Former President’s Decision To Contest The Prime Ministerial Post Good For Sri Lanka Not For Her Internal As Well As External Adversaries!
Posted on March 18th, 2015

Insight By Sunil Kumar,

March 18th, 2015

 The breaking News that Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has decided to contest for the post of Prime Minister under the Sri Lanka Labour Party at the next Parliament elections probably has the likes of President Sirisena and  pro tem Prime Minister Wickremasinghe jittery and contemplating  what adverse effect it might have on them in the event of a victory for Mr Rajapaksa!

Needless to say it would be in the form of a mini tremor that could have Sirisena and his supporters quaking and some pondering their political futures for all the bad blood already being generated by some of them against the former President!


It is also imperative to ensure the safety of the former President as he plans his agenda and conducts his campaign where all safety measures will be needed to be placed in high priority to avoid any calamities that could plunge the Nation into chaos.

One thing is for certain, Mr Rajapaksa is no pushover, nor does he have a tainted track record like some within the present administrative setup who are trying their utmost to discredit and suppress him indicative of their nervousness about him and why  a win for him could be opportune for Sri Lanka at a time where the present administration is indicating many loopholes and weaknesses that could adversely affect Sri Lanka both politically as well as economically where primarily there is also the danger of playing into the hands of the Tamil diaspora, the TNA and former Tamil Tiger supportives which also extends to Tamil Nadu ever watchful of cracks in  Sirisena  administered Sri Lanka where the presence of Rajapaksa will certainly keep such trepidations at bay.

Most  of Sri Lanka (other than those who don’t want to know) as well as the world, knows that he is not someone to be trifled with when given responsibility where the only reason he is not commander in chief is due solely to the betrayals he faced at the hands of some of his trusted allies who combined with his enemies to oust him over issues that were more insignificant than the significance of how he championed Sri Lanka into being a terrorist free Asian Nation that earned the respect of most of the world apart from the apathetic entities who believed the sob stories of the defeated.
Something which veritably albeit unfortunately for Sri Lanka projected his enemies towards their own ambits and are now seated in power but already that seems to be in jeopardy of being reversed in the not too distant future provided Rajapaksa has the renewed backing of an already frustrated and disgruntled Sinhala Nation ready to give him another chance and he conducts his direction towards the cause equitably and conscientiously which most believe he will.

Therefore as Labour Party leader Mr. A. S. P Liyanage has said that the former President had talks with his party on the matter and has also gathered support for the move from some Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members it augurs well for Sri Lanka and not so much for his adversaries who apart from respecting him also fear him!.

Reflective of the attitude of those who once benefitted from his benevolence towards them as a leader yet undercut him eventually when Mahinda Rajapaksa had decided to contest under the Sri Lanka Labour Party after failing to secure the full support of the SLFP to be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the SLFP there are indications of axiety amomg some which In all probabilities are due to a dormant fear of his capacity to override them but  regardless of whatever ticket he contests on. one cannot rule out his chances!!

Mr.A. S. P Liyanage, a leading businessmen in Sri Lanka, had contested past Presidential elections but had often used his time on State media during election campaigning to speak in support of the former President which is indeed a most gracious gesture which could be beneficial to all of Sri Lanka as many have already begun chanting “JAYAWEWA!”

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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    At last , Please can Sinhala brother make MR as PR in next election !!!

  2. ranjit Says:

    Very very sweet thing to hear if it is true. Majority will be happy beyond any doubt if this dream comes true. People should remember that if not for this man named MAHINDA there won’t be any peace in the country. Those days we couldn’t have an elections in the North or in the East due to terrorism. Now see the difference because due to this man called MAHINDA. We pray to all Gods for his safety.If something happened to this great personality you can bet the country will go to dogs. These traitors have already promised sun and the moon to the Tamils & Muslims and they are in heaven already thinking about their future dreamland’s. Who went to the Buckingham Palace with MY3 Tamils & Muslims and who met them in the hotel instead at the High commission office? Just think my dear Sinhalese.Don’t be blind just think of your future how it will be with this unpatriotic traitors who rule the country today.

    I hope all the good guys will join him and come forward with a new look and a new vision for the country. Just imagine a Minister resigned from his post within 50 days in the Government and the Governor of the Central Bank was found guilty of corruption, Finance Minister have a case pending for money laundering, another Minister was involved in Kidnapping of a minor so can you call this Government a Yahapalanaya? What a scrap. Better resign and go home you devils without breaking our beautiful Motherland. Let the savior comes back to take us forward and to make a better place to live.

