Posted on January 21st, 2022


It is widely published the view expressed by Ms Diana Gamage in the parliament that the term of the president should be extended by two years and the reason for this change as pointed by Ms Gamage was the COVID-19 pandemic that has been limited the ability of president working to people. This is a critical constitutional issue and I do not know whether there is a constitutional provision to extend the period of the president. The reason given by Ms Gamage is shown as a valid point. It is a critical point for the country and lawyers could argue the issue looking at different perspectives. As it recorded, no country has extended the governing period because of the pandemic.

Ms Diana Gamage may have honest intention, but individual intention might not agree with the justice system in the country. Ms Diana Gamage wants to implement her idea through the parliament approval of a proposal by confirmation of two-third majority. What is the constitutionality of the way Ms Gamage expresses and the constitutional provision are more drastic than a simple expression of view?

The point raised by Ms Gamage is reasonable and people of the country agree with the view and the point need to consider is the pandemic has been a worldwide situation and has the pandemic reasonably limited the ability of presidents working and the other point is same idea may apply to members of the parliament too and the point may complicate if the issue goes to the court.

What is the opinion of the president? President is democratically elected officer and the individual view of the president might not be considered by the court.

The person expressed the view is also questionable because did she express the view to attract opinion of voters and without knowledge of constitutional provision? In other word, was it purposed to attract popularity?

What are the opinion of learned layers of the country?

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