Goblin Mangala’s self humiliation – Part II
Posted on July 11th, 2021


Reuters reported that Samaraweera pledged that the new Government would welcome Chinese investors. President Maithripala Sirisena has unnerved China with his re-examination of certain projects that China has invested in, including a $1.5 billion ‘Port City project in Colombo.

Reuters said that India, which lost out to China in infrastructure development on the Indian Ocean island, was in particular worried about the security threat posed by Chinese ownership of land, aggravated by the docking of Chinese submarines in Colombo last year. Last week, Sri Lanka said it would reconsider the outright transfer of a parcel of land to China under the port city deal signed by the previous Government, amid concern it could be used for by the Chinese navy.

Speaking in Beijing after meeting his Chinese counterpart, Mangala Samaraweera said he did not discuss the port issue directly, and the Government was not only looking into Chinese projects. Anything relating to Chinese investment will be shared and discussed with the Government of China before we take any final decision,” Samaraweera told a news conference, citing what he told his Chinese counterpart. Sri Lanka will always welcome Chinese investment and it would now be an even safer place in which to invest, he said.

We are trying to ensure that there is a level playing field for all investors and a conducive environment for investment based on the restoration of the rule of law, democracy, good governance and transparency,” Samaraweera said. All proposals in future will be considered totally on merit.”

Samaraweera is in China to prepare for an expected visit by Sirisena next month. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China remained a good partner of Sri Lanka. China is willing to continue being a trustworthy and reliable development partner… and will also keep doing its best to provide assistance for Sri Lanka’s social and economic development,” Wang said. India had grown increasingly wary of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s pursuit of closer ties with China, which became a key supporter of the island’s economy after its 26-year-civil war ended in 2009.

Reuters ststed thast China has built a seaport and airport in the south of the country, raising fears it is seeking influence in a country with which India has traditionally had deep ties. India’s concern grew after the Rajapaksa Government allowed the Chinese submarines to dock in thje Colombo port.

China moots trilateral cooperation with India and Sri Lanka

China has proposed trilateral cooperation involving India and Sri Lanka for regional stability as the new government in Colombo sought to re-balance its ties with China, preferring to follow a “non-aligned” policy. “China is open-minded about trilateral cooperation between China, India (and) Sri Lanka,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during a joint press conference with Sri Lankan counterpart Mangala Samaraweera. “I want to say both India and Sri Lanka are China’s cooperative partners in South Asia,” Wang said.

Samaraweera is the first Sri Lankan official to visit Beijing since president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s defeat in polls this January bhy a western, Indian terrorist diaspora steered conspiravy. China made significant investments in Sri Lanka during Rajapaksa’s tenure, raising concerns in India.

The two ministers had a lengthy talk focussed on the new political alignment in Sri Lanka following the fall of the Rajapaksa government. Samwarweera, however, did not comment on the trilateral proposal by China.

Wang said China wants progress in relations between all three countries, including ties between New Delhi and Colombo. “The relevant parties may continue to explore discussions about such cooperation in future to think about what are practical ways and means in pursing such cooperation,” Wang said. “We believe that China and India may leverage their respective strength in playing a positive role in helping Sri Lanka advance its social development,” he said. “I believe sounder interaction and pursuit of common interests among the three countries is in the best interest of the three countries and also in best interest of regional peace, stability and prosperity,” Wang replied to a question. He also said China and India stay in contact over a large number of regional and global issues. “We would certainly like to have consultations with the Indian side regarding pursing trilateral cooperation in future or cooperation involving more parties,” Wang said. Describing India as a neighbour and a relative, and China a close friend, Samaraweera said his government prefers to follow a “non-aligned policy with good relations with all the countries in the interest of the Sri Lankan people.” Wang, for his part, spoke about the support extended by the Rajapaksa government for the revival of the multi billion dollar ancient Maritime Silk Road (MSR) proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Mangala organises a visit to China by Sirisena

