Court order issued on the protesters near Temple Trees
Posted on May 4th, 2022

Courtesy Adaderana

The Fort Magistrate’s Court has issued a court order for the removal of all the structures, vehicle and belonging of protesters near Temple Trees in Kollupitiya, that cause obstructions to the pedestrians using the pavement and inconveniences the public.

However, the court order further says that it does not impede the protests carried out in a peaceful manner, Ada Derana reporter said.  

Fort Magistrate Manjula Ratnayake had issued the directive today after considering a request made by the police seeking an order to remove the protesters as they inconvenience the general public who use the pavements.

Meanwhile it is reported that police officers have informed the protesters near Temple Trees of the court order and have given them a couple of hours to move the said obstructions, based on the court order. 

Delivering the order, the magistrate emphasized that this order is not be an impediment to peaceful protests carried out in a manner that does not cause inconvenience to the public using the pavement and the public using the road.

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