Drifting without a leadership?
Posted on April 1st, 2015

By Gomin Dayasri

Happenings around are unenviable: zany events unfold in rapid succession; voters are bewildered, skeptical, disoriented. Worse- democracy is not standing tall, as desired.  Corrupt practices remain alive and made sophisticated. Are we drifting aimlessly without a leadership? Loosing moorings is sailing towards a sunset unknown.
Time is insufficient to ponder. Corruption is endemic and was deemed inevitable during the last regime;present government has made it conclusive.In Parliament, the UPFA holds a disturbed and divided majority. Girls, boys and the monks in saffron hold on to their legislative seats,feeling a shade unsafe and insecure. At the SLFP, movement is away from their ancestral home at Darley Road taking the Southern Highway bound to Carlton House.

Events move rapidly, too fast to reflect. A new prime minister is sworn and rolls out a Cabinet without a proper head count taken in Parliament. Bluff works– posted in office as PM- without a majority-cause of many a problem at present that leads to short circuited compromises. Out of confusion comes a box of assorted biscuits of Cabinet size with the President’s men of varied political affiliations and a roll call of UNP MPs neatly packed.

The JHU – for ever enjoying Cabinet perks lashes out forgetful of collective responsibility in their stays in the UPFA and UNP Cabinets but will not jettison the accompanying privileges. Yet tolerated to retain a parliamentary majority. No cause to panic for the JHU as Rajapaksa’s scavenging services will pick any muck left in any dustbin. The JHU least follows the scripture they preach as such is religious bigotry.

President Sirisena is installed as the undisputed President of the SLFP, by virtue, acquires the UPFA. The title of the Leader of the Opposition is doled to a senior SLFP parliamentarian prepared to accept any office on offer.Parliament is made to look an orchestrated home and home match. People watch the unfolding events on TV at home in the evenings – bemused and baffled.

Let’s move the cameras along the constitutional route to Hultsdorf – where a chief justice is edged out without a damn for the constitutional process: another takes oath in between an interlude of a ceremonial send off given to one sent off unceremoniously on a majority vote in Parliament that included the vote of the present president. The ousted lady on return is not given time to bask in the glory of office under lights at an event that does not amount to a day/night match as she was sent home after a morning service without an invitation for dinner. She reveled in her a moment of grandeur without realising it was an event to satisfy the aspirations of local politics at the Bar Association,that never insisted on her continuity. the May Queen rides around the Maypole for a day. In our former chief justice’s case it was reduced to hours. She truly deserves better treatment, as she was a knowledgeable judge.

The out-going Chief Justice Mohan Pieris who was equally learned, is given the opportunity to have this event treated as a precedent, when his day of reckoning comes. We may have a replay of a farce enacted in the Supreme Court before helpless lordships and ladyships are sent to the parade ground in their velvet gowns.

 It is becoming fashionable to boot chief justices out of office:in a sense it is justice if the appointments are made with political colourations. A word of praise for the present incumbent for his clean antecedents provided he does not foul his record, as did most of his recent predecessors, by falling on the knees of one or more of the executive presidents or presidential candidates. The shame, sadly, is transferred to the venerable Supreme Court.

Lo and behold a National Government is in place, plugged along with a part of a fading Opposition, before monk Sobhita could tie blessed white strings around undeserving wrists as the guardian of the government.

The UNP weds the SLFP to stand together for 100 days to conjure a new constitution. Politicians are actors of many parts but the ongoing show may not last long.Along comes the Ratnapura road show weaning MPs to Mahinda Rajapaksa; make the numbers in the SLFP outfit in the National Government look embarrassingly perilous; but the Rajapaksa regiments are irrational if they think victory is around the corner.

The mind of a simple voter cannot grapple with a bizarre situation where confusion is well founded.Which way is he to turn?

Government seems secure due to latent support of Uncle Sam and Mother India while Brother Wigneswaran provides a monolithic northern vote. The threesome would not desire a regime change, however, silly the government acts, as their vested interests need protection. It is on this tripod Sirisena sleeps soundly at night. It is an Indian- America carrying the name Athul Keshup, appointed as US Ambassador to Sri Lanka who had previously held the same post in New Delhi: following the footsteps of Ambassador Roberto O’ Blake who was in India previously as US ambassador. Did he not pussyfoot the LTTE?This message makes it obvious where US loyalties are firmly laid- India. And it is over represented in Sri Lanka.

Foreign interventions alone cannot reverse voting trends as much as the old guard of the SLFP does not prop a national government. It is the common man on the home soil that matters.

