Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) and Sepal Amarasinghe – Part I
Posted on October 4th, 2022

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

‘හායි නානසාර – සවුදි එම්බසියේ බුරියානි රෂද?’- සේපාල්

” සෞදි එම්බසියේ හුරතල් වුණු නානසාර…” – YouTube

Source: YouTube, 9/25/22

All what BBS tells is, come and discuss with us, we have issues.”

Source: Triumph of the Sinhala Buddhist voter-1931, 1956 & 2014, Lankaweb-2/27/2014

In the past I used to write essays such as, Navanethem Pilley and BBS; BBS and Mrs. Chandrika; Wijedasa Rajapakse and BBS; Friday Forum and BBS, BBS and, and Colombo Telegraph Website and BBS, to explain why they were wrong in attacking the BBS movement which was/is more than its leader, Ven. Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero (GG).  Sepal Amarasinghe’s recent Youtube video clip cited above, about Ven. GG’s visit to the Saudi embassy celebration in Colombo prompted me to send him a reply, because he is repeating like a parrot the same old black whites’ common song against BBS in an unfair (sinful?) manner. His prejudice against the monk is apparent when we compare his fact-based piece a few days ago about university ragging.

Unlike the other slanderers of BBS leader, Sepal was critical of Ven. GG even before the formation of BBS in May 2012. Once he had to report to the CID for calling the monk ‘ඥානසාර මචං.’ Sepal and others such as Sannasgala, Suda, Handungoda, Abhisheka kella and even Nagananda have a habit of calling monks (not supporting their line of Marxist, Omar Khayyam way of life) as ‘yellow pets,’ without mentioning their names, which is unprofessional because we all know robe is a jungle robbers could hide. Sepal should name his list of pets. In this behavior he is only competing with Ranjan Ramanayake.

Difference between Shamindra and Sepal

I just read Shamindra Ferdinando’s report in Island Midweek Review (Sept 28, 2022), about the cheating game played by Norway to break Sri Lanka and how Sinhala politicians acted in a stupid and dishonest manner betraying the nation. Ven. GG and a small group of monks (e.g., Ven. Elle Gunawansa, Athureliye Rathana) spearheaded a movement to defeat Prabakaran despite all these treacherous acts. People like Sepal have forgotten this national service by these monks and attack them with no fear or shame. This service could not be limited only to Bodhi Pujaas and other sermons. For example, Ven. GG once got on to the political stage organized by Mangala Samaraweera and Kumar Rupasinghe as part of their white lotus peace appeasement project, where the peace king Mervyn Silva was speaking, grabbed microphone from his hand and lifted him up from his waist belt. It reminds what the bodhisatva nagaya did to the old woman who mistook it as a garandiya. One monk said he had to keep a gun next to him while having lunch. Does Sepal have any idea about the monk Ampitiye Sumanarathana Thero’s lonely struggle in Batticaloa to protect and save Sinhala Buddhist people from harassment by local Muslim and Tamil GSNs instigated by Sharia/Eelam remnants under the cover of 13-A debacle. Whether we like it or not

Sepal and others operate with only a Marxist mirror of history. Does he know that the story of Sinhale since 1802 has been a history of a continuous conflict between the White rulers and their black-white agents (after 1948), on one side and the Temple on the other? There are about 12 interconnected phases of this conflict. Each phase had one or two monks playing a leadership role against the discrimination of Sinhala Buddhists.  The first was dominated by an argument that Buddhism was a false religion. It was defeated in 1873 at the Great Panadura Debate. The latest phase began with the Asgiri Declaration on June 20, 2017, and the Asgiri Notice on July 4th regarding the unfair harassment of Ven. GG by the black-white establishment. It reiterated that they are in full agreement with his (BBS) ideology. LankaWeb – අස්ගිරි විප්ලවය

Vigneswaran’s failed attempt to get Asgiri monks on to his Eelam dream boat was one incident happened during this phase. The attempts to arrest Ven. G stopped, but subsequently he was sent jail based on an unusual set of facts. He was released from the prison because of the Pasku bombing tragedy. Earlier, Mrs. Chandrika boasted that ‘soon balu sena will be put in balu kuudu.’ Finally, Asad Sali, Ravi Karunanayake and Mano Ganeshan wanted the monk released, while PakiyasothyS and Mrs. MaithreeW petitioned MaithreepalaS not to release him!

