Vision of the Ranil’s Government-Jay Deshabandu
Posted on May 15th, 2015

Jay Deshabandu

Tea planters are not getting the government certified price of 80 rupees per kilogram.  This month, we just received a payment at the rate of 60 rupees per kilogram from the tea factories in the upcountry

According to the media, the government has made it a mandate for the tea factories to buy tea leaves from tea growers at the price of 80 rupees per kilogram.  This would imply that either the factories are not heeding to the government mandate or the government is misleading the farmers and citizens at large for political gains.  We may never know!

After some investigations on my own, I found that the same is true for so called guaranteed prices for other crops!

Small tea holders are only making a meager profit per acre, which is sometimes less than one thousand rupees per acre after paying the payments and other related costs.  A farmer having a tea plantation of few acres cannot sustain his life solely on the land, never mind the tea industry.

To make the matters worse for the smallholder, the workers are demanding higher wages as they believe that the owner is making a little more money due to the government portrayed certified price on the media and that the government worker’s lowest salary per month is now over thirty thousand rupees.

The certified price for selected crops is a good measure to protect the industry and small stakeholders, but the government inability to implement it across the country is a fact that indexes to the failed part of the promises on the 100 days program.

We were promised to hold general elections immediately after the 100th- day of the new President, Prime minister and his cabinet members coming to power, but the dates for the general elections are seemed to be flying from one month to another.

The present government has no clear vision for the country except for making things easier for the pro-Prabhakaran elements and Tamil racists progressing from their grave yard to haunt and suck blood from innocent people once again.

Some of the TNA members are now allowed to remember, celebrate and honor the week of Genocide by the terrorists who have shot and killed 600 police officers who were surrendered to the LTTE, honor the terrorists that killed boarder villages in large numbers, honor the terrorists that killed its own people, honor the terrorists who killed thousands of devotees at temples and mosques, and honor the terrorists that bomb blasted school buses killing innocent school children-the list is endless!

It is the Sinhalease that suffered the most under the LTTE rule, JR rule, British rule, Portuguese rule etc., in our own history of more than two thousands of years!  We need reconciliation in multidimensions as we are a multicultural society and not a Jaffna based mono ethnic province solely for Tamils.

4 Responses to “Vision of the Ranil’s Government-Jay Deshabandu”

  1. Kumari Says:

    From the actions of Yahapalana Government all I can say is, they made falls accusations against the Rajapakse government and grabbed power to destroy the country. Best examples are 25% back tax on Corporations and Robbery at the Central Bank.

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Look at the voting in the Malay Nadu at the last Presidential election which is not different to the North and East. Get the picture? Jai Hind

  3. Christie Says:

    අම්මට පුතා දුව සැමියා අහිමි උන
    දරුනුම යුදසමය සැමවිට සිතට එන
    සිටියා එඩිතරව සතුරා හැඳිනගෙන
    ලබුනා සැමට සාමය රැකුනාය පන

    දකුනෙන් ආපු සින්හලකොල්ලෙක් හන්ඳා
    සතුරන් පරදවා ජයපිට ජය බැන්ඳා
    සාමය උදාකරමින් දියුනුව රන්ඳා
    නැවතත් පෙරට ඔහු ගතයුතු වෙයි කැන්ඳා

  4. Kumari Says:

    Christie, I endorse what you say whole heartedly. Without him, we are doomed.

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