Response to Anura Kumara’s Anti-Sinhala Rhetoric – Part II
Posted on January 9th, 2022


 Q   If we study the democratic political history of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna we don’t see a major change in the voter turnout for your party. The only time your party was successful was in 2004 with the Chandrika Bandaranaike government. There you proved that your party could work without corruption. Don’t you think that it is better for you to form an alliance with other parties. 

A:We don’t believe we could find solution to the existing issues by forming a government with any of these major parties. If you consider constitutionally and traditionally you think that the power is vested with the President, Cabinet, Parliament and the judiciary. But they don’t have the power. What this Executive Presidential system created is that the power is outside the real power. Under Chandrika Bandaranaike it was she, Mano Tittawella, Tara de Mel and Balapatabendi and under Mahinda’s regime it was Mahinda, Lalith Weeratunga, Basil Rajapaksa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Then came Ranil Wickremesinghe’s regime and even President Maithripala was not there. Ranil, Malik, Paskaralingam and Charitha Ratwatte. And during the present regime it is Gotabaya, Basil and the others. So, there is no power in the traditional system. These ministers even don’t know what is happening within the cabinet. The ministers themselves say that cabinet papers have been passed without signing them. We hear the cry of ministers. So, we don’t want to be a part of this government. We need to start a new political culture for this country and we need to start a new journey. 

(These hooligans were subordinates of all the above referenced governments except the present government.  He is ridiculing the Ministers of these government but he had been such a silly Minister in the Chandrika government blindly consenting to all her illogical and illegal activities) 

  We saw some MPs have openely praised your political party and your political journey. Do you think there will be other politicians in these two main camps joining you?

A:We are open about our political journey and our activities. Our journey is open to anyone who is ready to join. At the moment our main target is to strengthen the Jathika Janabalawegaya. 

(That means he has shrugged off even his party of birth JVP and now wants to strengthen the outfit called Jathika Jana Balawegaya, the policies of which no one knows)

 Q   We saw that one of the main reasons for you to leave the Chandrika Bandarnaike’s government was your stance on the ethnic problem. Thereafter you openly supported the war against the LTTE and defeating it militarily. But the ethnic problem has not been solved. What is your solution to the ethnic issue in Sri Lanka.?

A: We believe that all citizens with the religion they believe in, language they speak and the culture they represent should be treated equally. There are no second citizens. And if they believe that they want to be a part of this government they should be equal stakeholders of the governance. We believe that both Tamils and Muslims have been deceived promising them many things. We really believe that they are equal and we believe that there should be freedom for every religion and respect every culture and guaranteeing the ability to communicate with your own language in administration and accept them equally and they should be able to go forward in the development of their respective areas and  be stakeholders of power. We believe that they should not be deceived. 

(Sheer humbug.  It was Somawansa/Weerawansa JVP that supported the efforts to rid the country from LTTE atrocities.  This braggart and his clan following the revisionist path of Bopage has become intensively Tamil servile, which was clearly evident through the banners, and speeches of their 2018 joint May Day rally held in Jaffna.  Don’t con about your support for Muslims and Christians.  When you were shamelessly whitewashing Sirisena/Ranil destructive government (SRDG), and when riots against Muslims were unleashed evidently by a powerful Minister of that government, the ultra-racist, pseudo-Buddhist, chauvinist Champika Ranawaka in places like Gintota, Amparas, Digana, Katugastota, Akurana etc, you and your coterie remained in stoic silence for reasons you only knows,  It was alleged that the outfit called Mahason Balawegaya which was active in Digana was created and sustained by racist Ranawaka. 

As regards  the Easter Sunday Carnage you never condemned that horrendous incident though more than 250 innocent Christians were killed, and several hundred were injured.  It may because two of the suicide bombers were sons of your National List nominee, the business tycoon and your financier Ibrahim Mohamed)

 Q   When you say sharing power are you talking about a power sharing through a federal system?

A: We don’t believe in a federal system, but we should guarantee their equal political rights and rights to hold power. Without that we cannot solve this problem through a federal system.

(If that is so, why you did not oppose moves of Ranil/Sumanthiran/Jayampathy trio to adopt a new federal and secular constitution?  Was it because that you considered anything and everything done by Ranil as perfect and flawless?) 

“We proposed a common mechanism. But the rulers didn’t do that because within a common mechanism they would not have been able to rob from the antigen tests, bringing down Sri Lankans from abroad, or even buying necessary medicine and medical equipment. So there is no use in talking about a common mechanism with these leaders”

 (This was an indirect criticism of the Corona Control Programme.  It seems that you and all your coterie has taken proper precaution and protection against the pandemic and that was why you none of your coterie got affected by the pandemic when members of all other political parties got infected and some even died. )

 Q   What about the Provincial Council system?

A Provincial Council system is now in the Constitutional system. PC system is a failed system of administration and it is a failure in the national crisis also. But if those people believe that it is their right, hence the PC system has to exist. 

(Shame! Now shamelessly state that the PC system has to exist.  It was your original party JVP that was highly critical about PC system, boycotted the first PC elections, killed candidates of other parties who submitted nominations for the first PC election, organized anti-PC demonstrations throughout the country, and even mustered students to boycott their class and participate in demonstrations to shout the slogan Palaath Saba Apita Epa” which many students unknowing the meaning of the slogan shouted as Palaa Baba Apita Epa”.  More than all these things your party killed the popular politician Vijaya Kumaratunga because he was an ardent supporter of PCs)

 Q   Regarding the war there are allegations that a large number of human lives were lost. As a result every year the country is facing a challenge from UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Do you think the decision the JVP took to support the war was right? 

