Mrs. World returns her crown after arrest by Sri Lanka police
Posted on April 21st, 2021

Courtesy Miami Herald

The reigning Mrs. World has returned her crown of her own accord after she injured the winner of the Mrs. Sri Lanka beauty pageant over the Sri Lankan winner’s marital status, organizers said on Wednesday.

The woman who ranked second in the contest, Mrs. Ireland Kate Schneider, will be granted the title instead of Caroline Jurie, they added.

Jurie was arrested by Sri Lankan police earlier this month after allegations she injured the winner of the Mrs. Sri Lanka beauty pageant during a dispute about her marital status.

Jurie has refused to apologize to Pushpika de Silva, who won the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant on Sunday.

Minutes after the winner was announced and crowned by Jurie, Jurie claimed that de Silva was disqualified as she was divorced. She then removed the crown and placed it on the first runner-up, declaring her the new winner.

De Silva alleges that Jurie injured her while trying to remove the crown. She was recrowned on Monday by organizers, who disputed Jurie’s claims that de Silva is ineligible.

De Silva lives separately from her husband, but has not been divorced, though court proceedings are continuing.

Contestants in both the Mrs. World and Mrs. Sri Lanka are required to be married. De Silva is eligible to compete for the Mrs. World crown after winning her national title.

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