We say sorry to Tamil people.
Posted on May 14th, 2015

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.) Ottawa, Canada

Don Suraweera:

I received this “Hello Friends” message which said “I just wanted to let you know about a great event that is organized in relation to reconciliation or ask forgiveness from the Tamil people.”  “A Great event…” you said.  That is a lot of bull, isn’t it?  It is almost sickening and makes me puke.

Come again Don Suraweera, you were not pulling my leg, were you?  If you were, then you obviously were pulling the wrong leg with that crap of yours, as it was the other leg that had jingle bells.

You said that  ,”As a Sinhala speaking  person I need to ask pardon from all Tamil people…..”  You amaze me Don Suraweera.  You are not contemplating to fall on your knees and growl at their feet to ask for pardon, are you?   That’s a bloody shame Don Suraweera, when I, as a Sinhala  Buddhist would kick the arse of every separatist Tamil Tiger, and their supporting Tamils for massacring my 32 Sinhalese Buddhist novice monks at Arantalawa, and I demand an apology from these Tamils for this ketchup blood gushing sickening killings.  When I as a Sinhala Buddhist would kick arse of every separatist Tamil Tiger  and their supporting Tamils for not apologising to the Buddhist community for when on 14 May, 1985,  for shooting and killing 120 Buddhist devotees clad in white sitting under the Sri Maha Bodhi Tree  at Anuradhapura, in meditation. The dead included children,  and they were all innocent  unarmed Buddhist folk.  That attack also wounded and maimed for life 85 other Buddhist devotees.   I say POX to all of these  serial killer Tamil terrorist bastards who pulled their Kalashnikov triggers raining bullets at my Buddhist meditators.

I, Asoka Weerasinghe, the Buddhist demand from Your  Christian Community of the Risen Lord (CRL) who are organizing an overnight Vigil on the 30th May to seek an apology from these Tamil Tigers and their separatist Tamil Diaspora for having killed innocent Sinhalese, infants, pregnant Mothers, innocent children and adults.   If your Christian evangelical johnny’s have difficulty to do so, pass this message on to the organizers of this ‘great event’ –  You are no Risen Lord Christians with bleeding hearts when you all have difficulty to recognize my innocent Sinhalese people who were killed by the separatist Tamil Tigers and their  funding supporters, then I say POX on everyone of you.   What crap are you  God fearing guys and girls up to.  I know JESUS LOVES YOU, but I, this Buddhist, certainly don’t.  I am angry and I am livid for your decision to ask for pardon from the Tamils.  My knife cut both ways not one way.  Look at my eyes, they are cartwheeling and spitting dragon fire at the disingenuous  evangelical lot in you who have ignored my Sinhala Buddhist people and  those who were killed by the Tamil Tigers for 27 years of warring for the want of their mono-ethnic, separate, Tamil racist state, Eelam.

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

Ottawa, Canada


3 Responses to “We say sorry to Tamil people.”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    I too am convinced there is nothing to apologise for, as the Sri Lankan Government and security forces had an obligation towards the people of Sri Lanka, to eliminate any type of terrorist movement that caused so much misery and destruction over the past several decades. Just like they ended the JVP terrorist activities, they have now got rid of the Tamil terrorist activities, spearheaded by the LTTE.
    Today the perpetrators of such crimes in Sri Lanka are going around demanding war crime trials for those valiant soldiers and politician who helped to defeat the LTTE and rescue over 300000 Tamil hostages as well as regain human rights for the entire nation, whether Sinhalese, Tamil Burger, Muslim or any other. We know that the LTTE committed “war” crimes and genocide of Sinhalese and Muslims in their attempt to carve out a Tamil Christian state. Therefore those who supported the LTTE or recognised them as their representative, such as the TNA and the Tiger diaspora should apologise to the Sri Lankan nation. I believe the real culprits who must face a war crimes investigation are these groups that supported the LTTE. Does this mean Karunanidi, Sampanthan, Vaiko and those like them should be investigated for LTTE war crimes?

  2. jay-ran Says:


  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    CBK has apologised twice to Tamil folk. No one has apologised to the Sinhala folk as far as I know.

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