LankaWeb – Why is this sudden concern for BBS leader?

LankaWeb – Six lawyers and a monk: importance of impotence

Fate of socially active Buddhist monks

Ven. Gangodawila Soma became a ‘threat’ to Sinhala politicians when he signaled the possibility of contesting the upcoming presidential election. His death in Leningrad, Russia in December 2003 is still a mystery. On this subject Victor Ivan completed a book contract aimed at providing ‘evidence’ that it was a natural, normal death (පන්සලේ විප්ලවය, 2006). Perhaps, Sri Lanka is unique on the number of socially active monks faced with untimely demise, and the BBS leader is living with calls coming to him threatening revenge. In fact, on the recommendation of the Pasku Commission he is now given police protection. There is evidence that even black magic powder was used within his temple premises aiming harm.

The irony is that this threat to his life is a result of a vicious campaign leveled against the monk, spearheaded by the so-called Sinhala Buddhist politicians in the country, ever since the formation of the Bodu Bala Sena organization. He had a simple request to the Sinhala black-white political establishment: ‘come and discuss with us, we have issues.’ And he became a real or imaginary survival threat to them all. Sepal’s YouTube piece is the latest example of this fear psychosis. Otherwise, why is he taking a path of blind leading the blind?

To be fair by Sepal, my purpose is to provide him with an explanation about the phenomenon called BBS and its leader. I hope either he would offer an apology to the monk (and the Saudi embassy in Colombo) about the factual errors he made in his Video clip. Or do a revised new Video clip. Our knowledge on any subject is based on the quantity and quality of the information we receive/have. Data must be factually correct. Otherwise, we face a garbage in-garbage out dilemma.

Birth of BBS

My first ever contact with Ven. GG took place only in June 2022, after the One Law-One Country Report was submitted by his committee to former president Gotabhaya. But since its formation in May 2012 and its meteoric rise thereafter, I was following its’ activities with interest.  After seeing what had happened to Ven. Gangodawila Soma’s vision and mission, I felt that BBS has been following a scientifically and ideologically appropriate path to tackle the ‘anti-Mahavamsa establishment’ in the country, and I agreed with the project 90%. It was a Gandhian type disciplined pragmatic movement based on the Buddhist Middle Path and the vision ‘සියළු සත්වයෝ නිදුක්, නිරෝගී, සුවපත් වෙත්වා.’ Unlike Anagarika Dharmapala’s controlled use of sharp words such as para balla, Ven. GG in the past appeared to have fallen into a trance when faced with gross injustice. He admitted this involuntary weakness in him.

From the year 2013 I have been voluntarily and independently defending BBS against unfair and unreasonable attacks made by politicians of all kinds aimed at shooting the messenger because he disclosed the truth, ‘that Sinhala Buddhists in the country have had no leader for them.’ Except one or two, all PMs and Presidents in the country had a Christian in the immediate family or in the bedroom. Both top-and low-level politicians in the country alleged that BBS was a Norway-funded agency without providing any evidence. It was all false propaganda to derail the BBS movement like what they did to the JHU before it. They wanted Ven. GG’s pound of flesh. The unique nature of Ven. GG’s approach was his castigation of bogus politicians identifying them by name.

Sepal has been a harmless anti-establishment Marxist, perhaps following the lifestyle of Omar Khayyam. But lately he acts like a wounded wild boar, due to what has happened to his Galle Face-based Aragalaya dream.  In this angry mood his video clip about the Saudi embassy affair is like a summary reiteration of all kinds of slandering taken place against BBS during the past ten years. What are some statements made by him:

*1. minute 3:35 of the video

Ven. GG drank only a coffee; he did not eat buriyani at the embassy party. Sepal’s question if buriyani is tasty was unfair because monks are not supposed to eat solid food in the night.  In Sepal’s mind maybe he wanted to be sarcastic, but some people could get the impression that the monk ate buriyani.