  3. Geeth Says:


  4. Geeth Says:


  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Glad tidings here for the People of Lanka ! Our heartfelt good wishes to former President Mahinda Rajapakse in his journey forward to rescue Sri Lanka from the political chaos it has now fallen to. The feelings of insecurity for the masses of Lanka are palpable. This feeling must be replaced by one of Security and Progress which the present illegal govt cannot deliver.
    MR has always been fair to all people and will continue to do so. May he live long and prosper along with all of Sri Lanka.

    This whole exercise with the new illegal govt and the removal of MR through what I think was a cheated electection was to ensure that China was out and the west was in, wasn’t it ? MR is first person who would want west participation in Lanka affairs – though Tamil leaders may go out of their way make others believe that this was not so !

    However,, now at present, a more aware and sadder but wiser public of Lanka can make amends to MR. Yes, Jayawewa a thousand times, and guard MR well for the sake of all of Lanka.

  6. nilwala Says:

    Considering the state of the nation today in which those who promised clean government are chasing shadows instead of getting down to the business of good governance, and are proving themselves to be crooks within days of being appointed, and that a;; that has happened is that instead of MR relatives the new appointees are all “Friends of the PM”,

  7. nilwala Says:

    Considering the state of the nation today in which those who promised clean government are chasing shadows instead of getting down to the business of good governance, and are proving themselves to be crooks within days of being appointed, and that all that has happened is that instead of MR relatives the new appointees are all “Friends of the PM”,

    P.S. But he will have to be very, very careful as the enemies of the nation are insincere and are proven betrayers.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    For the sake of a peaceful political way forward, we suggest that MR’s election office should make an immediate announcement that no political vendettas will take place from him and his party. And of course, the sooner we know the Labor Party Manifesto, the better for us all. I am heaving a sigh of relief on behalf of Lanka !

  9. Charles Says:

    Sunil K

    what I fail to understand is why when Ranil Wickramasinghe was sworn in as the Prime Minister soon after M.Sirisena was sworn in as the President nobody raised any objections nor was a FR case filed , by the Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne or any one of his Ministers or any one else ?

    Becasue it was against the Constitution to have sworn in a second Prime Minister when there was already a Prime Minister and a Cabinet of Ministers. There was only a Presidential election on the 8 January, 2015, and not a General Election to appoint a Prime Minister and allow him to form a UNP Government. The People of Sri Lanka rejected 29 times the formation of a UNP Government by Ranil Wickramasinghe ?

    The Government of Ranil Wickramasinghe is unconstitutional and illegal? Cannot someone even today file a FR case against this fraud committed by Maithripala Sirisena ?

    This is the first time that a thing like this has happened in the world and we the Citizens of Sri Lanka have done nothing to stop the continuation of this ridiculous UNP Government the people of Sri Lanka never wanted, while they undo everything the previous government had done to Make Sri Lanka a formidable Country an example to the rest of the developing countries of the world.

    Ranil and Maitripala are pushing Sri Lanka into a precipice to make it a subject nation of USA,West and India from which disastrous plunge Sri Lanka will never be able to be, what it was before the 8th January, 2015.

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !!! ** Making an immediate announcement that NO political vendettas should take place from him and his party*** is not a priority, period. Let that take its course. LET US NOT MOLLY-CODDLE THOSE WHO HAVE ROBBED THE EXCHEQUER SO BLATANTLY, WITHIN THE 100 DAYS. Let no stone left unturned to punish those bastards. Suddenly, we cannot become “SIL-MATHAS”

  11. AnuD Says:

    I don’t think Mahinda Rajapakse will win. But, if Gota comes it may be different.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Big question is MR to become PR – Will Sri Lanka Labour Party get 113 seat out of 225 in next election ???

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with Nilwala & Charles.
    what you say is so true. In addition :

    Why hasn’t anyone challenged the elections which seemed so obviously illegal per Dilrook’s articles to L’web.

    It is the proper way forward. Best avoid political vendettas at this point in time. Lanka cannot afford more conflicts. We have to act together as much as possible. Way forward (Move On) is top priority with Security & Stability as Nilwala says.
    Personally, I would like to give a few tokkas to those nuts in power right now. Their methods are crude and shameful to say the least – the illegal new govt needs to grow up.

  14. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “The breaking News that Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has decided to contest for the post of Prime Minister under the Sri Lanka Labour Party at the next Parliament elections probably has the likes of President Sirisena and pro tem Prime Minister Wickremasinghe jittery and contemplating what adverse effect it might have on them in the event of a victory for Mr Rajapaksa!”



  15. Lorenzo Says:

    This will DIVIDE the SLFP vote and BOTH SLFP and SL Labor Party will LOSE to UNP. The party name is also questionable. WHY Labor party?

    UNP vote is NOT divided like this.

    So the PM will be from the UNP AGAIN. ONLY good thing is MR can enter parliament after 10 years later.

