Your Demand for the Arrest of Mr. Gothabaya Rajapakse In Singapore
Posted on August 17th, 2022

I. de Silva Canada

Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Conservative Party Leadership Candidate – 2022

Dear Mr. Poilievre

Reference your “demand” for the arrest of Mr. Gothabaya Rajapakse, the former President of Sri Lanka, please explain what right you have to make any “demands” on politicians of Sri Lanka and the Government of Sri Lanka as well as the Government of Singapore. You were elected by Canadians, to represent them in Canada and not by Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka or Singaporeans in Singapore to represent them. You seem to have the delusion that you have a role in the election and government of Sri Lanka. You are also of the opinion that you can dictate to the Government of Singapore. This is to inform you that you are a Canadian politician, elected only to represent your electorate in the Canadian parliament and have no jurisdiction other than in Canada. Please remember this so you do not make this type of “demand” to other countries. You are just a Canadian politician. It is obvious that you are influenced by those in your electorate who have supported the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a group recognized as a terrorist group by the FBI. Your support of the LTTE makes you a supporter of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

The supporters of the terrorist group in Sri Lanka, the LTTE, was funded from Canada and Canadian politicians raised funds for the LTTE in Canada merely to get the votes of these supporters of Tamil terrorism in Canadian electorates. It is a reflection on the thinking and integrity of Canadian politicians that they provide funds and political support to terrorists, just not in Canada. Simply stated, you are a supporter of terrorism which is against the stated position of Canada that Canada is against the support of terrorism anywhere in the world.

There are several parts of your statement that illustrate your ignorance and bias regarding the LTTE. I choose one as an illustration – “Women and minorities in the northeast were already brutally impacted by war and military occupation”. For your information, it was not the Sri Lankan forces that oppressed the people of the north and east. It was the LTTE. This fact was illustrated when, at the final phase of the war to liberate people from the last stronghold of the LTTE, the Tamil population rushed into the areas under the control of the Sri Lankan forces. Would the thousands of ordinary Tamil civilians rush into areas controlled by the Sri Lankan forces at the first opportunity, if it was the Sri Lankan forces that oppressed them? They rushed towards the Sri Lankan forces to break free from the LTTE. If their choice was oppression by the LTTE they would have stayed with the LTTE, not run away from them so they could live free from LTTE oppression. Also, it was the Sri Lankan forces, directed by the Government of Sri Lanka, who looked after them, provided food and shelter to these thousands until they were able to relocate to safety. Did Canadian politicians do anything to help these people to get away from LTTE oppression or help them relocate away from the LTTE? The answer is an emphatic no, because Canadian politicians were mere stooges of the LTTE supporters in Canada and had no interest in helping those who were at the mercy of the LTTE terrorists and were oppressed by the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

I suggest that you get your facts correct and not merely parrot what you are told by the very people who funded and supported terrorism in Sri Lanka. It is obvious that you are ignorant of the situation in Sri Lanka both past and present. Please educate yourself and not merely repeat the inaccurate, biased information given to you by your LTTE constituents in Canada who are the very people who for decades funded terrorism in Sri Lanka. Canadian politicians who just want votes in Canada and have no concern for the people who live in Sri Lanka are willing to say and do whatever it takes hoping that they will get votes in Canada. That is a damning indictment on you. Have you any confirmation that they will vote for you after you debase yourself?

The people of Sri Lanka do not know you nor do they care to know you and should not have to suffer because of your myopic actions.

Yours truly,

I. de Silva


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