Jubilant over ousting the former President Mr. Mahinds Rajapaksa through Ranil Chandrika guidance from 2013, starting with TNA/Diaspora/UNP Singapore meetingh in 2013 and ending with a massive western/hegemonic Indianc and diasdpora conspiracy floated with hitherto never seen in thew world feake news and smear campaign Mangala Samaraweera visited China early February, a few days after getting installed backstabber Sirisena as the President of Sri Lanka, made a two dahy visit to China mainly to pave the way for Sirisena to undertake a visit to China.  Followimg boot lickings and groundwork done buy this Goblin, Sirisena made an official visit to Chima from 25th March to 29th March, 2015.

Durimng this visit, Sirisena held bilateral talks witn Chinese President Xi Jinping and also attended the Bo Ao Forum in Hainan on 28-29 March.

In the bilateral talks, President Xi Jinping emphasized that Sri Lanka is a close neighbor and China has always regarded Sri Lanka as important in its neighbourhood policy. He said China’s cooperation with Sri Lanka is based on mutual benefit and China does not attach any political conditions. China and Sri Lanka understand and support each other on matters of territory and sovereignty. Xi Jinping pointed out that China wants to deepen economic cooperation and infrastructure investment in Sri Lanka through Chinese enterprises; that China wants to expand military cooperation through exercises; and, coordinate in international as well as regional affairs. China hoped that Sri Lanka will increase its collaboration with China in SAARC.

Sirisena affirmed that his government will carry forward the friendly relations and will adopt more effective measures to promote friendship and cooperation between the two countries. He said that the Maritime Silk Road (MSR) had established relations between two countries in ancient times and that the 21st century MSR will further strengthen ties between China and Sri Lanka. On the recently suspended Colombo Port project, he said the project has been suspended temporarily and there was no fault with the Chinese side. He expressed his gratitude towards China for their help in building Hambantota port and welcomed more investment from Chinese enterprises.

The two sides signed the following MoUs:

  • Settling of FTA negotiations.
  • (President Sirisena showed his country’s interest in genuine progress” on the FTA. Two sides will be soon convening the third round of FTA negotiations.)
  • Chinese grant assistance to establish a hospital, a special laboratory and a modern pharmaceutical laboratory, institute for research and treatment of chronic kidney disease which is an acute health problem in Sri Lanka.
  • Five MoUs were signed in the areas of public health, trade and commerce, agriculture and human resource development.
  • Development of coconut industry.
  • Refurbishing of the Superior Courts complex in Colombo
  • Cooperation on tourism industry.
  • China’s offer of  2000 training opportunities for young scientists from Sri Lanka in the next five years.

China – Sri Lanka bilateral trade exceeded $3 billion in 2013. China is Sri Lanka’s second largest source of imports after India and is Sri Lanka’s biggest source of foreign direct investment (FDI). It has provided development loans for projects such as the Hambantota Port, Sri Lka’s first four-lane expressways , and for a new National Theatre.

In a media briefing by accompanying Ministers, it was stated that:

China will provide a grant worth more than US$ 300 million to the health sector in Sri Lanka and a grant of Sri Lanka Rs.4 billion to refurbish the Courts complex;

President Xi Jin Ping has conveyed to President Sirisena the idea of setting up a Silk Route Fund through which Sri Lanka would benefit.

Separately, press report said that China had agreed to write off US $30 million from the construction of Outer Circular road negotiated during Rajapaksa’s regime.

Mangala invites Chinese FM for 3 days visit to Sri Lanka.

Managala Samaraweera, addressing the joint media conference at the conclusion the Chinese Foreign Minister Wanfg Yi’s 3c day visit to Sri Lanka which had been undertaken on an invitation extended by Mangala Samaraweerra said that Sri Lanka valued the long-standing friendship and cooperation with China, dating to ancient times.