*2. 6:30 – Sepal agrees with what Ven. Soma said before his demise about asymmetrical concentration of economic power (trade) in the hands of Muslims. This is exactly what Ven. GG pointed out after 2012 as a problem to be worried. So why is Sepal blaming Ven. GG for raising that issue?

*3. 8:40 – Sinhala Buddhists are beggars compared to Muslim traders. BBS capitalized this situation of poverty to capture power to harass Muslim community. Muslims pretended to be giving up in the face of BBS aggression but continued expanding their economic power as usual.

*4. 9:33 – Ven. GG got trapped in a political game. Went to jail. Went full circle and now at the Saudi embassy eating, drinking, and shaking hands with ‘Habeebs.’

*5. 9:58 – Dilanthe’s wife should have gone to the party with a hijab (But women in Iran fighting for this freedom).

*6. 10:21 – Ven. GG (Gnanasaara in Sepal’s words) told Sinhala Buddhists that Muslims are their enemy.

*7. 10:31 – Aragalaya proved that this act by Ven. GG was wrong. All ethnic groups worked in unison.

*8. 11:14 – Religious discipline is good. Muslims traders are disciplined by their religion. But religion can brain wash people to go mad and undertake suicide bombing world over.

*9. 12:11- Sinhala Buddhists have no religious or any other discipline. Gnanasara was able to manipulate these people to go against Muslims

*10. 12:38 – Saudi embassy knew that Gnanasara has had the trigger in his hand to create trouble. So, it invited him to the party and got hold of him by his neck.

*11. 13:30 – Gnanasara created ethnic unrest and benefitted immensely by way personal gain.

*12. 13:46 – People like Gnanasara receive vehicles from Muslims.

 *13.14:01 – Saudi embassy was able to trap Gnanasara to show Muslims in Sri Lanka that he is under its control and Muslims are now safe.

*14. 15:11 – But a photo of Gnanasara at the embassy with the ambassador does not create ethnic harmony or disharmony.

*15. 15:39 – Politicians and religious agents are the common enemy of people. They thrive by fooling people. People do not know this game until exposed by photos like this embassy party.

The Untold story

Fifteen statements listed above represent not just what Sepal thinks but an entire world’s impression about the role of BBS in the island. But shrewd politicians, their state agencies, black-whites and NGOs, state and private media have all engaged in a dirty game of suppressing BBS from telling its story. This monopoly control has gone to the extreme of preventing any mention of BBS on outlets like Facebook. Fighters for freedom of media are silent on this discriminatory treatment. The only website which prints BBS-related news and essays is Lankaweb website. I have collected about 50 essays from the Lankaweb archives to prepare two books in Sinhala and English respectively, to explain the BBS’ story to the world in an objective fashion. In the meantime, people like Sepal could, if they care, visit Lankaweb and learn the other side to this unfair campaign. Presented below is a short ‘educational’ tour for Sepal & Co. in point form.

*1. Like other anti-BBS agents, Sepal thinks BBS is solely an anti-Muslim bulldozer. It is not a movement against any minority group in the island, religious or ethnic.  In its mission as a continuation of a struggle to regain in a reasonable manner what was deprived to Sinhala Buddhists after 1815, it is forced to face two new invasions of Sharia aggression and unethical conversions by Christian fundamentalists such as the born-again sects. After 1994 Sinhala politicians helped these two elements at the expense of Buddhists for personal and political gain. Therefore, BBS had an urgent mission of tackling these religious extremists. But BBS did not harm or attack any of them. It has been an ideological war.

Lately, Buddhists and Hindus face an existential threat from these two groups. Buddhists faced systematic discrimination after 1815, with two episodes of genocide in 1818 and 1848. Tamil separatism was lurking in the dark, but lost its ability to create havoc with suicide bombing etc. Christian dominated TNA (Sumanthiran & Rasamanikkam) lost their grip over the Hindu/non-Vellala Tamils because of growing affiliation between Hindu leadership and Sinhala Buddhists plus the people friendly army. The non-Vellala educated and dedicated young rebel, Arun Siddharthan has become a serious headache to separatist politics in Jaffna.

