Terror in Tamil Nadu: In Conversation with B R Gautaman
Posted on December 28th, 2021

Shocking state of affairs in Tamilnadu due to Muslin extremism

In the backdrop of the terror attacks by Islamic fundamentalists in Sri Lanka, we take a look at the vulnerabilities in Tamil Nadu. The National Tawheed Jamath with sympathies towards the ISIS has been declared as the perpetrator of the Sri Lankan attacks which left more than 250 dead. Tawheed Jamath has been raising its fundamentalist agenda and flexing its arms in Tamil Nadu. However, though information of their activities have reported in media, there has been an almost eerie silence and disregard for the dangers posed to the state. In this episode, I speak to Shri. B R Gautaman, Director, Vedic Science Research Institute, who has been tracking these jihadist turn of events in Tamil Nadu in every sphere of life and made a compilation of these activities. Intel agencies and security experts should take note of these observations and act before something serious happens in Tamil Nadu.

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