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !! If you think that it is the proper way forward, Alles Gute.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    Susantha ! I am more of a pacifist than you are ! Good luck to us both, whatever methods are adoped. Our goal is the same.


    Who knows how the elections will turn out. MRs presence in Parliament will be most welcome to give sanity and balance to tasks ahead. Let’s wait and see.

  18. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Re- “Personally, I would like to give a few tokkas to those nuts in power right now. Their methods are crude and shameful to say the least – the illegal new govt needs to grow up.”It should probably read as
    ‘The ‘nuts’ in power should be shown the door through the people’s choice and collective vote with a few resounding kicks up the rears of some of them who take the Nation to comprise of a bunch of fools ! The illegal, unconstitutional ‘pseudo government ‘needs to be disbanded and some of the officials indicted for past criminal activity including fraud.”

  19. Geeth Says:

    Protecting SLFP is not in the top of the national priority list. We don’t give a damn about SLFP now. If UNP come into power, then let that happen. But MR’s party will be in the opposition then. We can see how that works then.

    Either to destroy SLFP or to save- is now a question in the MY3 court. If he plays the ball right, he can save the SLFP. if not, he will go down in the history as the one who destroyed not only the party SLFP, but also the nation. Good for him.

    However, MR must come up with a very attractive slogan that has weight to create goosebumps in all corners of the globe. Abolishing 13th is that slogan. By this way he can pull the rug under the feet of all parties of the coming election, especially MY3 and Runnil. But to keep MR’s grassroots level support from the provincial council members to other young future political aspirants, he must pledge to recreate provincial administrative system based on river basin provincial boundaries. By that way he can keep the support of PC members without a problem.

    He must never miscalculate to think this election is going to be a cake walk for him. So he must create all possible ways and means to create support bases, youth organizations, labor organizations, farmers organizations, religious organizations etc.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    I AGREE with the MR part but for me SLFP comes FIRST before the nation. YES, before the nation because it was the SLFP that SAVED the nation ALWAYS. When the SLFP was weak the nation went to shits.

    Saving the SLFP is the responsibility of all 3 FACTIONS – CBK-Mangala, My3-Siripala and MR. They are somebodies today thanks to the SLFP. Not the other way round.

    I’m saddened to hear YOU say “We don’t give a damn about SLFP now. If UNP come into power, then let that happen.”. How could you say that? This is like the “BHANGAWEWA” approach of JVP striking people who would set fire to their workplace just because their 50% salary hike demand was rejected.

    I want the SLFP protected AT ALL COST even if it means a few deaths. You said you went to SLFP meetings as a kid in converted lorry-buses. Why do you now say “We don’t give a damn about SLFP now. If UNP come into power, then let that happen.”. Please retract that statement. It is NOT Geeth who said that.

  21. Christie Says:

    Namaste: It is good news that Mahinda has declared he is coming back to politics. However Indian Empire has got us by the balls with it new Governor (Coolie of Chandrika the Governess and of Kankani Ranil) Mr. Sirisena for another six years. What ever other do will not make dent in the sacred Indian Empire. Jai Hind

  22. Siri Says:

    This is the best news if it is true. He saved the country once and can do it again, if he is careful not to take disreputable people to his side. The present government came with a promise of good governance, but it is sad that they do not even know how to follow the country’s constitution. They have two prime Ministers and two chief justices. What kind of clowns are we having in the Mythree-Palanaya.
    It is rumored that Sarath Fonseka is going to be made a Field Marshall, but they want to stop the construction of the Army Headquarters. It is also rumored that SF is trying to get back our war Hero “Shavendra Silva” to Sri Lanka from India where he is undergoing leadership training so that he can punish him for finishing off the war too quickly, thereby preventing SF from making more money from weapons contracts. SF is a Traitor who was willing to sell our country for a US Green Card (Permanent Residence Visa).
    The US has a major problem with soldiers who are returning from the war-front as they have no employment for them. If these soldiers are laid off they will get into a lot of hardship. The Sri Lankan Government under Gota Had gainfully employed our soldiers in construction and other gainful projects so that they paid for their upkeep. Now Ranil wants to prevent soldiers from doing civilian work. Are we going to continue paying them for twiddling their thumbs or are they going to be laid off.
    Mahinda coming as PM will be good for the country.
    The present Government complained that our ministers in the MR government spent too much money on luxury hotels when travelling abroad. They actually stayed at the Waldorf Astoria and paid $ 1,000.00 a day for their rooms. Samaraweera stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York when he recently visited New York and Paid $ 3,000.00 a day. Does this make sense?

