Violence is not & Answer – Chaos & force will not fix the economy : US Ambassador
Posted on July 8th, 2022

Courtesy Hiru News

Violence is not an answer. If you are going to protest, please do so peacefully. And reminding military & police to grant peaceful protesters the space and security to do so. Chaos & force will not fix the economy or bring the political stability that Sri Lankans need right now.

The American ambassador to Sri Lanka, Julie Chang, has made a note on her Twitter account regarding the series of anti-government protests scheduled to be held in Colombo tomorrow (09).

The ambassador points out that violence is by no means the answer to finding solutions to crises.

Therefore, if protests are to be carried out, the ambassador requests Sri Lankans to do so peacefully.

She also points out that the police and security forces should work to provide proper protection to the peaceful protestors.

Julie Chung added that what Sri Lankans need at the moment is to push the economy in the right direction and not create an atmosphere of crisis and chaos by using force, which will never lead to political stability.

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