True, no Indian Prime Minister visited Sri Lanka under the Rajapaksa regime. Would Modi have dared to utter the things he did on Sri Lankan soil on domestic matters in times of Mahinda Rajapaksa? Diplomatically it would have been preferable for India if Modi stayed at home instead of leaving damaging imprints on Sri Lankan soil; he spoke words too many to make him a unwelcome guest.

President Sirisena too has lately developed a wander thirst carrying increasing minstrels with him on overseas sojourns (though not as sprawling as the retinues Rajapaksa weighted) fortunately on commercial flights. Travelling in luxury cabins is an infectious habit that hurts when it is not there for the asking. Ask any former foreign minister how they brave the loss of their air-borne luxury? They travel less with their unused free-fly miles.

Is there a likelihood of a comeback trail for Rajapaksa?  Improbable if he brings back the same old team of corrupt palace guards as the workhorses. Neither do they work hard nor do their work look tidy, as misdeeds have circulated in the public domain. The Rajapaksa lapse was to allow them to free wheel and not probe the dirt in his backyard. His forte is public relations: his failing is in not attending to his homework – failure that dates back to the days he carried his books in a satchel.

In a short spam in adversity, he is unlikely to find fresh faces that will help him to obtain the needed face-lift. He appears to have no alternative but turn to his familiar ugly faces. Youth, the emerging vote base, does not tolerate impropriety with a vote in hand.  If he emerges again, it is more on the governments’ negatives rather than on Rajapaksa’s positives.

For sure, the UNP/SLFP combine makes Rajapaksa stronger. And he has damaged the SLFP collaborators in the UNP Cabinet to the point of extinction in politics; if they stayed there too long.

Politics have queer twists. A strong candidate for the Colombo District is the former Defense Secretary Gothabhaya Rajapaksa. His proven track record in eliminating terrorism and uplifting urban development makes him a thoroughbred. He is an achiever – bu it works to his disadvantage. Was his entry into politics not welcomed by the ringmasters in Colombo of the Mahinda Rajapaksa circus? Why are Colombo’s UPFA high-fliers likely to leave its top vote getter out in the cold? Small timers carry still smaller minds. Being prime candidates of the Colombo District the ringmasters could not crack their whip and would pale into insignificance when the votes are counted if Gothabhaya Rajapaksa slots the number No 1 position in the result sheet and carries an overwhelming majority.If Gothabhaya Rajapaksa hailed from the Hambantota District, his presence would have been warmly welcomed.

Wherein lies the failure of the government? It’s more to do with Sirisena carrying an image of a split personality: wanting to bow to the UNP for gratitude for providing him the vote and veering to the SLFP to strengthen his office. Sirisena chewed both and became numb. It takes time for the voters to watch two households merge at floor level. The general elections are too close for such comforts to get lodged.

Ranil became PM in a constitutional coup without working the arithmetic in Parliament. In peril he agreed to a national government. It has become a fire escape for SLFP members to justify a trek to Medamulana. and the Cabinet might increase its numbers to prevent the outflow. The  first to join will be the last to leave;most will leave. The JVP is sure to increase their miniscule vote base for keeping to its principles. How many people vote on principles?
Ranil Wickremasinghe and the UNP on their own was the strongest combine to defeat Rajapaksa and the UPFA and had the prowess to capture office, if Sirisena could. Both lacked confidence in assessing their strengths and potential. Not for the first time, the national government is in trouble; it’s becoming weaker.If not for Sirisena’s victory, many of the SLFP MPs would have made UNP their home of long stay voluntarily, that is if Wickremasinghe triumphed, like the former members of the UNP that made the crossing. Sirisena oscillates between two political parties and becomes a sacrifice between a hound and fox in the hunt for office.

– See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/67971/drifting-without-a-leadership#sthash.IhUFOGuJ.q9cgQ0Zx.dpuf

20 Responses to “Drifting without a leadership?”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Emperor is not drifting. Indian Imperialists are doing their job perfectly. Jai hind.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    If Mahinda is to contest from a separate party the best mathematical combination is:

    Namal to contest from Hambantota
    Mahinda from Gampaha
    Gotabhaya from Kurunegala
    Shashindra from Monaragala
    Wimal and Udaya from Colombo
    Vidura Wickramanaya from Kalutara
    Vasudeva from Ratnapura

    They can also win seats in Galle, Matara, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts. To make the most, all districts should be contested including the north and the east.

    Kurunegala has the highest number of war hero families so it makes sense for Gotabhaya to contest there. Gampaha is the forgotten district of the Rajapaksa regime. The single most influential district. Giving it the regard it deserves by Mahinda goes a long way.

    However, to make their comeback, radical changes must be made to their policies and promises. A strong stand against 19A and 13A, the promise to abolish (emphasised) executive presidency, stop all privatisation attempts, stop attempts to reduce the public sector, ensure national security and relief to common man must top the agenda.


