Take holiday to grow your own food, civil servants told by Sri Lankan government
Posted on June 15th, 2022

Prof. Hudson McLean

*Fridays to be declared holidays for public sector for 3 months

*Declare Poson Poya Day as our National Day.

This is absolute madness.  When the country is on its knees, the top of the pinnacle seeks more holidays?

Why don’t the government make the entire week a holiday?

I have seen many Sri Lankan-educated Sinhala in the USA, UK, EU, and Singapore, not getting far in their job, despite qualifications & experience, because they are Lethargic & Lazy.  Whilst the Sri Lankan Tamils, keep their head down and get on with the job.

Look at just down the road, what Singapore has done out of a muddy, fisheries backwater, which Sri Lanka tried to emuítate.

Singapore during the same period ~75 years became a Highly Developed country. whilst Sri Lanka went down to a poor desolate bankrupt loser, begging from all the neighbors.

The British colonials ran Sri Lanka or Ceylon for their own needs, without too many give-aways.

What has Ceylon or Sri Lanka done since the independence?

Gone from one World Back Loan to another!!

All is not lost yet.

Within a very short period, the Government with “good leadership” may turn the lazy Sri Lankans into self-sufficiency.

Give the farmers more incentive to cultivate and produce not only for their needs but also to generate revenue-generating exports.

Sri Lanka is rich, if the population decides to venture forth, the harvests could be immense.

Since the independence, the Ruling Families, Senanayake, Bandaranayake, Kotalawela, Premadasa, and Rajapaksa, did get themselves richer and let the peasants  down to subservience.

Will the acting Prime Minister Wickramasinghe do any better?

I doubt it!

Are there any potential leaders in the next generation who would put the country First, and forget the Holidays??

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