Gamarala & the Dog
Posted on March 11th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

As a follow-up to my article…..

An Asian Clown Lands in London! A Photo Story……. I received an interesting note from Australia, which I wish to Copy & Paste.

…….”I’ve been told  that both CBK and RW invited MY3 to Temple Trees to give him a crash course in table etiquette prior to this mission. They had forgotten to advise on attire.

RW is waiting in the wings to take charge when MY# hits the dust, which isn’t too far away.

After all, he is only a glorified Gamarala ,both in style and ability, and hardly presidential.

Something the Gamarala needs to know, when the Gamarala’s dog died the entire village came to the funeral. When Gamarala died – not a ‘beggar’ turned up!” ……..

NOTE: The “Gamarala” as referred to in the above text is not-; Pallewatte Gamaralalage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena.

Several other responses which I received by email, SMS, phone calls questioned the hidden agenda behind the  “Urgent despatch” of President Maithreepala Sirisena to Chair the Commonwealth Conference, and to meet Her Majesty the Queen at Buck House.

All indications are that, two of the three Stooges, hustled MY3 and MRS Sirisena to London to cause a huge embarrassment to the National Pride of Sri Lanka.

The next step being incubated, I am told, is to “” the Election Promise of transferring Executive Power to the Prime Minister.

The Goose is Cooked. 13-A Stands. Tamils get what was promised. India Wins!

The Chief Cook Narendra Damodardas Modi will be soon in Sri Lanka, to inspect his Troops!

However as a non-citizen of Sri Lanka, but with a deep sense of loyalty, I may request humbly to those “Prodigal Sons of Sinhala” who frayed from one Sinhala leader to another Sinhala puppet, created by two of the most conniving foxes in Sri Lanka politics, to “Return-to-the-Fold” to support Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Paradise Lost is an epic poem by the 17th-century English blind poet John Milton. Sinhala Lost the Paradise when the Trio RW-CBK-MY3 hustled into power.  Then  Paradise Regained.  Adam and Eve, Satan and his followers did not return to Hell……..

Fortunately, now all sensible, balanced, intelligent public can see the Planning-the-Works & Working-the-Plans of the Conniving Duo.

Its not strange that History Repeats Itself!

First MY3 as Brutus, Stabs Mahinda (Julius Ceaser) Rajapaksa in his back, (might add, after a Comfort Meal of Hoppers). Then a similar Blade decapitates MY3 by his own Team, for the whole world to enjoy.

When you study the photographs of MY3 UK visit, please note the “bland” look on the Foreign Minister’s face, looking more like an upmarket Funeral Director!

The two minions who accompanied MY3 and MRS Sirisena, did not produce any professionalism either.

London Tamils react:

President Mythreepala Sirisena meets Prime Minister David Cameron at No:10

Did the Sri Lanka High Commission deploy a British Press & Public Relations consultant or company to handle this very important visit?

In my capacity as a Press & PR CEO in London, I have handled similar exposures both for Print & TV media, with an alternative plan for Damage Limitation, if & when the ball bounced off the pole!

 Paradise Lost? Time to Regain Paradise…….Get Mahinda Rajapaksa!


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12 Responses to “Gamarala & the Dog”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    please note the “bland” look on the Foreign Minister’s face, looking more like an upmarket Funeral Director!- Agreed Ha.. ha….. time to laugh

    The Goose is Cooked. 13-A Stands. Tamils get what was promised. India Wins!
    The Chief Cook Narendra Damodardas Modi will be soon in Sri Lanka, to inspect his Troops!

  2. AnuD Says:

    In Sri Lanka, road -side working Astrologers are also called Profs.

  3. douglas Says:

    Thank you for trying to TEACH” us to judge people from the “ATTIRE” and the so called “ETIQUETTE”. We Sri Lankans have for long. long years, generation after generations have learned to JUDGE and ASSESS the people from their THOUGHTS and ACTIONS. That is the BIG DIVIDE between you westerners and we modest orientals. Please get confined to that exposure and do not think of “Spoiling” us and treating us as SAVAGES. We wish to remain in our modest way of GAMA RALAS and uphold HUMAN VALUES than that “ATTIRE” and “ETIQUETE” you worship so much with so much of HYPOCRISY.

  4. Independent Says:

    Dear Prof,
    As I said before we value honesty and integrity more than the tie and the coat.
    We do not respect vine drinkers , casino goers and night club sex maniacs in elegant attires.

    Our Gamarala is good for us as far as the dress code is concerned. I don’t think any sensible human being is impressed by dress only.