He said Discussions were held regarding the Silk Road initiative put forward by China. Sri Lanka reiterated its participation in this initiative, as it is in line with the government’s initiative to make Sri Lanka the hub of the Indian Ocean trade,”

He also said Sri Lanka and China had agreed to further enhance cooperation in trade, ..which we hope will be achieved with the early conclusion of the FTA between our two countries.”

Sri Lanka also welcomes the active support from Chinese enterprises to the development of Sri Lanka’s economy,” Minister Samaraweera said.

Samanraweera called for the settlement of South China Sea disputes through constructive dialogue, consultation and cooperation, in accordance with international laws and practices,” and said that Sri Lanka was appreciative of China’s efforts to promote such dialogue, to maintain peace and security in the region, while upholding the rule of law in interstate affairs.”

In response, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China looked forward to follow through with strategic planning on bilateral relations made by the leaders of the two countries during previous visits.

No matter what changes to the international situation and domestic agenda, our strategic and cooperative partnership will continue to develop,” he emphasised.

He said China intended to make the 21 Century Maritime Silk Road a priority, and would work with Sri Lanka …to better align our development strategies to include your 5-year development plan, so that we can come up with a comprehensive blueprint for our future path of cooperation, and help Sri Lanka build itself into a shipping centre in the Indian Ocean…”

The Foreign Minister said that Sri Lanka and China would continue work towards mutual benefit, and that China would focus its aid on ports, highways, railways, airports and other mega projects,” and work towards a common development and shared prosperity.”

He disclosed that Sri Lanka and China had agreed to resolve the South China Seas issue through dialogue, and would work closely on marine cooperation.  Foreign Minister Wang Yi also promised more frequent high-level contact between the two countries.  

Statemenmt issued by Mangala on Chinese FM’s visit

It has been an honour and a great privilege to welcome to Sri Lanka the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, H.E. Wang Yi. The visit is significant as it was the first high level visit and the first visit by a Foreign Minister of China, following the formation of the National Unity Government in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has also made several high level visits to China in the recent past, with H.E. President Maithripala Sirisena making a State Visit to China in March 2015, a mere three months after being elected  and then it was followed by the Visit by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to Beijing.  I myself had the pleasure of visiting China four times in one year, and the last being to the CICA Conference (Conference on Interaction and Capacity Building Measures in Asia) held a few months ago.

I am confident that the visit by the Foreign Minister will further enhance the warm and friendly bilateral relations between our two countries and pave the way for stronger ties in all spheres of cooperation between Sri Lanka and China.

We have just concluded a very productive discussion regarding the consensus reached by the leadership of our two countries during the recent high level bilateral visits and also on issues of mutual interest. I extended Sri Lanka’s appreciation for the assistance given by China for several infrastructure and other mega projects in Sri Lanka. This is consistent with the Strategic Cooperation Partnership between our two countries.

Sri Lanka deeply values the long -standing friendship and cooperation with China, dating back from ancient times. 

Discussions were also held regarding the Belt and Road initiative put forward by China. Sri Lanka reiterated its participation in this initiative, as it is in line with the Government’s initiatives to make Sri Lanka the hub of the Indian Ocean trade, a position it occupied in the ancient past.  We discussed the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road for greater economic cooperation, which is viewed as a road of friendship, economic cooperation, socio and cultural exchange and connectivity.

We also agreed to further enhance cooperation in the field of trade, which we hope will be achieved with the early conclusion of the FTA between our two countries.  Sri Lanka also welcomes the active support from Chinese enterprises towards the development of Sri Lanka’s economy.

While recognizing the need to maintain peace and security in the region, we also agreed on the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea. In this regard, Sri Lanka calls for the settlement of disputes and differences through constructive dialogue, consultation and cooperation by the parties concerned in accordance with international laws and practices.

Sri Lanka also appreciates China’s efforts and readiness to promote such dialogue in order to maintain peace and security in the region while upholding the rule of law in inter-state affairs.

We agreed that regular high level interactions at all levels will pave the way for a stronger relationship, which will benefit our countries and our peoples.

To be continued …………………..

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