  23. Geeth Says:

    A party means not the tag dear, but the policies of it. Yes the SLFP was created for a historical reason and it continued to adhere to that historical duty up until now. But with people like Rajitha, Chandrika, M3, Siripala goiya taking over the reigns of it, now that historical order has been stopped. It is like that of a dog can protect your family so far until it gets caught with rabies. What would you do when your dog get caught with rabies? Finding another dog or dying with the dog with rabies? The reason to create the SLFP originally was because UNP had got caught with rabies.

    Now it is time to take a new direction. We really need a new start Lorenzo and we are tired with these MFs!!!

    The reason why I say if UNP wins let it be that way means not literally I wish UNP to win. But my point is that when all three names you have mentioned want to destroy the SLFP, and when they use SLFP to destroy the nation now as well and that tells that the historical significance of the SLFP is gone. Now we need a new beginning.

  24. Geeth Says:

    Making MR to protect SLFP was the psychological “Gatey” all the enemies of SL wanted to see him (MR) sucking. But he has demolished that shackle. I wanted MR to take necessary political move to save the country disregarding what SLFP thinks; and that was my position from the day one, and it will be the position for future until SLFP comes back into its senses.

  25. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    NOW that Netyanyahu beat Obama and his massive campaign to replace him in Israel the Obama/India nexus is coming apart.

    ONE issue that Rajapakse has behind him is the army. they were led by Gotabaya and Rajapakse to victory over the Tamils and that WAS ONLY 5 YEARS AGO.

    SECOND issue going for Rajapakse is that the margin that defeated him of 450 thousand votes is now in question. THIS TIME the election will be checked for chicanery.

    THIRD issue going for Rajapakse is that this COALITION sidelined China and the important port development FOR NOTHING BUT EMPTY PROMISES FROM INDIA




  26. Geeth Says:

    Modi came to see a modaya.

  27. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Other issues that now Rajapakse has on his side

    -Showdown with Indian where Wickremesinghe threatened deadly force on the invasive Tamil Fishermen and India returned with the SAME THREAT. So far that is all India has given to Sri Lanka a rebuttal to Wikremesinghe’s threat to shoot Indian Tamil Fishermen in Sri Lankan waters.
    -Sirisena’s coalition won ONLY because of the Tamils and Muslims NOT because of the majority Singhalese.

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    IF that is the case there are other “possibilities” without breaking up the party.

    What if My3 dies? Then the battle will be between CBK and MR which MR will win.
    What if CBK dies? Then the battle will be between My3 and MR which MR will win.

    Also considering what Siri says (“SF is trying to get back our war Hero “Shavendra Silva” to Sri Lanka from India where he is undergoing leadership training so that he can punish him for finishing off the war too quickly”), the options for patriots are CLOSING IN. Politics is only one side of the thing. We cannot save SS and others by your method. MR needs a plan that saves himself, the party, war heroes and the country.

    Don’t get confused between MR CONTESTING the election with the aim of becoming PM and ACTUALLY becoming PM. The president appoints the PM. So My3 can and WILL NOT appoint MR as PM even if he wins a seat in parliament. SAME bottleneck again.

    It is this bottleneck you have to overcome. Until that happens, MR has no chance.

    To come close to that MR has to promise to scrap 13 amendment. I hear nothing so far.

  29. Lorenzo Says:


    Bibi won the election but he needs others to form a govt. He has to reach out to FAR RIGHT parties for that. More fun and a total backfire of Obama’s plan!!

    We all know the “Zionist Union” was created by Obama. Its just a name to fool people. It doesn’t stand for the principles its name says. Even Arabs support it!! What a joke.

    Obama’s plan to get rid of nationalists backfired.

  30. Senevirath Says:

    no body will scrap13 .not even – new – mahinda all are scared of westerners and Indians

  31. Sirih Says:

    Making derogatory comments regarding SF is not decent. He is a war hero and not corrupt and as a nation we need to respect our hero’s and should not slander them with out any facts.

  32. ranjit Says:

    What ever said and done about MR he is undoubtedly the most suitable,experienced,trustworthy political leader we have today than any other leader in this country. Ranil was a failure for 29 times. MY3 was a back stabber who left S.L.F.P thru the back door. Chandrika was a thief who hate to call a Sri Lankan. This man should come to save us before MY3/Ranil hands over every demand Tamils and Muslims asking for. Before long Tamils will built a ashram in the name of Prabakaran to worship as a hero for Tamil population if MY3 and Ranil continues to rule our country further. From the things we are seeing today we can surely expect something like that before long. These two came to power by their vote and they will be compelled to listen to their demands whether we like it or not. These two traitors have already messed up things and we don’t feel safe anymore therefore Nugegoda Man is the answer for us. Let’s hope he come back and lead us again for a better and a peaceful future.

