Wind Power to our rescue
Posted on May 12th, 2022

by Garvin Karunaratne

These days when we have to live with hours of power cuts, and when we are really short of dollars- scraping the barrel, my theory that wind power offers the solution to our power requirements comes to the forefront.

I enclose a write up by eesrilanka with history:


C2. Buying Power from Multinationals

Garvin Karunaratne recalls his experience of 18 years working in stations like Hambantota as well as in the hilly Districts of Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. He chides the authorities for erecting wind turbines on the coast. He believes that the authorities seem to be working to prove that wind turbines are not suitable for Sri Lanka.

Karunaratne then mentions his vast travel experience and states that the US, Spain Portugal and many more countries have put up wind turbines never at their coastal areas but in their hills. Further he highlights authorities that have noted the vast resources of wind power in Sri Lanka. He urges Sri Lanka to use its wind resources and he actually has requested the State Engineering Corporation engineers who did make long concrete poles to hold the canopy for the Avukana Buddha statue to be enlisted to make the wind turbines. He emphasizes that Sri Lanka can become self sufficient in all its power requirements if only a few hundred wind turbines are constructed and he states that this can be done within a year.

Karunaratne speaks with the broad experience of having worked designing and establishing the Youth Self Employment Programme of Bangladesh in two years, a programme that has created employment for millions of youths, something which even the ILO  had failed earlier. He urges and provides many facts showing that wind power holds the magical solution for Sri Lanka.


The only item that has to be imported for wind turbines is the turbine mechanism. It will be child’s play for Jinasenas, the makers of reputed Jinasena pumps to make these turbines if called upon.

For full details: Wind Power for Sri Lanka’s Energy Requirements: Godages, 2019

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