Why do some think that one has to be politically correct all the time?
Posted on August 23rd, 2022

Sasanka De Silva Pannipitiya

The Editor,

Lanka Web,

Dear Sir

Why do some think that one has to be politically correct all the time?

A video doing the rounds on many social media platforms shows a woman being caught red-handed by the owner of a lost credit card.

The gist of the incident was that the lost card was found by someone and given to a security guard on that premises, and instead of trying to restore it to its rightful owner, the guard called his wife and told her to go shopping with it.

When the owner realized the card was lost and it had been used twice, he deactivated the card and identified the woman who was using it after watching the CCTC footage of one such establishment.

Then he rushed to the nearby keels and the woman was caught red-handed trying to use it again for the third time. 

When I read many of the comments posted by other users, I could not help but wonder what is wrong with society. 

Many posts are in favour of the woman who was caught red-handed because she was poor, and the other reason is that there are many other large-scale scamming and looting happening in the country.

Then why try to highlight, according to most, this small incident?

Further, why use social media platforms to highlight such incidents?

I am sure they are just nave that they are unaware that even the law enforcement agencies, even from developed countries, use the same tactics to catch wrongdoers as well as educate the public.

How come two wrongs make one right?

Many try to act philosophically, as long as the problem is not theirs but take a 180-degree turn the moment it becomes one of your problems.

Stealing is stealing, whether the amount involved in the transaction is one cent or one billion in any form of currency, and it is not justified because others with influence and connections are getting away with Scott free.

I believe trying to be too politically correct in all such incidents has now become cancer in our society.

Sasanka De Silva


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