Ven. Gangodawila Soma came back from Australia when Sinhala Buddhists were caught in a ‘humiliation trap’, especially after 1994. He was actively engaged on two fronts: how to rescue people from going after all kinds of gods and goddesses looking for outlets of salvation. The other was the tragedy of unethical religious conversions and the Sharia threat. In addition, Ven. Soma warned against dangerous concentration of economic power in Muslim business hands. Sepal appreciates this foresight of Ven. S. Ven. GG became a monk in 1989 and became the principle of a pirivena in 1997. Ven. S and Champika Ranawaka (1996) were role models for Ven. GG, and he resigned from his teaching post to become a full-time social/national worker. Sinhala Buddhists realized the value of the service Ven. Soma did only after his death. Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha and Champika took part in forming JHU but failed to get a law passed to regulate the unethical conversion issue (today there are over 500 hundred fundamentalist churches in the island). BBS was formed in May 2012 to face the twin challenges of Christian fundamentalism and Sharia/Wahabism. Attempts to reduce the role of BBS as a Muslim (Islam?) nemesis is slanderous. If Ven. GG is wrong, then Sepal must declare Ven. S was also wrong. Sepal highlights women in Iran fighting against hijab, but BBS never opposed hijab. It was all about the security concerns of covering the entire face (billas) in public. BBS did not support rumors relating to වඳ බේත් හෝ වඳ තනපට. It was neutral on the question of burial of Muslim Covid corpses.

We must separate real threats from fake propaganda. Just, yesterday on Sept. 28, ‘India’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) declared the Popular Front of India (PFI), a Muslim organisation, as an unlawful association” under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) and banned it for five years. The ban applies to its eight front organisations, including the Campus Front of India (CFI), its student wing.’

King Kosol’s Sixteen Dreams

BBS has a vision and a mission to rescue the Buddha Sasanaya (monks, female monks, male-female laypersons) from rapid decline especially after 1977 with the creation of a society which allowed the big fish to eat the small fish (මත්ස්‍ය න්‍යාය). King Kosol’s sixteen dreams have come true.  The so-called Sinhala Buddhist politicians are responsible for this hopeless situation. While they were acceding to all kinds of demands by Muslim and born-again groups via the device of private members’ bills, recommendation made by several Buddhists Commissions to rectify defects relating to the Sanga fraternity were ignored by the governments in power (latest was the 2004 Report of the Presidential Commission appointed by Mrs. Chandrika).  The late Prins Gunasekera, MP, who lived in exile in London, in his book, විහාර නීති විත්ති (1958) pointed out how colonial laws ruined the orderly managerial system existed in temples; how English judges suggested a separate system of courts to settle temple/monk related disputes.

LankaWeb – මුස්ලිම් වෙළෙන්ඳන්, ශාරියා/ඉකුවාන් මිණීමරුවන් කරගැනීම – 2

Guardians of the nation

Whether Sepal’s grandmother knew about the මුරදේවතා සංකල්පය or not, no other country in the world has this concept. This island did not succumb to South Indian and European invasions because of the power of this concept. With all their human weaknesses the monks saved the Sinhala Buddhist civilization from extinction. They gifted the Tripitaka to the world. With the first and only Christian king Don Juan Dharmapala (1551-97), a Sinhala Christian minority community developed with the support of respective ruling power in Colombo, and for over 500 years of Sinhala Buddhists suffered in the only piece of real state they have in the world as their homeland. Rectification in a reasonable manner, injustices done to them is not discrimination against the minorities who benefitted in every possible way under the colonial policy of divide-and-rule. Christians changed their religion to fit in with the religion of the new ruler. After 1931 they became the so-called Donoughmore Buddhists to benefit from the universal suffrage (Discrimination with reason: the policy of reservations in the United States, India, and Malaysia, Devanesan Nesiah, 1997).

Saudi Arabia and BBS

The link between Saudis and BBS goes back to September 2014. A delegation visited Ven. GG and after a fruitful discussion Saudis decided to cut off funds for several entities engaged in malicious propaganda against Buddhism and BBS by way of printing books, conducting classes etc. The delegation requested Ven. GG to facilitate a meeting with Ven. Ashin Virathu in Myanmar (969 Movement) and there was a dialogue in Colombo with the participation of Vens. Virathu and GG.