  33. L Perera Says:

    In the event MR decides to contest for the PM’s position, regardless of who wins , Sri Lanka may well end up with 3 major political forces. MY3’s SLFP , MR’s SLFP and the UNP. This, together with the prowess in the game of “Political musical chairs ” that our current MP’s have demonstrated in the recent past, could end up with Sri Lanka being blessed with three MAJOR and equally balanced parties in Parliament. Good for democracy ! Good for the people!.

  34. NAK Says:

    Goood news,very good news. I knew this would happen and been waiting for this. Now the most Important is the personnal security of Mr Mahanda Rajapakse our PM in wating.
    Already Sira has removed his forward security detachment and this good news would surely send Obama/CIA,Camoron/MI6,Modi/RAW and others in their band wagon in to a rage and might choose the ultimate elimination.
    SLFP big wigs, who were talking big afew days ago saying that they might consider a request from MR to contest the next election, has met him at Abhayaramaya yesterday to plead not divide the party and has got an ear ful from MR.
    According to Mahinda Amaraweera, before the next rally in Ratnapura,there will be more good news.
    Nimal siripala and the lot are aware what is in waiting for their political future.
    If MR is forced to contest from a different party all the grassroot level SLFPers will join him en mass and Those who have already lost their seats Nimal,Dilan,Rajitha will be thrown in to political wilderness.
    Even if Mahinda fails to win a majority he will be a sound second and the SLFP will be a mere also ran and I doubt very much Susil Prem Jayanth would like that.
    So, so far so good and more goodies in waiting…….JAYAWEWA.

  35. dhane Says:

    I heard full speech of MS at SLFP headquarters. MS was telling his 2 months experience meeting at Jaffna for the first time all Tamils leaders the head of the country for a discussion. Meeting Indian PM, Queen, British PM & UK Tamil Diaspora. It looks he was welcome by all of them open arms. Yes that is good. But MS have not realized Tamils welcome all previous Politicians who were supporting them. As soon any politician go against them eliminated for ever. Start with Amirthalingam who appeared for Praba on a murder case & got him released. When Amithalingam went against he was eliminated. Rajiv helped & financed but finally eliminated, President Premadasa gave Arms, money finally eliminated. Thiruchelvam eliminated. There are many others who were eliminated when realized obsolete or no more useful. Therefore dear President Tamils will do anything & everything and show “good face” as long as you give whatever they ask. Moment you cannot give anymore & become obsolete just remember what happened to others. Mr President please remember these Tamils all over the world are big in population but DO NOT have a country for their own. Tamils are jealous of Sinhalese less in population but we have a country Sri Lanka. According to Indian constitution nobody can talk about separatism. Therefore easiest place to create Ealam is in Sri Lanka and then expand to South India. Tamils will worship MS as long as you dance according to their Ealam tune. Just remember what happened to those who stop dancing. Fallow Mahathir Mohamed Malaysia is for Mala people , Le Quan U Singapore is for Chinese. Sinhala people have no other country therefore Sri Lanka is for Sinhalese peoples country all others can live but on their “limit”

  36. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with Geeth. It is time to ditch any political party that no longer serves the purpose of the People of Lanka. If any party wants to divide Lanka, then it is time to get rid of it.

    Sinhala folk have to learn to protect their country from within, through the Law which should apply to all equally. Unitray status of country and Security issues paramount. All right thinking leaders should get together for that purpose. Then and then only will the country and the people, ALL of them, flourish. Sinhala folk ought to lead the way to Unity not Disunity through party politics. That is the mistake of the west. Also Socialism must prevail over Capitalism. In America the wags call Pres Obama “the Socialist from Nigeria” !! That would be a title he would be proud to wear, except that he is a ‘Socialist from Hawaii’ with a talent for captialism as well. MR is also like Pres Obama. Same type of leader who cares for the people. Why is Socialism a bad word when the whole of Europe embraces it, including Britain ?

  37. SA Kumar Says:

    Sinhala people have no other country therefore Sri Lanka is for Sinhalese peoples country – Agreed TE for Saiva Thamil Peoples country !!!

    Why this kolaveri mate ???

  38. Fran Diaz Says:

    Random thoughts on the situation, past and present :

    When a country is widely divided on important points through the political system, then that country is unable to function smoothly or flourish. There is no sense of Security or Peace for the People. To achieve a lasting Peace and Prosperity, all countries must be secured from WITHIN through the Law of the Land. That is the common ground that all political parties rightly ought to work toward.

