on how to establish a society in our country which is good for the people. Honestly, it worked against the will of the people of this country. I think people remember some of the key figures of that campaign Upul Shantha Sannsgala, Saman Rathnapriya, Sudharshan Gunawardena, K w, Janaranjana, the person who invented Ranaviru Gaya word into our vocabulary Chandragupththa Thenuwara , the famous Dhabara Amila who did make mockery comments also. The question is, Were they really did work for the society for a better outcome? Absolutely not; they had a different interest which is not to fulfill the expectations of deserving people of our country.

The present-day stability has been a reality within a short period of time. There are only two powerful strengths that worked for that stability of this country which is our valiant armed forces, intelligent services, and our president’s vision and his strategy which worked for the current day stability of the country. So the immediate past history taught us a lesson which means we need to continue the present-day stability through & make it a prosperous country in the coming years. That is only possible through a big political mandate. That mandate is the people of this country. The present government has shown that they are capable people to lead the country forward. The mass majority of the people of the country recons their governing by now. My articles just not analyzing the situations but my article brings enormous perspectives on how to get better. As a born citizen of the country, I have a moral responsibility to get those perspectives, and people in policy planning and implementation could evaluate the relevance of those perspectives and develop them into ideas and work on them. Our constitution has introduced some changes by Ranil and the rule, which obviously delayed the implementation of laws orders. I only remember the days of election commissioners, when had the election commissioner, he had been given all powers to conduct elections in the country. Sri Lanka had an outstanding commissioner and his name was Chandrananda de silva. According to my understanding, he was one of the top government executives who did his job exemplary gold standing service in the profession. I still remember the day when he called the main contenders of the 1977 election; J.R. Jayawardena and Sirimavo Bandaranayake. He did it much better than now. His conducting of administrative work as the state officer much better to the present day. There wasn’t a problem in the system for him to continue his duties as the top government election commissioner at that time. After all with new changes now we all know what the new chairman of the commission is doing. He had been doing everything but withholding elections in the country. Probably the delay of everything ma, not his fault, but this mockery’s due to constitutional changes by the previous government.

The president is requesting a 2/3 majority to introduce a new constitution to expedite process and implementation. It is obvious that we need to have a people-centered constitution which expedite processes and implementations. Most importantly once the new constitution introduced new laws need to be introduced to protect its integrity. Politicians like Ranil Wickramasinghe who don’t have any people mandate shouldn’t be able to change its regulations to his own existence. My awareness as such the former government didn’t receive a mandate from the people to change our constitution, didn’t receive any mandate from people of the republic. We want to know who had been funded to introduce mockery to our constitution. I know the famous lawyer called Jayampathie Wickramaratne who did a majority work to change the constitution, with Urumithtanadu” already left the country for good. I am sure the new constitution will be done with the participation of patriots and it will be a constitution we all can live happily with communal harmony.

Why we need a state service sector predominantly service-oriented to public needs and how can we achieve that and what are the strength and weaknesses of the existing system? If I would conclude that we are racially biased in our society that nobody will disagree with the term I used by myself. That awareness helps us to move forward with solutions with understanding. Racial disparities unconsciously may be built into the decision making of services. Being Sinhalese cannot be considered as a privileged group of people to concern? I believe if a Sinhalese person comes to state service they might not have that problem. This is where social bias occurs; probably it might be the unconscious bias, But if a Tamil person comes to Sinhalese officer for state service the disparity might happen. The disparity of this nature shouldn’t happen in the service sector. Diverse group needs and their accessibility should have met equally without any disparity. The disparity could be minimized if the officers well aware of Tamil language fluency. The other disturbing factor is the state policies which we are trying to bring forward all the time. But the research shows policies has been the biggest contributions for dissatisfying state services. State Policies must be formatted around people’s expectations, satisfaction, achievement, etc. So the service sector needs some training in understanding racial injustice and also understanding of unconscious bias.

Everybody wants to see a country with all the above in place and it is only an awareness at this moment. Time to time I have been taking people to that awareness of the country and experience the beauty of that awareness. Well having said that, now there is an opportunity for people to achieve that probability. People need to use their mandate in the coming election; the most powerful political right of electing Members to the Legislative Assembly. This is the only, and one time opportunity to make that happen, as you decide. The present government qualifies to receive 2/3 majority of people’s mandate and they have proved in a short span of time that they are capable of getting more and more people’s responsibilities. Most importantly they have a road map to bring the country towards prosperity. Let’s make that mandate of 2/3 majority to present government and tied them up with responsibility and accountability to deliver. They are the most qualified contenders to receive the people’s mandate and outran all other political parties in the country.I am sure it will happen. I hope we all can live with harmony in this beautiful island as a proud nation.

The global pandemic of COVID -19 has changed the world order. The most powerful nations are shaken by themselves more than ever before. The wealthiest nations are in limbo as they are unable to control the disease and their death toll is rising. The experts in their countries have been advised to governments to follow national guidelines to control the virus, but it has been not done the way it has to be. Now those countries paying the price by human deaths due to politicizing the pandemic for political gains. The United States of America is at the top of the list of countries of the category. The world must use its media and advise people to ban the United States of America as it is a dangerous place to live due to the spreading of the virus. As Sri Lankans, we must be happy and show our gratitude to health officials, armed forces, and the government of taking timely measures to protect the citizens of the country. Their dedication is outstanding and it is the world best by now.

I have been writing always about the environment forest reserves in my all articles. It is because it is quite important to protect nature’s gift we have in our country. But our forestry is in danger due to many reasons. The first reason is the climate change of the globe and it’s adversely contributing to natural forest reserves. The most important 2 nd reason is the deforesting of our forest reserves by political influence and for development, and colonization E.G. Willpattu forest reserve. Let’s talk about why we need to protect our forestry more than anything else in our care. Forest density regulates the temperature of the land. Forest density helps to regulate the raining fall of the land. More than anything else, forest reserves are ecosystems in which a diverse amount of ecological living is going on which is essential for the balance of nature. In these balanced ecosystems, the living beings make their food cycles, water, carbon dioxide, photosynthesis, delicate chemical organic chains prominent with the sun the sunlight. Many forest living beings’ habitats has been affected by human intervention to the environment. Furthermore, forest reserves help to prevent soil erosion which helps to preserve soil with nutrients. Many waterfalls origins from rain forest reserves. So overall there is an ecological balance in a forest, but human intervention has imbalanced the sustainability of the coexistence. It has been revealed by research that all amphibians In Sri Lanka under threat, especially hourglass tree frog. The tree frogs are extremely sensitive to temperature increase and humidity, so there habitat loss and forest fragmentation, their collective future is threatened by climate change. Globally threats against amphibians have escalated so rapidly. Those living amphibians and other living beings are our valued natural resources. The frogs are being found in the Horton Plains forest reserve of our country. The ministry of environment and forest reserves need to be handled by people who know the subject and most suitable and most qualified people must be appointed as the state officials. Please remove all kinds of politicians and political influence by the name development doing deforestation.

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