So, for Sepal the embassy gathering in Sept 2022 was exciting news, but an understanding was growing between Saudis and BBS for some time. We need to promote this type of linkages with other Muslim embassies too. Discussions instead of confrontations which is the Buddhist Way.

Sepal needs to understand that winds of change is everywhere in the Middle East, even though the western press reports only the acts by extremist elements. Just a few days ago (Sept 27) the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz appointed the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman as prime minister, and several other princes already function as ministers. We need to understand the difference between evolution versus (r)evolution. In Oman, in 1970, the son removed the inefficient Sultan father by a bloodless coup and Oman is now a progressive country. In all these countries a younger generation with new ideas is in power.  Even in Denmark, the queen grandmother is reducing the number of royal titles in the family. King Charles in UK is watching how it goes in Europe!

One Law-One Country Report (2022)

One Law-One Country Report is a good example to understand the new rational approach of the Saudi government. When Ven. GG was appointed to chair this committee there were objections of all kinds from Muslim (and separatist Tamil) politicians. They expected the project to fail, but Ven. GG was able to win over the support and confidence of Muslim and Tamil people at large. His recommendations were not different from what the 2004 Buddhist Commission Report submitted to Mrs. Chandrika or the 2020 parliamentary sectoral oversight committee report on national security (headed by Malith Jayathilake) prepared after the Pasku bombing massacre. But Muslim politicians got president RanilW to shelve this report even though the report made very reasonable suggestions. Pasku report used the report submitted to it by Ven. GG. Most of the facts in the Pasku report are research work of Ven. GG. It was the traditional Muslims who provided information about Sharia activities to Ven. GG seeking his intervention.

Just like in 1956 with SWRD, Gotabhaya was only the midwife of the Sinhala Buddhist reawakening in 2019. It proved that a Sinhala Buddhist candidate can become the president without providing bribes to Muslim politicians. Saudi embassy was observing this development.  It would not have invited Ven. GG for the celebration along with the PM etc. if it felt that the OL-OC report as an instrument against Muslims in Sri Lanka.  Sepal’s imagination that the embassy trapped Ven. GG and used him to project an assurance to Muslims that they are safe from Ven. GG’s antics is based on his rigid and bias views on both the Saudi embassy officials and Ven. GG. As mentioned earlier Embassy-BBS link goes back to 2014. There is no ‘common enemy.’

Buddhism in Sunaparantha, Arabia

As the late Indian president Abdul Kalam once said, if Buddhism provides solutions to world’s problems, we should look for bridges of cooperation and mutual understanding among different cultures. The essay by the late Prof. A.D.T.E Perera which appeared in the Daily News, May 23, 2005, discussed the historical links between Saudi Arabia and the Buddhist India during Buddha’s time (Punnovada Sutra, Majjhima Nikaya 5.3:145). Tapassu-Bhallika brothers were Muslim traders who built the first Buddhist stupa in Lanka, the Girihandu Seya at Thiriyaya, near present day Trincomalee. Buddhists did not have any religious war with other religions and always accommodated other religions to function with freedom. The conflict arose only when aggression was used against the host by the guests!

Muslim scholars think that Kapil mentioned in Koran is a reference to the Buddha.

