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The USA, the key mover of the UNHCR Resolution seeking investigation into the crimes said to have committed during the last phase of the war 2009 –based on speculative and questionable reports- is sending a high level representative to Sri Lanka for discussions on foreign relations and of course Sri Lanka’s domestic issues such as good governance etc at a time when the US city, Baltimore is gripped by riots in response to the death of Freddie  Gray an Afro-American young man of 25 years old ‘while in the Police custody ‘ From the Cincinati riots in 1829 to date there had been more than 100 incidents of racial violence in the USA cities on account of entrenched racism and discrimination towards mainly the Afro-Americans.

From 2009 when the police officer Johnnes Mahserie shot a black transit passenger, Oscar Grant in Oakland, California and was found to be guilty of involuntary manslaughter there were at least 5 serious racially motivated riots culminating in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in Aug 2014 again leading to race-based mass violence.

In fact, President, Obama admitted the seriousness of the prevailing lop sided situation when discussing the Baltimore incidents he said  America needs to some soul searching to break the cycle of the clashes between police and the communities they serve” , He added ‘ America needs to get serious about lifting up the impoverished communities, to help alleviate the tension that simmers under the surface and breaks through during confrontation with the law enforcement. He said that the deeper problem is a lack of education opportunities for many kids and a criminal justice system that is a pipeline from schools to prisons” The Senate

Minority Leader, Harry Reid called his congressional colleagues to help lift the communities stuck in poverty. He said We should not let the violence perpetrated by a few to become an excuse and ignore the underlying problems: that millions of Americans feel powerless in the face of a system that is rigged against them”

The statements glaringly exposes the under belly of the USA , the wealthiest nation which often attempts to market democratic ideals to the world either thro soft and crafty diplomacy or by armed intervention.

In Baltimore, after three days of rioting it is reported that there were 144 fires involving 144 vehicles and 15 structures. The Police had arrested 235 people including 34 juveniles. At least 20 police officers were injured. The riots and civil disobedience are spreading to more US cities as a mark of protesting against the discriminatory acts on the part of law enforcing authorities.

Among the issues identified by the social scientists regarding racial riots in the USA are

US society is built on the oppression of people of dark skinned communities, creation of an under-class among the vast majority of Afro-Americans, incarceration rates, law enforcement repressions facing Afro-Americans,. The situation is made worse by the big number of military veterans in the police department. At an interview with Maryland’s Democratic , Elijah Cummings on CNN. He said” we’ve really got to look at our police department..

these people have to live in the communities ..or there’s a lack of emotional involvement.

We love our veterans but, some of them are coming back from war, they don’t know the communities ,and they are ready to do battle.’ Further. The corrupt police officers especially ones with links to drug trade  have been found to be unsuitable for upholding  the law and order.

According to a widely published report in 2014 by Pro-Publica concluded that young black males are 21 times likely to get gated by the Police than their white counterparts. 1217 deadly police shootings captured in Federal records show that blacks aged 15-19 were killed at a rate of 31.17%  per million while just 1.47% per million white males killed. The high prisoner population in the USA is another feature which indicates that the  criminal justice system is not serving its purpose. Even though USA is having only 5% of the world’s population, it has little over 20% of the world’s prisoner population with nearly 65% being the blacks.

The US system is dehumanizing its own people according to a pastor who is working with the people in Baltimore to win the confidence of the Afro-Americans.

While treating the unenviable domestic oppression with benign neglect, the USA is carrying on aerial bombardment in Iraq to protect civilians and their democratic rights, as they claimed when they directly and indirectly engaged in war in Afghanistan, Sudan. Syria, Libya ,Somalia and others. It is indeed ironical to read the US statement issued on religious freedom in Sri Lanka while Baltimore is burning.







  1. Sarath W Says:

    Tamils must be really dumb to believe this two faced Mr Right. When it is obvious the Yanks still believe their black citizens are trash, how can the Tamils believe the Yanks love them? The Yanks, The Poms and the Canadians only want Tamil votes and LTTE money for their political campaigns. It is sad our president MY3 took their bait and became a traitor.

  2. Daya Says:

    I don’t know how useful it is to assume that all “Yanks” are the same. This is what Kerry said during the Vietnam War when he was on 27 years old:

    Obviously, once he’s part of the American government he’s not a free agent any more, but his basic understanding of complexities will remain, together with a certain system of values.

