Sri Lanka’s current economic challenges and overcoming them
Posted on January 5th, 2022

Chula Rajapakse

Sri Lankan  economic  challenges are  because of many factors. Most important of these was the economy was run down for 5 years by the Ayahapalana govt where not a shred of economic activity was initiated and what had been started before was thwarted ( Colombo Port City, Hambantota Port activity) and then went back to the same after two to three years of delay on terms more adverse to SL, Sri Lanka borrowed 7 Billion $ external debt for spending spree and consumer goods to keep consumers happy blissfully ignorant of the damage being done while the leaders thrived , while Islamic Terrorist funders  had a field day with unmonitored and unrestricted gulf money,.During this period of no economic activity not even a ulvert (bokkuwa) was built.

 The prime  activity then  was creating a FCID an extra judicial force under the direct control  of PM, RW , above all law  with the primary objective of imprisoning MR & GR using bribery, threats , coercion and victimisation  of potential witnesses who all refused to testify against GR & MR despite these. The other activity was a Constitutional Council to appease the Tiger Diaspora that was funding them but had to fold up after 4 years without anything  show for the effort. The worst of them all were not one but two central bank robberies which money they are still using to fund their misinformation campaign.

When Covid hit against this back ground , the results were not unexpected with loss of $4.5billion from tourism and $3.5 billion from remittances with workers returning to SL from ME

This admin. realised the prime importance of eradicating covid, embarked on a vaccination program delayed to May because India  who had earlier promised their locally produced astra Zeneca vaccination renaged because they had to use it on their population that was badly affected by then. President GR managed to secure Chinese Zinofarm vaccination to replace it at short notice , testimony to GR’s efforts and Chinese goodwill.. When it’s  affects were seeing a reductio in cases by June end, they released the Guru Udghoshanas which spewed millions of viruses from their screaming throats which caused a relapse starting  July.

The prophets of gloom led by the ex Ayahapalan leaders who had all the liability for the current challenges had the unexpected help from an ill-advised sudden total withdrawal of chemical fertiliser leading to shortfalls in production which is being orchestrate by all sections of media , driven by rating competition given that only negative news gets ratings, consistentg basest of human emotions.Remedial actions for these errors are being instituted without losing all the gains of organic farming.

This was compounded by gas explosions consequent to  ill-advised changes in mixture of Propane/Butane probably done by a combination of motivation to increase profit margin by decreasing the more expensive component unaware of it leading to increase in it’s inflammability in the already existent gas cookers designed for the earlier mixture.There might have been an element of deliberate commission in this  change too to embarrass the govt.

Now with the very commendable though rarely mentioned monumental control of  Covid  and tourism and foreign remittances returning the traitorous prophets of gloom being their opportunity slipping through their fingers  are trying their level best to reactivate Covid and thwart the recovery with more Uthgoshana’s , spreading rumour and destroying self confidence and moral. These have been complemented by  a series of traitorous undermining activities including hoarding of essential food items and creating a blackmarket.

The improvement of FOREX.  from returning tourism, foreign remittances , increase in local industry especially agro industry, manufacture of tyres for export , local motor car assembly,  never mentioned in media, increasing in economic activity related to port city especially port city luxary Yatch Marina now up and running,and activity in Hambantota free trade manufacturing zone especially pharmaceutical  and Hambantota port activity.. Nor is there any mention of new economic activity stimulated by the current adversities, like firewood industry , cottage food industry using every inch ov available space in the household gardens of which there is limit. So also potential for pot based foods using modern technology.

The choice of whether more temprorary borrowings be made from friendly nations with no adverse conditions or from the IMF that would impose harsh conditions that would make the govt even more unpopular is obvious depending on whom you support , the Govt  or the opposition who when they were in power barely two years ago, did nothing as made clear from the above. 

The people of  SL have a choice. Believe the failed leaders who are largely responsible for the current economic challenges despite all their vociferous pontifications and promises now, or  practice patience , wisdom and mindfulness focussing on the positives and the light now being seen  at the end of the tunnel likely to become  progressively brighter in the coming months .Are the people of to be moved by the orchestrated baseless negatives , that seems to be the order of the day from ratings driven media and unregulated social media or continue with mindfulness and wisdom,

To. me the choice is clear

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