Muslim scholar’s discourse on Buddhism: a literature on Buddha’s position (

ලංකාවේ මුස්ලිම් හා සිංහල බෞද්‌ධ ජනයා සාමයෙන් ජීවත්‌වීමට නම්, දෙපාර්‌ශය විසින්ම ඉතිහාසයෙන් පාඩම් ඉගෙන ගත යුතුය. මේ ලිපිය එවැනි ඉතිහාස පාඩමකි. මධ්‍යම ආසියාවේ සිට ගොඩබිමින් පැමිණ මෝගල් බාබර්ලා විසින් කඩුවෙන් ඉන්දියාවේ කල විනාශය මෙන් නොව, අරාබිකරයෙන් මුහුදෙන් ආ මුස්ලිම් වෙළඳුන් සිංහල ස්ත්‍රීන් විවාහ කරගෙන සාමයෙන් ජීවත්‌වූයේ, පෘතුගීසී ඝාතනවලින්, කලින් මහණව සිටි, සෙනරත් වැනි සිංහල රජුන්ගේ අනුකම්පාවද ලබමින්‌ය. මුස්ලිම් වීමට පෙර, බැමියන් බුද්‌ධ ප්‍රතිමා නෙලීමට පෙර, අරාබි මිනිසුන් බෞද්‌ධයින් වූවා විය නොහැකිද? මක්කම ගලයට තිබෙන්නේ බුදුරජාණන්ගේ සිරි පතුල හෝ බෞද්‌ධ විහාරයක නටබුන් යන මතයක් ප්‍රචලිත වන්නේ, බෞද්‌ධ සාහිත්‍යයේ එන තපස්සු-භල්ලික වෙළඳ දෙබෑයින්ට අමතරව, ත්‍රිපිටකයේ, සංයුක්ත නිකායේ පුන්න සූත්‍රයේ සඳහන් වන, පුන්න තෙරුන් හා සුනාපරන්තයත් (සවුදි?), පුන්න තෙරුන් සඳහා සැදූ විහාර වන, අම්බහත්ත පබ්බත (මළ මුහුදේ උතුරු කෙළවරේ ප්‍රාග් ඉස්ලාමික අම්‍රා දේවස්ථානය?), මකුලකාරාමය (මක්කම?), වැනි බෞද්‌ධ නටබුන් අරාබියෙන්, ඉස්ලාම් ලෝකයෙන් සොයාගෙන ඇති නිසාය (ඒ.ඩී.ටී.ඊ. පෙරේරා, ඩේලි නිව්ස්, මැයි 23, 2005, වෙසක් කලාපය). බැබ්‍රි මස්ජිත් යට තිබුණේ රාමා දේවාලයය. ඊටත් යටින් හමුවූයේ බෞද්‌ධ විහාරයක් නටබුන්‌ය. පොලොන්නරුවේ ශිව දේවාල යට තිබෙන්නේ අතීත බෞද්‌ධ විහාරය.

කලකට පෙර, <ඥානසාර මචං> යයි ලියා ඥානසාර හිමියන්ට (පසුව බොදු බල සේනා සංකල්පයේ නිර්‍මාතෘ) සරදම් කල සේපාල් අමරසිංහ, දැන් මුස්ලිම් පල්ලි 17 ම ක් තිබෙන, අටළුගම (බණ්ඩාරගම) නමැති කුඩා ගමේ මුස්ලිම් ත්‍රස්තවාදය ගැන යූටියුබ් වීඩියෝ කිරීම, කොරෝනාවෙන් කල සේවයකි. අපවත්‌ කලා යයි සැකකරණ ගංඟොඩවිල සෝම හිමියන් විසින්, ජාතිවාදී නොව, ජාතිකවාදී ලෙස, අපක්‍ෂපාතිව පෙන්වා දුන් සූත්‍රය, එනම්, <ජන සංඛ්‍යා ප්‍රතිශතය අනුව යම් අනවශ්‍ය බලයක් (දේශපාලන, ව්‍යාපාරික, එකට රංචු ගැසී නිවාස පොකුරු ලෙස ජීවත්‌වීම) යම් කිසි සුළු ජනව‌ර්‍ගයකට ලැබුණොත්, එතැන සමාජ, දේශපාලන බල අසමමිතික භාවයක් ඇති වනවා> යන්න සේපාල් විසින් දැන් අගයන්නේ ඒ නිසාය. ගර්‍භාෂ යුද්‌ධය මීට ඇතුලත් කිරීමට සේපාල්ට අමතකවූවා සේය. ගලබොඩ‌අත්තේ ඥානසාර හිමියන්, මඩකලපුවේ මංගලාරාමයේ සුමනරතන හිමියන්, හා මහසෝන් බලකායේ සුමිත් වීරසිංහ යනාදීන් කරණ ජීවිත පරිත්‍යාගය, සේපාල් විසින් පමණක් නොව, ලංකාවේ සියළුම සිංහල දේශපාලකයින් විසින්, ජීවිතය දන් දුන් හසළක වීරයින්ට කරනවා මෙන් නොව, ඔවුන් මෙලොව ජීවත්‌ව සිටියදීම, දැන් දැන් සමාව ඉල්ලමින් අගයකල යුතු නොවේද? සේපාල්ගේ අළුත්ම වීඩියෝව කොළඹ-නුවර පාර දෙපස මුස්ලිම් ඉඩම් ආක්‍රමණය පිළිඹඳවය. නුවර ඉතුරු වෙන්නෙ දළදා මාළිගාව විතරද යන මාතෘකාව ගැනය.