  5. Independent Says:

    As far as 13A is concerned , there is no difference between Runil and MR.

  6. mario_perera Says:

    The days are long gone when we not only felt ‘obliged’ but also ‘dignified and honourable’ when adapting Western (more specifically British) standards. Today such attitudes would not only be considered ‘slavish’ but also condemnable s being downright ‘demeaning and shameful’, and justly so. Unhappily we have still not crossed that ‘bridge of shame’ once and for all judging from the opinions of some writers and commentators.

    Prof McLean calls President Sirisena ‘an Asian clown’.

    Winston Churchill called Mahatma Gandhi ‘a naked Fakir’.

    It is opportune to remind Prof McLean and his acolytes of how Mahatma Gandhi went to London on the invitation of the king and queen of England. He arrived in London and at Buckingham Palace true to his style, sporting just a loincloth and shawl. When asked if he was wearing enough clothes, he wittily responded that “the King has on enough for both of us!”

    At the time of Mahatma Gandhi’s visit, the British Empire was at the height of its power and glory. Such was the circumstance under which the Mahatma defied the much glorified ‘dress etiquette’ daring to confront the all conquering British with his Indian pride. He was the humble Indian who brought down the lofty from its seat.

    That Empire on which the sun never set did the vanishing trick such a long time ago, such a long time ago that many generations do not remember it at all. Today the founding country of that empire is just a fifth grade power with hardly a say and surely so little clout in world affairs. Britain today is nothing else but a little disposable appendix, the ‘yes’ man and henchman of the U.S.A. Our Presidents did not need to pamper the vanity of such countries now parading as emperors without clothes.

    I congratulate our President for his non-conformist attitude and daring to be himself. We call ourselves a proud nation. Did not Emmerson Tennant publicly declare that ‘no Island, England not exempted, can boast of all the historical, cultural, religious qualities and attributes that Ceylon possesses? Proud we were, proud we are, and proud we will continue to be. Whatever be the puppet like attitudes of people labeling themselves as ‘nationalists’, that pride of the past is pulsive hot in the people’s veins (W.S.Senior in the Call of Lanka).

    I also found it absolutely contradictory and shameful on the part of several commentators to poke fun at our President regarding his lack of mastery of English, and about his being accompanied by an interpreter. Those commentators pride themselves on being ‘nationalists’ but they reveal themselves for what they really are, FAKES, by unmasking themselves at crucial moments.

    The supreme trumps of a real nationalist are his pride in his language, his religion and his culture. Why the hell should a President of ours be fluent in English? He has a language of his own, a language that was fully developed when the English were babbling like monkeys atop their trees. When our president sits with his hosts and discourses in his language, he is dong his country proud. When Cameron visited our country, did he speak to us in Sinhala? But he did show his true colours by behaving like an alien bastard.

    As for our shameful pseudo-nationalists of this forum, the bum suckers of the ‘para suddas’, they are only trying to hoodwink their readers. They are a disgrace to this nation.

    Mario Perera

  7. aloy Says:

    Thank you Mario, you said it all.

  8. Independent Says:

    Thank you Mario, you spoke for me as well. I am reluctant put in too much wasteful efforts to write in length as I am subjected to Rajapaksa rule even 3 months after his deserved defeat.

  9. ranjit Says:

    Real pathetic scene to see Sira,Awamangalaya and that foul mouthed Azad Sali walking one after the other like entering a Colombo bar for a drink in London. Who were these two Azad Saly & Avamangalaya? They were both shit traitors who has no power base in Sri Lankan politics except spreading lies and creating disunity among various communities. They were both LTTE sympathizers and supported Diaspora and the west to topple the former President. Those who praise Sirisena will understand what a weal President he will be in a very short time. Actually he is a puppet on a string controlled by CBK & Ranil two of Para suddas servants. Help my country O’Lord.

  10. NAK Says:

    In 2001 we managed to escape Ranil W’s wily plans to divide the country,thanks mainly to timely action taken by CBK, probably one of the few instances she did some thing right.
    This time around, again luck is on Sri Lanka’s side as RW must go for a general election and win to activate his wily plans and people of this country has the chance to thwart RW western plans.

  11. douglas Says:

    Can we know who this PROFESSOR is? Some years ago, I saw a film titled “NUTTY PROFESSOR”. Is this a repeat?

  12. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    douglas !!! That was Dany Kaye in Nutty Professor. The start was, he was cycling to the University in his Black Gown and Graduate Cap, singing ****Everthing is Tickety Boo, on such a dreamy day****etc

    If you Google the first lines of the song, the whole thing will come on.

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