Won’t allow Indian fisher folk to exploit fishing resources in lieu of India’s donation: Minister
Posted on August 7th, 2022

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Minister of Fisheries Douglas Devananda said he would not allow the Indians to exploit fisheries resources in the Sri Lankan waters in lieu of India’s donation of food rations.

During his visit to Kalpitiya fishery harbour on Friday (06) to study the plan for the proposed development project to extend the jetty, he stressed that he would not allow the Indians to exploit Sri Lanka’s marine resources.

The fisher folk explained on the issues affecting them and requested the Minister to intervene and resolve them. They pointed out that the Indian poachers regularly entered the sea belt in the north of Battalankgunduwa lsland and engaged in looting the yield belonging to Sri Lanka. The fishermen made representations regarding the court order preventing prawn farms and sought relief.

The fisher folk pointed out the hardships facing them regarding fuel and requested the minister to work out a mechanism to supply fuel as before.

The minister pointed out that it was not possible to take any alternative step regarding prawn farms pending the court case and that any steps could be taken to provide relief after the case ended. He pointed out that the fuel crisis affected the entire country and that he took up the issue with several countries including Singapore and Malaysia and that he was awaiting a positive response. He said he was making every effort to meet the requirement of kerosene. (Hiran Priyankara)

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