CEB trade unions issue warnings over a power outage
Posted on January 5th, 2022

Courtesy Hiru News

The CEB trade unions warn that there could be another power cut in the country amid the fuel crisis. They point out that the Sapugaskanda thermal power plant has also been closed due to a shortage of diesel

The Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery Complex was closed for the second time and the refined fuel is currently in use.

However, the issuance of letters of credit for the unloading of fuel from ships carrying such refined fuel has been hampered by the current dollar crisis.

However, Captain Nirmal Silva, Harbor Master of the Port of Colombo stated that the unloading of fuel from a ship that arrived at the Port of Colombo on 03 January has already commenced at Muthurajawela.

Meanwhile, it was reported to Hiru News team that a fuel crisis has arisen in the thermal power plants of the Ceylon Electricity Board. Our investigation revealed that the fuel available at those plants was only available for a few days.

Convener of the Ceylon Electricity Board Joint Trade Union Alliance Ranjan Jayalal said that there could be a power cut in the future due to the fuel crisis.

When we inquired about this warning, a senior spokesman for the Ceylon Electricity Board said that if the demand for electricity increased during peak hours, the power system could break down due to the prevailing situation.

Meanwhile, two ships owned by Litro and Laugfs have begun unloading gas.

However, even today (05) people who had come to obtain gas in many parts of the island were seen queuing up.

Meanwhile, a group of Samagi Jana Balawega MPs visited the CID today to inquire into the progress of investigations into a previous complaint seeking an inquiry into the gas incident.

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