Wide publicity was given in today’s papers on 9 proposals submitted to the President under the following caption-Where are they Could the SLFP General Sect respond?
Posted on August 2nd, 2022

Dr Sudath Gunasekara.

However only the following proposals were included in the press release.

1.Establishment of a Crisis Management Cabinet and the

2.Inclusion of all Members of Parliament in the attached committees for Ministries, as well as the

3 Appointment of an Advisory Committee consisting of experts and intellectuals to each Ministry.

 It the party said it also presented its stance about the structure and responsibilities of the National Assembly to be established in the Parliament.

But here again details were not given

Where are the other 6 proposal made by the SLFP? I shall be thankful to the Secretary of the SLFP if he could release a full list for the information of the general public as soon as possible as the people are impatiently awaiting to see the steps that the government is going to take to rescue the country of the present appalling political, economic and social mess these politicians themselves have created over the past 74 years and more particularly since 1977.

They must also understand that people are now fed up with this type of politicians centered policies of all Governments that brings benefits

only to politicians at the expense of the people. People want a people centered and people friendly set of policies to be implemented immediately   at least now, to rescue this country and its people from the abysmal depths in to which it has been dumped since 1948 by these politicians.

I am not talking on political ideologies, I am demanding only a new approach to solving the problems of the country, a radical departure from the stale and vision-less policies and programmes that have been followed by all Governments since Independence and once again I repeat particularly after 1977 with the introduction of the disastrous open economic policies with subservience to imperial colonial agencies like the IMF and the World Bank. Whose only objective was to make the other countries poorer and poorer by converting the to remain as eternal dependencies of the colonial powers and markets for their goods and supply sources of cheap labour and raw materials, by destroying all their indigenous institutions and economies.

Let us at least now look at an inward-looking development model so that we become a self- sufficient and self- reliant prosperous nations once again.in this cruel capitalist world exploited by the Western ex colonial countries.

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