A:During the war we should have thought more seriously about the difficulties faced by the ordinary Tamil civilians. As a Left-wing political movement, we failed in our responsibilities. We have a self-analysis on that. 

(Here, he clearly exposes his Tamil servile policies.  Why he is only concerned about Tamil victims alleged to have been killed by the security forces when his much adored LTTE too killed Tamils.  It is said that the Tamils killed by the LTTE was more than the Tamils happened to get killed by the security forces.  Why he and his hooligans are least concerned about the destitute family members Sinhalese and Muslims inhumanly killed by the LTTE barbarians at Habarana, Kattankudy, Polonnaruwa, Aranthalawa,Anuradhapura and other numerous places and family members of 600 Police officers who surrendered to them on the instructions stupid President R.Premadasa?)

 Q   Do you think that you should make a public aplogy for what happened?

A:We are an active political movement. During a war the military and the government are working as one unit. In a war ordinary civilians get caught in the crossfires and there are loss of lives. As a left-wing orgnisation we should have thought about this more seriously and we should have been more cautious. We admit that our failure to concentrate on these issues were shortcomings on our part.

(Again, yanne koheda, Malle pol response.  Even thousand apologies will not erase the atrocities caused by them to the educated youth, other people and the state properties of this country)

 Q   Will set aside the two major parties. But if the political parties representing the minorities want to join with you then what is your view?

A:We are open. We believe that we should be united not only with the Sinhala leaders, but Tamils and Muslims too. We need a power comprising all leaders. We want to build a power that we share equally with the Tamils and the Muslims. It is not only the traditional leaders, but there could be new leaders from these communities. It is not a power that forces them from above. So, we are openly inviting the Tamils and the Muslims.

We don’t believe in a Sinhala only power and administration. Our admiration will be a one that represents all communities.

(It seems that you envisage that through an anti-Sinhala rhetoric you can attract other communities to your fold.  That will never happen.  Everyone knows who you are and what you are for.)

 Q   Anyway there is a belief among the people that the JVP is a Sinhala Buddhist organization? Or is this the impression that some of your former leaders who left you portrayed?

A:We cannot take responsibility of those who left us. But there could be a justifiable suspicion about our orgnaization, but we stood on the side of the truth when attacks on Muslim minorities took place in Aluthgama, Digana and other places and even during the Easter Sunday attacks.

(Don’t keep on thinking that y ou can change your colours from time to time like a chameleon and with your double-tomhued talks you can fool the people.  No need to elaborate further as a detailed response has been given in response to an earlier Q&A in this same article)

We stood by justice. We know many leaders stood based on their votes, but we were not worried about votes. We would stand by any ethnic community which is being suppressed. 
We don’t get involved in racist politics, but we hold the flag of ethnic harmony. We are a party against racial disharmony. 

(Even after cause massive destructions to the country you and your hooligans claimed that you stood by justice.  Even after carrying out foreign and NGO servile activities to oust Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa due to your Mahinda phobiua you said you stood by justice, and then after carrying all shameless dhobi work for SRDG you said you stood by justice and you still proudly commemorate April 5th November 112th as Great Heroes Days without denouncing the colossal harm caused to this country by those events.  This is how you claim to stand by justice)

 Q   If you take the numbers it is the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) that has the third most seats in the parliament. Are you ready to work with a political alliance like that? 

 A:Our doors are open. We are ready to work with the political parties that represent the North and East of Sri Lanka.

Don’t have unrealistic day dreams.  No party in this country will come forward to affiliate with you or enter into an alliance with you, including the parties in the North with separatist and self-rule agendas.  Everyone knows that this is the last time you will be in the parliament and by next election there will be no JVP/JJB OR NPP.  You have also realized this fact and that was why you are in a haste and you advocated at the beginning of this article the need to change the government through street demonstrations without waiting for the next election)

Meanwhile, after shamelessly making anti-Sinhala rhetoric this braggart has told the Meera Srinivasan, the Colombo correspondent of the Indian daily the Hindu that

JVP and must fight together and UPDATED: NOVEMBER 22, 2018 09:44 IST

apart from working with the TNA on key manoeuvres in the parliament they have potential for long-term collaboration. He has said that both parties have a duty to fight together and protect their rights.  Dissanayake has said that the he is proposing a novel partnership between the two parties representing the country’s two main ethnic groups.

He has further stated that the JVP and the TNA represent sections in the country’s south and north that have suffered most due to the actions of the repressive State. Commenting further, her has disclosed that as a political party, the JVP has undergone major ideological shifts in the five decades since its founding and two groups had broken away and formed away new parties. Since 2014, under his leadership the JVP is giving renewed vigour, visibility and expression.

Commenting on the 2015 presidential elections, he has said that the JVP was at the forefront of opposition to Mr. Rajapaksa and has described Mr. Mashinda Rajapaksa as a racist, and has explained that the JVP, with its six MPs and along with the TNA that has 14 MPs now, proved a formidable force in the 225-member Parliament. He has further stated that people in the north and east have been suffering the most since the end of the war, and both parties need a united struggle by the people of the south and north on the basis of democracy and equality and has added that they are working for social transformation in this country and the Northern Province must also be part of that transformation as they have a common cause and they are committed to working together.

Speaking about economic matters, Dissanayake has said the neither Mr. Rajapaksa nor Mr. Wickremesinghe worked with the TNA with integrity” but exploited the TNA and its engagement for their own interests”

Based on the above statements time is now ripe to Sinhala people together with other communities to rise against this formidable enemy of theirs and Sri Lanka)

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