Ranil’s Gestapo Police  exposed  in Supreme Court
Posted on May 20th, 2015

H. L. D. Mahindapala

President’s Counsel, Romesh de  Silva’s brilliant analysis of the politically manipulated Police unit investigating financial crimes confirms that the My-3 regime”  has created an illegal arm of the Police  to pervert justice. His submission to the Supreme Court, has unerringly alerted the public to the Gestapo role of the  Financial Crimes Investigation Department (FCID) – the newly established Police arm of the National Executive Council (NEC) which blindly follows the orders issued by the Prime Minister without any checks to restrain his arbitrary and politically motivated decisions taken against his opponents. Counsel Romesh de Silva’s meticulous description of the FCID debunks the inflated claims on which Yahapalanaya  was marketed to the people on January 8th , 2015. His revelations blasts the political myths of the Yahapalanaya (good governance).

For instance, the FCID is empowered to summon individuals and remand them on politically motivated charges. This Police unit uses flimsy, untested evidence to remand mainly those  in the opposition. Detailing the anti-democratic characteristics of the FCID that threaten liberty and fundamental rights, Romesh de Silva told the Courts that (a)  already ten people who were summoned by the FCID have been arrested; (b) the FCID was created by a Cabinet decision on  January  15, 2015 (c) the Cabinet had no legal powers to decide on setting up a new police division (d) the Gazette notification, which contained only four paragraphs, was illegal and  was politically motivated from the inception (e) the IGP could not transfer his powers to the Cabinet of Ministers to establish another arm of the Police to investigate and arrest people (f) an instrumentality like the FCID, which is ultra vires, could not arrest people. (g) the investigations were carried outside the available police powers and (h) this  unit is headed by the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is also a Vice President of the International Democratic Union committed to uphold the highest liberal democratic traditions and fundamental freedoms.

Counsel Romesh de Silva revealed this in defending Gotabaya Rajapakse who had been summoned by the FCID with the  hidden agenda of  arresting him.. He told the Supreme Court : The Cabinet Spokesman had recently said that the National Executive Committee had directed the Financial Crimes Investigation Division to arrest the petitioner on an alleged false accusation. The Cabinet Spokesman’s statement had been published in ‘Dinamina’. It had not been denied. The gazette which created the FCID was ultra vires. Everything that flew from that Gazette was ultra vires. The gazette was politically motivated. The gazette enabled a police division to investigate crimes subject to cabinet decision. Hence, a new police division was set up subject to cabinet supervision. Only the IGP was empowered to investigate crimes. He could not be subjected to Cabinet decisions. (The Island – 13/5/2015).

The inescapable conclusion arising  from putting Counsel Romesh de Silva’s statements together, points to the fact that Wickremesinghe has set up an illegal police arm to victimize his political opponents. People who are summoned by the FCID seldom go home. Of the many complaints received, it is Wickremesinghe’s NEC that picks and chooses the allegations that are sent to FCID for  investigation. Some of the allegations picked up by the NEC for the FCID to investigate are based on anonymous letters. Example: the allegation that Marriot Hotel in Dubai, is owned by President Mahinda Rajapakse, which has been flatly denied by the ex-President, was based on an anonymous letter. Looking for evidence to substantiate this allegation, like the allegation that the Rajapakse regime has stashed away 18 billion in offshore havens, is not like looking for a needle in a haystack. It  is so huge that it would not be difficult to find the evidence, if true. In the absence of hard evidence Wickremesinghe’s FCID pursues allegations, picked from here, there and everywhere, to blacken the image of  his political opponents.

FCID is a part of the Wickremesinghe’s propaganda machinery to create  headlines, partly to denigrate the image of  the Rajapakse, partly  to boost the image of Wickremesinghe’s failed politics and partly to create a climate of fear. He failed in delivering  the promised  nirvana in 100-days. So he  generates headlines against his opponents by sending them to remand through an illegal  arm  of the Police which has no powers to arrest  people.

So far the anti-Rajapakse  headlines manufactured by  Wickremesinghe’s propaganda  machine, have been humongous. But the facts are scarce.  Can justice be delivered on monstrous propaganda? The entire rationale  on which Yahapalanaya was marketed to the people was that  it  would  make a difference”. The difference” promised was rule of law. But  how can there be rule  of law when its Gestapo police is engaged 24/7 to pursue its political  opponents on hearsay? Has rule of law become the rule of Wickremesinghe, with Wickremesinghe turning into a wild witch-hunter? Why is NEC picking only those allegations that are considered favourable for the retention and  extension of Wickremesinghe’s power?