Source: LankaWeb – ලංකාවේ මුස්ලිම් වෙළෙන්ඳන් අරාබි ශාරියා මිණීමරුවන් කිරීම  June 5, 2020

Ven. GG says what he saw on road junctions in Saudi Arabia are Bo trees. Then why was it that Hisbulla with a Sharia theology institute decided to plant date trees saying that  he did it because of the dry climate in Kattankudi? Bo trees could have become a sign of peace and harmony between Muslims and Buddhists. Both Ghaddafi and Yasser Arafat promoted procreation as a weapon of war, and Sharia funded one such human factory was found in Negombo with 3 men, a dozen women and 17 children! Saudi embassy does not support such plans, but unfortunately Sharia operatives in Sri Lanka connect Saudi name to them to hide their wider secret funding sources.

Sinhala politicians did every trick humanly possible to silence Ven. GG. Sepal tries to link him to No Limits shop attack. He was accused of Aluthgama controversy, but his challenge for a commission of inquiry to ascertain the truth was ignored. It was the monk Watareka Vijitha (of Mahiyangana) who was funded by the Sharia sects. But Sepal tries to sling mud at socially active monks in general. Ven. GG was given a vehicle by the Los Angeles Sinhala Buddhist philanthropist Dr. Walter Jayasinghe and not by a Muslim businessman.

The end of Gotabhaya presidency is not the end of the Sinhala Buddhist desire for a country with peace and prosperity under the One Country-One Law umbrella. At present the country is mired in a bogus democracy trap called the representative system of part politics. By 2015 Sinhala Buddhist politicians were a thoroughly confused lot. Today it is economic, social, and political chaos and on the brink of anarchy. An Evil Triangle of politicians-officers- cruel businessmen/NGOs, sucked the blood out the mother Lanka. Their mismanagement (අවපාලනය) had no limit or end.

LankaWeb – Confused (අන්ද-මන්ද වුණ) Sinhala Buddhist Leaders!  (February 23, 2015)

Tragedy of the Commons

Politicians who stripped the country even of its soil and sand are now facing the anger of people who are without food, medicine, and other basic necessities. Politicians have become the proverbial cats on rocks, still fooling people asking for power as if they (JVP/Sajith/Sirisena/Welgama/Champika/ Wimal/Gammanpila/

Dulles-GLP) have magic formulas compared to the failed SLPP. RanilW could be a modern-day Abraham Lincoln if he comes out of his past sins against the Sinhala Buddhists and follow the Buddhist Middle Path.

All these panchaskandas behave like headless chicken. If they understood in 2012 what BBS message was- that it was a peaceful, Buddhist aragalaya (compared to the violent Galle Face Aragalaya in 2022) seeking a system change- the country would not fallen into this abyss. With selfish politicians who think this is an opportunity to capture power by bullet or ballot, the landing of UN Peacekeeping Forces (with India and USA behind it) under the cover of R2P is a real possibility. An alternative is a military junta to control political conspiracy of sabotage in the name of democracy at the Colombo level, while empowering people at the village level with a Jana Sabha system. BBS approach was the people’s councils path demanded and forgotten by the Galle Face innocent factions. Saudi embassy’s public recognition of Ven. GG’s ideology kills double games played by both Sinhala Buddhist politicians as well as Muslim and TNA politicians.

Part-II: Sepal’s new video supporting BBS stand!

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