Over 120 arrested after tense situation at Jaffna protest
Posted on May 20th, 2015

Courtesy Adaderana

At least 127 persons have been arrested in connection with the tense situation occurred near the Jaffna Court complex, this morning (20), the police said.
Police used tear gas to disperse the protesters who were behaving violently near the Court over a rape and murder of a girl in Kayts.
The tense situation arose as the suspects in the case were brought to the court, this morning.

Over 120 arrested after tense situation at Jaffna protest
Police said that some 127 protesters were arrested following the clash, which resulted in at least 4 police officers sustaining injuries.
Police have arrested nine suspects in connection with the kidnapping, rape and murder of the 18-year-old student, who was on her way to school in Punkudithivu, Jaffna.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The public needs to know the reason for this gruesome crime, who are the perpetrators, what their political backers are? We also want to know the reason for the protest a) is it in support of the victims or b) in support of those who carried out the crime?

    The above kind of reporting is not proper journalism! Reader is left is suspended animation as to what really is happening in Jaffna under Yaha Palanaya.

  2. Cerberus Says:

    The above news item is indicative of the Tamil modus operandi. The issue is the rape of the girl and murder. According to news three local men have been arrested obviously Tamils. Why should there be a riot when the suspect is brought to the courts? It is as if any excuse is enough for Tamils to have a riot. Then the police and some times army have to move in to quell the riots. I am sure this will be shown in the Western press as another instance of Sinhala police and army ill treating the Tamils.

    I am sick of the lies and cheat and deceit of the Tamils. When will this stop? MY3 is talking of reconciliation. He says the previous government did not pay enough attention to reconciliation. He is talking non-sense. What is there to reconcile? The Tamils have a beggars wound – i.e. discrimination which is not true – which they go round showing the Western diplomats who come to Sri Lanka to get their sympathy. This allows them to go as refugees. It suits the West to divide peoples. So they play their cat and mouse game to split up the country as they have done all over the world. I have listened to the Tamils griping as long as I have lived and to date I do not understand their issue. When I was growing up I know Tamils were doing everything to cheat. They would cheat exams by putting an “Om” sign on answer papers. If anyone gets into a department suddenly the whole department would fill up with Tamils. I remember at one time the Bank of Ceylon, Manager in Wellawatta was a Tamil. He gave loans to the Tamils and not to the Sinhalese.

    By screaming about discrimination they managed to get Mr. SWRD Bandaranaiyake to give Tamil National language status. Then they got President Premadasa to give Tamil Official language status. Now they are talking of Tamil genocide. I do not understand why the TNA person who said this is not arresested and thrown in jail under amendment 6A. What utter nonsense when 44% of Colombo population is Tamil. The only problem that I see is that their hearts are full of anger and hatred due to their Caste issues which has been directed at the Sinhalese who are the people who helped them the most. None of the states adjoining Tamil Nadu have given Tamil National language status or Official language status. Neither has Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Canada, Europe, or Australia. Countries such as Malaysia, Fiji have a higher % of Tamils than Sri Lanka. So why has Sri Lanka given them National and Official language status.

    In 1983 the nascent LTTE orchestrated riots by killing 13 soldiers by sniper fire in the North and about 300 poor Hindu Tamils were killed in the riots. Tamils themselves led some of the mobs. They were ready with cameras when it happened and the films were sent to Tamil ambassadors in Paris, London and Bonn who happened to be conveniently in place. They had the films on the news broadcasts within the hour. Net result was that these countries opened their doors to “refugees” who were ready and waiting to travel.

    We need to as soon as possible withdraw these language facilities. Otherwise it is a security issue for the country as more and more illegals want to come in to the country from Tamil Nadu.

  3. Nimal Says:

    I think that island was used by smugglers and even drug dealers,perhaps they may have gang raped that girl?

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