How burials of COVID victims are carried out at Iranaitivu Island
Posted on March 4th, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

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  1. Nimal Says:

    With all sincerity I must advice the government not to ruin that island by making it a burial ground, as we have many other areas to bury the dead who died of Covid19.

    As a business man this my advice to the government. Clean up the island to look like a natural park, with a golf course if possible. Get a local good company to put up high rise flats of about 500 flats.Put several wine bars and pubs,not forgetting grocery shops,etc.Give a special immunity from the usual restrictions where one could have drink or two on the poya days
    Sell the flats to Europeans who want to settle, where they will remit their personal incomes and pensions, thus giving the country a steady income, monthly or yearly. Give then 100% ownership’s,have the latest medical facilities and adequate water supply. We could expand it to other nearby islands too, perhaps with an internationally known hotel or two. Tourists and these residents could be connected to the island by a flight from Katunayake to Jaffna airport.
    Then the question of India or China taking over is no more and we are quite capable of looking after our assets, but of cause we could have a partnership with Singapore because they will not take part in deals which are shady or corrupt.

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