    Christie, Namaste Gumasta. Explain to me what is Namaste? I will explain what is “Guemasta is” In Sinhala GUE is shit masta means Christi is NOT SHIT. He is only allowed to write one sentence by his kappan karaya.

    1. One of the most intriguing habits of GOMIN DAYASIRI is NOT REPLYING to his critiques. After writing a lengthy article I feel obliged to tickle few paid comment writers to respond. Let’s start with what Srisena President and his wife did on MAHA SHIVER RAATHREE! They were made to say the following and run round the Khali Kovilla by the KAKACHE. Saying ADTHA-WADANE, HARRO HARRARA, ADTHA-WADNE HARROHARA. Srisena’s wife was lift her secret until her under where was to be seen. So was the Srisena President, he had to lift the sarong up to the point his under where should be seen. No news men or cameras were allowed. When in side the KOVILA Sirisena President’s wife’s breasts were rubbed with HOLY OIL by the KAKACHI. (I get these from clandestine web sites and floating e-mails.)

    2. Gomin avoided vital names and events that pushed this illegal government to take over the country, the constitution and the Legal system. IF GOMIN stated about the HA, HA, HAARR.. Election commissioner then he will get DEATH THREATS. and they are not just threats but they are real. Gomin fully well knows that this disgraceful Former JVP Murderer Mahinda (that was given to him by OBAMA Adminstration in 2007) Dashapreyaya. (Even that was given to him at the training session he had at the US State department in 2007) is writing his own constitution. One might ask who, when where etc., There are 58 Tamil’s from US “TAMILS for OBAMA” now at the ELECTIONS department. There are two rings of heavily armed Militia guards the elections department. WHO pays for this? OBAMA WHITE HOUSE! I wrote an article about how the computer was stopped three time to get a 90% of Killinochchi voters. (Please refer to it on Lanka web)

    3. CBK is not mentioned in the article! If he did a death threat will come by a heart beat. I do not know why GOMIN got SOBITHAYA on to the article he is good as dead. He is an OPIUM addict and cannot get out of the bed. If not he will be giving weekly news conferences. CBK has a new title “President Elect” which means that if Ranil is dead CBK is next in line to became the president and not Srisena President. This why Srisena President said addressing a Youth counsel that there is a death threat on him and continued say that SWRD had similar problems as he has. What he forgot to tell was that SWRD was elected to that position by then constitution and Sirsena president was not.

    4. What very many do not know is that RANIL suffers from DEMENTIA and he takes pain killer shots every day. He has taken psychiatric treatment in LONDON. Sri Lanka is an holy land and one who harms her the consequences are lethal. will’ I will quote from Matthew 13:10-13 Gives the fullest expression, reveling the purpose of the parable , yet hiding it with Paradox: And the disciples came, and said unto him, why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them. because it is given unto you know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. Therefore speak I to them in parables : because they seeing see not: and hearing they hear not. neither do they understand.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Please stop spreading total BS.

    1. Gomin is a TOP patriot.
    2. I don’t think Pushpa Sirisena’s whatever suffered that fate.

    Others are true.

  5. nilwala Says:

    Among the remarks in this essay by GominD, he states:
    “Let’s move…..along the constitutional route to Hultsdorf – where a chief justice is edged out without a damn for the constitutional process:…… The ousted lady on return…… “, thus focusing on CJ Shirani Bandaranayake.

    In an Address to the President, (then Mahinda Rajapakse) dated January 11, 2013, as required by the Constitution, The Report of the Parliamentary Committee on the removal of CJ Shirani Bandaranayake was transmitted by the Speaker as “having been passed appropriately with 155 votes in favour and 40 against in accordance with Constitution 1/17(2) of the Constitution”.
    That Constitutional procedures had been followed was clearly set out in that address.

    Neville Ladduwahetty, in a Feature article titled “Removal of a Chief Justice from Office” published in The Island (March 4, 2015), discussed this issue wherein he explained that AS FAR AS CONSTITUTIONAL PROCEDURES WERE CONCERNED, THEY HAD ALL BEEN CORRECTLY FOLLOWED.
    Please see: http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=120601

    GOMIN – OVER TO YOU to clarify why you think she was ” edged out without a damn for the constitutional process” !

  6. Kumari Says:

    I believe the time after Jan 8th is an eye opener for the SL voter. Now we appreciate MR even more. The B&C (Bribery & Corruption) allegations should have been proved if there was any basis. I agree with Dilrook’s suggestions. Simply because the West wants to divide the island, we should not distance other communities. MR should contest in all electorates. After all we are one country, one UNITED COUNTRY. My country include Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and all other ethnicities plus Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all other religions.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    If Mahinda is to contest from a separate party the best mathematical combination is:
    what about …. is this not in Mother Lanka ?
    Japanaya ?