  3. Christie Says:

    Namaste: India is a good place. They don’t kill blacks. They kill low caste and untouchables. For Indians, Indian colonial parasites and vermin everyone else is an untouchable that include Kerry and Obama. Jai Hind

  4. Christie Says:

    මම ඔබට ගරු කරමි

  5. Chancy Says:

    Well said, Ranjith! They need to take care of their backyard before they try to teach Sri Lankans about human rights. Kerry’s remarks were condescending to say the least. He is trying to give us lessons on Democracy, Judiciary and religious freedom!

  6. ranjit Says:

    Sarath W your every word is true my dear. These American,British hypocrits don’t come here because they love us but to destroy our freedom and unity. I cannot understand why our stupids do not understand their evil motives? These three idiots came to power not by the ballot but by a coup which all knows in this country so why not we vote them out before they breaks our land in to pieces like Sudan. Arguments and lectures are useless just rally round to get them out as soon as possible. Just look around and see what is happening to our country? People do not have money,No jobs,No development work going on, Forces were removed from restricted areas in the North,Lands were given back, Wild sanctuaries has been destroyed to built houses for Muslims etc. Arresting and intimidating Govt servants and Opposition politicians and spread lies and lies thru their media outlets and T.V. channels. The whole country is in fear like those days. No one knows what will happen next because of this Mixed Achcharu Govt of Ranil/CBK/MS three Idiots and their cronies.

    Kerry may give a visa to Mangalaya because he is a Gay and and gays are well respected in America but not in Sri Lanka. There is no place for people like Mangalaya in Sri Lankan politics anymore.This may be his last chance because people have realized that he is a traitor to the Motherland and he will be rejected for sure.

  7. Christie Says:

    Namaste India Jai Hi

    Christie Says:

    May 3rd, 2015 at 6:01 am

    මම ඔබට ගරු කරමි

    This wan not meant to be here It was meant to be for: » අභීත සිංහලයෙකුගේ අභීත කතාවක් කලකට පසු ඇ සුන වගය්

    The people have to look at what Indian Empire is doing since 1951, that is when India was directly involved with politics in Sri Lanka. Now the US is being used by the Indian Empire.

  8. gsosbee Says:

    Man Up, John Kerry, and admit that this nation is a disgraceful shame on the fabric of mankind.

    Global Threats From USA’s fbi.

    In these reports the reader may discover exactly how the fbi engages in torture and murder with near complete anonymity and with total impunity.

    By these premises and by virtue of my extensive documentation of events referenced herein I announce that.

    the United States government as spearheaded by the fbi and other intelligence services and police authorities have criminally hijacked my life, destroyed my professional work and name which are seven difficult decades in the earning, tortured me with ungodly and unconscionable methods & technologies, attempted to murder me, engaged in innumerable and ongoing felonies against me for the past twenty five years , and have ignored all of my pleadings in the courts, in congress and in the world wide web… in my failed efforts to stop the assaults; that therefore this nation is guilty of high crimes (and as history may affirm, crimes against humanity) against me and others; furthermore, in the event of another assault from foreign or domestic liberators, the blame and responsibility for the resulting suffering, misery and deaths of our people are laid squarely and eternally on government officials of the USA. This culpability extends to all who seized my life and similarly the lives of others, all who tried to drive me to distraction and all who participated in, ignored or condoned such atrocities which in many instances they were witness to. The shame of the USA for its outrageous crimes in this era can never be purged and the names of each hideous and cowardly official is recorded for infamous posterity.


    Gross Injustices Before Our Eyes:

    fbi crimes:

    My Affidavit:


  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamils must be really dumb to believe this two faced Mr Right.- Do We-Tamils have any other alternative Sarath W?
    Since 1948 We believed our Sinhala Modayas head of states (DS to MS now MS) ?


    Ranjith Soysa, John Kerry killed innocent Vietnamies. He was to be court Marshaled. He avoided, it by contesting a congressional seat. His brother EX-Senator Bob Kerry admitted he blew up house in Vietnam which killed 20 people including a six month old baby. There is no love for SRI LANKAN people by OBAMA PUNKS. What they want is to destroy a thriving economy. Sri Lanka would have been the worlds fastest growing economy. OBAMISTS Destroyed it. And India got that slot.

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