Posted on April 13th, 2021

By Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart, Member “Viyathmaga” – April 13th., 2021

Providing the consumers/citizens a bottle of quality, local cocunut oil at a control price of Rs. 450/= through Sathosa and Cooperatives, is much welcomed by the “Nation”. But what will be the volume of Coconut Oil in these bottles? ( A standard bottle of wine is ¾ of a liter, or 750 milliliters )

Taking necessary steps to provide the consumers/citizens a bottle of quality, local cocunut oil at a control price of Rs. 450/= through Sathosa and Cooperatives, until the end of this year, is much welcomed by the “nation”.

But Sir, mentioning just a bottle of coconut oil allows the traders and retailers to “CHEAT” the consumers out rightly. Because there is “NO” standard bottle in Sri Lanka for selling liquids, especially coconut to customesr. It is VERY IMPORTANT to make it clear what is the VOLUME of coconut oil this “so-called” BOTTLE will contain. Quality Coconut Oil provided and supplied by the All Ceylon Traditional Coconut Oil Manufacturers Association at a price of Rs 450/= should be clearly specified by “VOLUME” please. 

The specified “VOLUME” of oil in any bottle (in liters) will be the best “FAIR TRADING” policy you could adopt and “NOT” just a bottle of oil, because, traders and retailers will use various sizes of bottles and tell the consumer/buyers/housewives , HERE YOU GET A BOTTLE of oil and the price is Rs. 450/= each bottle. 

They will use the “TERM BOTTLE” for their advantage to dupe and hoodwink the poor customer/consumer/buyers/housewives and quote the law/regulations you hope to put in place, if they are caught cheating the masses for selling different volumes of oil in different bottles as there is “NO” standard bottle volume in Sri Lanka practiced.

I am attaching below information for your officials regarding more clarity regarding the point I have raised in the interest of our people and the citizens of our “Maatruboomiya” for your kind attention.

Metric units of volume review (L and mL)

Review the size of liters and milliliters and how to convert between the two.  Then, try some practice problems.

Metric units of volume

Volume measures capacity. For example, the volume of a bowl is the amount of space inside the bowl or how much water, for example it would take to fill the bowl.

In the metric system of measurement, the most common units of volume are milliliters and liters.


  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    VERY GOOD POINT NIZAM !!! During my time, the quantity of BCC White Oil in a bottle was 750 ml. The prices may have changed to great heights now. NEVERTHELESS, THE STANDARD BOTTLE SHOULD CONTAIN …750 mls by volume, and this should be standadised.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    NB:-Please compare volume with a bottle of vinegar.

  3. dingiri bandara Says:

    Starting from the corner boutique and the eateries, weather itis the big finance companies , banks , big or small manufacturers, all type traders, individual private sellers of vehicles and other items, most are engaged dishonest transactions, try to cheat the customers. Sadly this the way of the world today. Many countries have laws and regulatory agencies to prevent and to after such happenings but still continues. In Sri Lanka, it is hard to believe that so much fraud is taking place, because majority belong to the Buddhist faith or christian faith!?. Islam is another matter. I won’t mention Hinduism as I don’t know much about it.

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