    Without a solid base of values putting Human life first (as opposed to Money first – a sort of God/Truth vs Mammon !), built into the Law of the Land, countries will flounder. This happened in Europe twice, resulting in two World Wars. The end result of two World Wars emanating from Europe is that today Europe basically has Socialist States. There is no getting away from that hard fact. If the masses of people are without basic needs and in dire want, then there will be chaos and lawlessness, laying open the country to invasions from outside. Therefore, a basically Socialist system a must. The creative support system to Socialism has to be Capitalism, and the two systems must work in tandem, smoothly, to ensure a safe country for all. If all political leaders have this goal in mind, then a National Government will work, not otherwise.

    As matters stand in Lanka, it appears that the UNP is the major Capitalist party and the SLFP the more Socialist party, with some Capitalism thrown in. Where are we out of balance in our party system in Lanka ?

    When the Tamil Separatist wars happened, former President MR had a hard task at hand, as he has had to tackle multiple issues, from Tamil Caste problems to poverty and education and job problems. Even today I am not sure who sponsored the training of the LTTE in Tamil Nadu. But eventually the LTTE has ended up as ‘useful’ to Europe and other ex-colonists and the west in general. This happened mainly after the trumped up 1983 Riots. The JVP on the other hand, fighting a ‘class war’ and an anti-colonial war, earlier went with the Communist groups, first with Russia and next with China. From an early time, Russia gave scholarships to Sinhala poorer people whilst the affluent persons of Lanka went west for their education. As a result, the split between the village and Colombo widened. They have now splintered and some have joined in with the SLFP & some with the UNP.

    MR who was rejected by the west, went with China mainly for the war needs. He contineued with China mainly even after the war becausee the west went on rejecting him even though he made overatures to them. The whole nasty episde of regime change happened to take Lanka westward for economic purposes after MR did the hard part of winning the war against terrorism. This is fact. MR started doing well on the economic front too and that did not suit the UNP !

    If the Tamil leaders drop the Separatist call, then we have a united Lanka. Perhaps the Europeans coming in with some new ideas for industries along with some educated Tamils from the west may help ? I sure do hope so. If Tamil folk have their basic needs and their children a proper education geared for jobs, then the call for Separatism will not be needed. Socialism and Capitalism have to work in tandem. Peace first and Prosperity follows.

    The same is needed in the South.

    A word of warning on effects of PURE Capitalism :

    The latest is that Pres Obama is trying to counter the effect of big money in politics though Mandatory Voting. See the problems of PURE Capitalism !

    Dr Richard Wolff, a top Economist from America, talks about how PURE Capitalism does NOT work. Please Google Richard Wolff Capitalism hits the Fan.

    Yes, the balance must not be lost.

  39. SA Kumar Says:

    When a country is widely divided on important points through the political system, then that country is unable to function smoothly or flourish. -100 % Correct we do not need example far away look the India similar 13A(Union) & 16A fully implemented so We just copy them full implementation of 13A& 6A – over night Our paradise will touch the moon. tell me what we do not have intelligent , hard working, etc……… if We take off our pathetic racism We will lead Asia !!!

  40. Fran Diaz Says:


    Tamils are all over the island of Lanka. You cannot fully implement 13-A as it lays open the country to division by outside forces. To unify Lanka to Progress, Lanka has to remove 13-A.

  41. Fran Diaz Says:

    Warning from Prof Wolff on Excessive Capitalism :

  42. SA Kumar Says:

    Lanka has to remove 13-A.- too late now as Modi sealed as said many time as long as Hindhu nationalist party BNP & Congress (13A their baby) in power in India 13A is untouchable also Tamils are not going any where so solution is simple & straight forward fully implementation of 13A sooner is better than later other wise 13 plus will take over 13A Please do not ask me what is 13 plus ( as MR promised & now Modi insisted in our SL parliament ) means I only know simple maths 13 plus mean 13 +1 or more….. so 13 already in .
    close my case !

  43. Geeth Says:

    What are you suggesting Lorenzo? I don’t think MR and the type of politics we aspire is suffering from necrophilia. If we substitute this necrophiliac desires’ sexual intercourse part into political discourse, we can understand that some in power dreams of such agendas. Some politicians who are in power now may have similar items in their political agendas for sure, calculating how if so-and- so dies and so forth, because they do not have strong political backing among people. So there is no way for them to come into power by the ballot. But MR doesn’t have to go in that despicable path because MR has a strong political base within our polity. He can trust the masses.

    Our entire family are supporters of SLFP Lorenzo, but we are watching how ugly our politicians have become. We know MR actually gave enough chance for the bigwig SLFPers to be realistic about his future in SL politics. But they have become deaf elephants. And at the same time, while doing everything harmful to SLFP, they issue statements to media pleading MR not to do anything harmful to SLFP. In other words what they say to MR is that the best thing MR can to do for the party is to give up politics. What they say is “get the f… out of here.” Is this a realistic demand from a person who has an overwhelming public support in our polity? And they throw the ball of the responsibility of protecting the SLFP into MR’s court and ask him to quit for the well-being of the party. Why and for what…and for who’s benefit? For Siripala goiya? Dilan? It is not for the benefit of the country or the people for sure? If they really want to know what is best for the party, isn’t that bringing MR back into SLFP driving seat is the best thing one can do to the party and gather all layers of mass support into SLFP?

