The People Finally Turn Against the American-Branch of the Rajapakse Family
Posted on November 14th, 2020

By Punchi Singho  

Briefing the media, at a press conference on 12th November 2020, was one of the outstanding and respected personalities in the Sri Lankan legal profession, Mr. Mayura Gunawansha President’s Counsel and an advisor to the Government. Please open video.

Mr. Gunawansha was speaking to the press in his capacity as the spokesperson for the powerful ‘Professionals National Front’ (PNF) comprising a wide array of professionals, intellectuals, journalists, educationists, trade Unionists, university students and members of the Maha Sangha.  

The PNF contributed in a major way to getting the President the 6.9 Million votes that he received at the Elections considering that he lacked political maturity and the charisma of a Mahinda Rajapakse. 

Mr. Gunawansha in this video describes the increasing disillusionment with President Gotabaya Rajapakse’s conduct; the straw that broke the camel’s back was the realisation that the President is attempting to sell off the land in the country to the Americans by resorting illegally to the use of circulars and gazette to reverse Acts of Parliament, using the cover of COVID restrictions.  

Dark clouds are gathering over the island and there are whispers of impeachment. 

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