  8. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Thanks Lankaputhra, Since 1956 most of our governments are Indian sponsored. We had few brakes with Dudley, Sir John, partly with Sirima and Mahinda 2005-2015. Now we have Chandrika the Governor, Ranil the Kankani and Sirisena the Coolie. Jai Hind

  9. nilwala Says:

    Please let me know:
    Why is my comment still under moderation? Tx!

  10. Raj Says:

    Please give us the link of your article on ‘Kilinochci results etc..I can’t find your name ‘Lankaputhra’ on contributors list. Thanks

  11. SenaD Says:

    nilwala Says:
    April 2nd, 2015 at 12:14 am
    “GOMIN – OVER TO YOU to clarify why you think she was ” edged out without a damn for the constitutional process” !”

    I agree with you completely; had it been said that her removal was politically motivated, it could be an acceptable view, but to say that the constitutional process was not followed is incorrect.

    If it is argued that the constitutional process specified in the constitution does not provide fairness to the individual being impeached or even said that the process is flowed such statements would have some merit.

    But, the process that is laid down in the constitution was followed.

    Contrast that with what the new president did!


    Raj, search GOMIN’s article “Musical Chairs” and look in the comments column. I do not know why my published articles does not get archived.

    1. SA KUMAR (HELA DEMALA, I did not say this you said it). If MR contests IT MUST BE FROM Killinochchiya. Who is going to monitor ballot box stuffing and computerized results manipulation? I totally agree with all the writers that MR administration was totally corrupt. He did not know how to clean it up. One example is the fight between Vass Gunawardena and Dr. Norris at the hotel. He should have fired Vass as soon as he got back and stripped him of all privileges. He was totally occupied with OBAMA attempting to discourage INDIAN investment. 20013 OBAMA tried directly and indirectly to stop the INDIAN company restarting the YAYAL DAVI and extending up to point Pedro. 2010 OBAMA tried to stop a bridge that MR built in Jaffna so the travel time did not include a boat ride. AT THAT TIME TAMILS FOR OBAMA had him controlled. OBAMA tried to bomb the railway track twice the INDIAN company detected the bombs and defused them. Obama now wants to stop the Sampure Coal fired electricity plant stopped and Ranil has agreed to it, but INDIA waned him not to stop it.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    20013 OBAMA tried directly and indirectly to stop the INDIAN company restarting the YAYAL DAVI and extending up to point Pedro.- Does Mr Obama know where Yaldevi run or what is Yaldevi plan or ship ?
    why all these imagination ???

    Mother Lanka already divided in your all sinhales mind long long time before eg: when you kicked out us 1983 in south you said “yanavawo yanda Japanayada omba para demilaya ”
    now time to unite solution is fully implement 13A ( Whan We-Tamil to know declare TE that is different mater)

    Hela Demilaya ( Eelath Thamilan)

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    I’m not talking for the moderator but when you add a web link, it automatically goes to moderation. My experience. The moderator of any website visits it once or twice a day MAX. Until then it will be “awaiting moderation”.

    Thanks for the link.

  15. NAK Says:

    What Gomin says “where a chief justice is edged out without a damn for the constitutional process” he means the removal of Mohan peiris.
    The relevant question though is why did Shirani Bandaranayake agree to retire just one day in office when she refused all that were offered to her by MR government before impeaching her.

  16. . Says:

    Comments posted by Sena D and Nilwala

    The reference they have quoted is not to Shirani Bandaranaike.

    It relates to Mohan Pieris


  17. nilwala Says:

    1. Thanks Gomin for clarifying that. What you had stated left room for misunderstanding.

    2. Thanks Lorenzo for that tip re any ‘Links’ included being sent for Moderation.
    By the way, this writer is NOT Neville!!

  18. SenaD Says:

    . Says:
    April 3rd, 2015 at 2:56 pm
    “The reference they have quoted is not to Shirani Bandaranaike.”

    I offer my sincere apology for my mistake on the subject.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    I don’t believe in astrology. But MOST SLs believe in it.

    Popular astrologer Indika Thotawatta says MR will NEVER become PM or president again. He also says NO other Rajapaksha will be PM or president ever again.

    He was one of the few astrologers to predict the 2015 PE result.

    His “predictions” are ELECTION PROPAGANDA. He is campaigning for Run-nil. That is all. NO ONE can predict the future!! Don’t believe in this BS but be careful HOW they use stupid people to do election campaigns using astrology.


    Lorenzo, Do you believe the person who signed as Gomin Dayasiri is real? I don’t think so. I hope you are satisfied with my answer why I don’t use my name.

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