  44. Geeth Says:

    What SLFP central committee is doing to MR is not politics dear, this is murder. Therefore, country cannot wait until if someone dies. And those who are planning to see ‘if someone dies’ scenario actually is planning to get rid of MR. I can never think of any leader in our history had such threat to their life like MR has. He must be very very careful not only by being watchful for conventional ways of political assassination methods, but also unconventional ones-such as giving him scientifically/technologically modified substances or viruses such as cancer creating viruses. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez’s death some believe was orchestrated that way.

    Lorenzo you say…“Politics is only one side of the thing. We cannot save Shivendra. S and others by your method. MR needs a plan that saves himself, the party, war heroes and the country.”

    The decision that MR has taken to contest is the plan to save the country Lorenzo. Not following the dictates of MY3. Now if SLFP wants to save the party still they have time to invite MR back into the party to lead it to victory. What you have to do now Lorenzo, is not advising MR how to save the party and country, but to divert that entire advisory package into the court of MY3. He must come down to reality.

    There are times in our history that demands us to take firm decisions that create conditions for epochal changes. One such decision was Konappu Bandara’s decision to fight the invading Portuguese army. Like Junius Richard or Solomon Ridgeway Dias, Konappu Bandara also had a Portuguese name and it was Don João da Austria.

    He attacked the invading enemy at Danture (1594) and defeated them. Not only that, he raped the princes Don Catharine, (Kusumasanadeviya) in the middle of the battlefield, and married her. Constantine De Sa, the commander of Portuguese army’s head was lost and could not even find. The sward of De Sa was there until very resent times. Portuguese never been able to overcome that humiliating defeat and never been able to challenge Kandy decisively after that military debacle. That changed the history of Sri Lanka. Likewise, this decision of MR must change the history this time.

  45. Geeth Says:

    Following articles are about Konappu Bandara.

  46. Fran Diaz Says:


    Does the 13-A make Tamils feel safe ?
    In my opinion, it is the one factor that enhances separation from the rest of the community of Lanka.

    I would like to address what does 13-A plus means to me. It means the integration of the Tamil people into the rest of Lanka, without feelings of separation. The 13-A is a hindrance to that happening.

  47. SA Kumar Says:

    would like to address what does 13-A plus means to me. It means the integration of the Tamil people into the rest of Lanka, without feelings of separation. – so why do not you or MR call 14A instead of 13 Plus ??
    13 plus mean = 13 + at least 0.000000001 or more
    Like MR since 1948 all Head of state of My mother Lanka fooled us from DS to MR . I hope MS won’t do this childes play it cost us 200,000 life of our own brothers & Sisters in all community , enough Lord Bhudda Please give us peace in this Lanka forever !!!!

    for this simple problem We have simple man (kirama sevaka) hope He will solve before 2020 !!!

  48. Lorenzo Says:


    The historical narrative you made is disgusting! It is totally against Buddhist principles. Battle is ok but rape is not. If you LINK the two we pander into what Hilarious Clitoris (when she was the US state secretary) said about SL.

    SL should not fall into the level of Endia the rape capital of the world.

    IF MR is serious about fighting the INVADERS he should say something about 13 amendment. The result of Endian invasion.

    Looks like MR is THREATENING to contest alone but doesn’t actually plans to do so. Now My3 has FINALLY AGREED to give MR nominations from the SLFP. But he can trick him. At the last moment he can refuse it and MR will lose all chances. Or My3 might give MR nominations and get the whole SLFP nominations from that district cancelled. If the 2 can TRUST each other most problems will be over.

  49. Fran Diaz Says:

    The 13-A is a piece of legislation which is ILLEGAL as it was imposed on Lanka under Duress during JRJs time. I remember tha time well in Lanka. People called JRJ a Dictator when he was FORCED to implement it by Indian Envoy J.N. Dixit. What purpose has this piece of legislation served the Tamil people so far ? It has brought war and misery as far as I can see.
    Go beyond it, Kumar.

  50. Geeth Says:

    Come on Lorenzo, don’t take it too personal.

    The story is not my narration Lorenzo. Whether we like it or not, it is the history. When we refer history, we have no right to alter it to fit into our taste and moralities. Don Catherine came to Kandy arrogantly with Portuguese army not to play marbles but to overthrow Konappu Bandara and to take over the throne and create a vassal state in Sri Lanka with the help of Portuguese military, like My3’s thinks to keep India and RAW in his side.

