Why Sinhela Electorate Should Initiate Regime Change in Sri Lanka.
Posted on March 20th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

May I thank all those who expressed kind supportive words in LankaWeb!

Just to clarify, I neither hold any voting rights in Sri Lanka nor financially motivatted to support genuine political leadership in Sri Lanka. I am only an independent subscriber to LankaWeb.

I am passionately supporting the following vital pre-conditions-;

1: Unitary Sovereign Independent Non-aligned State of Sri Lanka.

2: No to 13A.

3: Sinhala as the ONLY State language with English as Vital secondary.

4: National Anthem – Only in Sinhala.

5: Retract decision to allow entry of Proscribed LTTE supporters to Sri Lanka.

6: Protect National Heritage – Buddhism as State Religion with Freedom of Worship to other religious followers.

7: Invest in minimum one million Southern Sinhala to relocate in N & E.

8: Make Jaffna / Trincomalee High Security Zones.

9: High Transparency to Combat Cronyism & Corruption, with Strict Legal Enforcement.

10: Sri Lanka National Flag. The Lion stays!

The current My3+RW+CBK strategy seems to be driving towards creating Unrest using Tamil Terrorist LTTE resurgence, in order to Divide & Rule, as done before, enriching a few but killing a many!

Maldives – The New ISIS Caliphate in Indian Ocean?

Maldives – Similar situation to be avoided in Sri Lanka. But by Whose Leadership? There is neither Leadership nor Motivation!


May I implore all Patriotic Sinhala Voters to Support Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Ministerial Candidate, irrespective of Party allegiance.

This is Not a matter of Political Party, but of National Importance!

As promised by Sirisena Campaign, the Executive Powers are transferred to the Parliament

MR might consider appointing Gothabaya Rajapaksa as Minister of Internal Security, if the Ministry of Defense remains under the President as the C-i-C, and if Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka remains undecided.

Are the latest “honey-pot” to elevate General to Field Marshall, a political ploy, simple attempt to control feelings of Sarath Fonseka?

Chinese government is allowed to continue with the development of the New Port City but without the Right-of-Ownership of any Sovereign Property.

However, SLG may negotiate a favourable long lease of tenure to Chinese government.

Having any foreign ownership of Sri Lanka land or assets, in perpetuity should be legally banned, including residential or commercial property.

Non-Sri Lankan citizens may enjoy a Ninety Nine (99) Year Lease of Sri Lankan property. This will prevent abuse of ownership as well as high inflation of the Real Estate.

The above condition applies in UAE and it has not prevented investment.

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11 Responses to “Why Sinhela Electorate Should Initiate Regime Change in Sri Lanka.”

  1. lokubanda Says:

    Great Job, Professor. There’ll be many to join you in this endeavour.

  2. Naram Says:

    Thanks Professor, succinct and direct message to voter. Voter would not stand for another round of post CFA style extra judicial killings.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    With you Prof in all you state above, except for the State religion bit. Religion & State do not mix well.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, a Question :
    Why is the new illegal govt allowing proven Criminal Types back into the country ?

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Prof McLean, You have voiced very clearly what I had in mind. Furthermore instead of writing long essays which no one has time to read you have put in point form the most important things that need to be done. MR made two bad mistakes. One was to hold the elections when he did the other was to hand over the leadership of SLFP to My3 on a platter. I sincerely hope he can make a come back otherwise I see no hope for Sri Lanka. I also agree with Fran Diaz that there should be separation between State and religion. We can see the great damage done by BBS, Ven. Sobitha and Ven. Rathana. They should not try to interfere in subjects that they are not conversant. One of the changes they should do in electoral reform should be to lay down minimum criteria for a person to be acceptable as a nominee for politics as in Singapore. There to be a Mininister you need a Ph.D. MR should do what Lee Kuan Yew did in Singapore to develop the country.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Reminiscent of an old joke:-

    Long years ago, when Marshall Tito came to Kandy, during the Summit meeting, Many IMPORTANT people of Kandy were invited to felicitate the VIPs. One was the Proprietor of MARSHALL GARAGE, that was situated near the Mosque. At the meeting, Marshall Tito introduced himself to This proprietor of the Garage amongst others.*** IAM MARSHALL TITO, and stretched his hand, the proprietor immediately shook his hand and said**Iam Garage Marshall**
    Marshall Tito asked, WHAT MARSHALL ARE YOU ? and he repeated GARAGE MARSHALL.

    TITOs thoughts, …..He must be a bigger Marshall than me, Eh ?

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SA K !!! NO. These were known as summit jokes. One More:- Summit VIPs met at a BIG hotel in Colombo. Gaddafi was walking down the lobby isle, when he accidentally bumped into the Postal Peon who became an MP, M.S. Themis. This MP was a small made guy, and Gadaffi was Hefty. Gaddafi lifted him up, and introduced himself. He said***Iam Mohammed Gadaffi, and stretched his hand. This Themis, shook his hand and said, Iam Themis, PAL PATH KADAAPI.

    Themis as a Colombo MP, went about breaking the poor slum dwellers PAL PATH, to do a clean up of the city. He was known to the slum dwellers as PAL PATH KADAAPI.

  8. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Looking at the unwanted comments of the joker who calls himself SA Kumar and chips in with his meaningless two cent rhetoric perhaps its high time comments were first reviewed for eligibility to be posted so that offensive content could be filtered and rejected.
    While Most of the comments are of the Jackass type and laughable some of them could be interpreted as inflammatory!

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    EXCELLENT points list!

    BUT who is going to do these? NO ONE! My3 will NEVER do these. UNP will NEVER do these. MR will NEVER do these.

    Then how to get these done?

    The ONLY way is a MILITARY TAKEOVER. People + the military should do a REGIME CHANGE. Suspend the constitution and have a NEW constitution with all these. Learn a lesson from TINY MALDIVES.

  10. Independent Says:

    Military is a mess at the moment with corrupt idiots mixed up with frustrated patriots. Navy is worse. I have no knowledge of air force.

  11. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Agree with you. NOBODY will do. Then, we are back to what you and I suggested long time back. MT.

    SA K !!! Don’t worry about the JACKASS who calls himself Mah attaya. IGNORE.

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