    And she was the legitimate heir to the throne of Sri Lanka. After the routing of entire invading Portuguese army, this incident of raping occurred. Think of a power hungry arrogant westernized young female. Although it is disgusting to you, actually that act of Konappu was a historical necessity at that point of history, because Konappu Bandara had to take this female in order for him to legitimize his right to the throne. If he failed at that crucial point of history, Sri Lanka would have become a Catholic nation in the Indian ocean like Cuba or and other Latin American country. Comparing to the heroic service of Konappu Bandara, this raping of the invading treacherous queen (who came with a foreign army) and getting married to her is very reasonable thing without doing typically what Portuguese did in similar situations, throwing her into the midst of foot soldiers to rape.

    And don’t forget, Don-Catherine even after becoming the queen of Wimaladharamasooriya (Konappu Bandara) and converting into Buddhism, still secretly practiced Catholicism. She was completely westernized person like Chandrika.

    I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings Lorenzo, and I didn’t mean it. By the way I still assume your username is a fake one. So don’t ever think that I ever suspect you have any relationship whatsoever with Portuguese.

  51. Sirih Says:

    @Kumar, Hope you understand the complexities at work in SL when you ask for 13 or 13+

    Let me elaborate, For a start Sinhalese or any one with little bit of common sense will NOT want any local council to have land or police powers. At the rate our politicians that plunder our civic resources do you want further dilution of central control to periphery ?
    Hope you think about this carefully.

    Second point is not legal it is about One country and One people and Tamils need to understand and work with their Sinhalese brothers for the betterment for the people and not to get tangle with foreign powers for their own geo political reasons. Do you really think west or india care about Tamils? I don’t think so.
    We went to school with Tamils, we play with them and I used to speak good Tamil when I was young ( now with so many languages I am lost) and why are you asking exclusive tamil land?
    You know it will never happen and this idea will keep wounds open and more bloodshed to come..
    Is this what you want?

  52. SA Kumar Says:

    Shall We copy Indian system ( almost similar to 13A) because ours system did not work since 1948 lost 200,000 life & 800,000 left the country.

    Fran Diaz
    13A It has brought war and misery as far as I can see – NO wrong We never put into practice (not implemented yet) also VP do not want to implement as he want only TE .

    Fully implimendation of 13A & 16A is best solution to us other wise we will loose part of Mother Lanka( NPC) to India soon as We do not have our mad man VP any more with us so We will not able to kick out 2nd batch of IPKF If they land in Mother Lanka.

  53. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say 13- not implemented ? Why is there a Northern PC then ? Why is there a Chief Minister then ?
    Both these entities have already done much harm to the Tamil people. The PC has not used the GoSL monies allocated for the purpose of uplifting the Tamils of the North. This piece of mischief obviously to show some Beggars Wounds to foreigners that the Tamils of the North are neglected and suffeirng !
    The Chief Minister’s latest utterance is that there is Genocide of Tamils !
    So much for the 13-A.

    Mr Modi’s vision for India is similar to MR’s vision for Lanka. To move ahead under a unitary state, vote for MR.

    It is pointless arguing on this topic with you, Kumar. You have a Eelam or Federal State type mind set. I have a Unitary State of Lanka mindset. The two cannot meet.

  54. Ratanapala Says:

    Even in 1956 SWRD B contested under Philip Gunawardene’s MEP and won, because people voted for Bandaranike. Therefore the name SLFP is not crucial. Even in 2005 and 2010 it was UPFA and not SLFP that won because people voted for Rajapakse. In 2015 election some people voted for Rajapakse and others voted for anybody but Rajapakse. They did not vote for Aiyo Sirisena.

    I listened to an interview given by MIA to Channel 4. She said the Tamils didn’t know who Sirisena is; they just voted to oust Rajapakse from power. Most of the Christians, the racist Tamils, the Jihadist Muslims together with die hard UNPers voted to oust Mahinda Rajapakse.

    Therefor it is clear that people will vote for Mahinda Rajapakse regardless of from which party he contests. Moreover this too is a good opportunity to get rid of the scum and grit who surrounded him.

  55. SA Kumar Says:

    we are divided community unitry will lead to separation
    only united will work like in India !
    united will lead to unitry but forcing or artificial unitry will lead to separation or other big brother will take over .
    Modi already smile our blood now he will after Thallai Mannar to Sampur as soin as gas or oil found in mannar IPKF 2nd batch will move into NPC.

    NPC only start to faction after MS elected befire that was iur for general control . wait & see 5 more years 2020 you will see difirent all muslim & sinhala people will back japanaya and will visit sinhala bakery & muslim tailer shop in jaffana town soon !

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