To arm an overarching political body like the NEC with a handpicked police team, operating outside  the law, is a serious threat to the fundamental freedoms of all citizens. The fact that it is headed  by the Prime Minister makes it more sinister. It also means that a Cabinet sub-committee headed by Wickremesinghe has grabbed Police  powers which can be exercised only by the IGP. But  through FCID Wickremesinghe is acting both as the Prime Minister and the IGP simultaneously. Under what principle of Yahapalanaya can the Prime Minister run an arm of the Police, established outside the legal framework of the Police force, to hunt and remand political opponents?

The FCID goes into action expeditiously, summoning members of the opposition and remanding them, shortly after the allegations are handed over by Wickremesinghe’s Cabinet Sub-Committee. This instrumentality is reminiscent of the Star Chamber – a medieval instrument  of political oppression  and suppression used by ruling royalty to silence dissenters. In the  medieval period, when Europe plunged into  the Dark Age, the Star Chamber developed into a law enforcement authority with powers to deal with the socially and politically powerful who could not be convicted by the lower courts. Counsel Romesh de Silva’s detailed  description  of the NEC brings to mind the  time when  the notorious Star Chamber abused  power to retain power. The NEC has engaged in similar exercises of handing over selected political opponents to the FCID who are then summoned for questioning and sent arbitrarily  to the remand prison on flimsy evidence without due process.

To counter this, it is  likely that the pro-Wickremesinghe kalliya will argue that the Rajapakse government too committed similar violations of the law. But that is to argue that two wrongs can  make a right. Besides, the January 8th mandate for good governance was to uphold the  rule of law and not  to establish an illegal arm of  the law to enforce Wickremesinghe’s law. The primary criterion on which Wickremesinghe’s FCID should be judged is the  solemn promise given by President Maithripala Sirisena that rule of law will prevail in dispensing justice. The valid answer to this issue is not to point a finger at the Rajapakses to divert attention from Wickremesinghe’s perverse politics but to explain how and why the mandate of the people to establish a Yahapalanaya” (good governance) is  being violated so aggressively and contemptuously by Wickremesinghe. The silent endorsement of President Sirisena who religiously promised not to do  what  the Rajapakses did makes him also a partner in the crime of establishing an illegal arm of the police to pursue  political opponents. Is this the best that Sadhu Sirisena’s political nirvana can offer  the people who voted for him?

Fortunately, the Supreme Court intervened and stopped Wickremesinghe’s attempt to arrest Gotabhaya Rajapakse. This frustrated Wickremesinghe’s plan to project the pretentious image that he is Mr. Clean running a squeaky clean administration. But nothing  that he does can wipe out the mega-million scandal of his protégé, Arjuna Mahendra. Putting  the Rajapakses behind bars  is not going to make him look clean. He  will be judge by his own performance which has been so far to protect the James Bond of Singapore” who is responsible for the biggest financial scandal in  the history of the Central Bank. Wickremesinghe’s current political tactic is to cover-up his sins by rounding up the Rajapakses and their allies and handing them over to the FCID. The My-3” regime won on Janaury 8th by demonizing the Rajapakses. He  is now forced to survive by demonizing them further. But  to do that he has to clean his stables before he goes to the next election coming round  the corner. This is not going to be easy given the short deadline for election. Besides, he has exhausted his  slogans and goodies he  could offer to the electorate to create the feel-good effect for him to win.  So he uses an  illegal instrument, which doesn’t have police powers, to send his political opponents to jail and immobilize them, hoping to capitalize on the negative publicity diffused by jailing his opponents. .

He also needs these anti-Rajapakse headlines  to cover-up monumental blunders of importing  Arjuna Mahendra, a foreigner from Singapore, to head the Central Bank, and R. Paskaralingam, another foreigner from UK, to run the Treasury. Paskaralingam is another relic of  Wickremesinghe’s failed past who had left a bad taste in the  mouths of local financial  circles  before  he fled to UK when Wickremesinghe was thrown out by Chandrika Kumaratunga. Though Wickremesinghe is putting up a brave front he  has no leg to stand on. He is batting defensively on his back foot, withdrawn into a damage control mode.  The bond scandal of the Central Bank is something that he cannot live down. His  first biggest blunder was his infamous CFA signed with Prabhakaran in 2002. His second is the recruitment of Arjuna Mahendra who has claimed close relationship, from childhood, with Raja Rajaratnam, now behind bars in New York for insider trading. Not all the waters of the  Indian Ocean can wash his guilt  away.

There is no one else to blame except Wickremesinghe  for putting himself  and the nation  in this financial mess. Having painted himself into a corner, Wickremesinghe is now  stuck, not knowing how to get out of the mess created by his own folly. On top of  this he now  faced with a severe blow from the Supreme Court which had intervened to  prevent his Gestapo  Police from arresting Gotabaya Rajapakse. It  is a big  blow  to his  ego and to the assumed  power of his democratic junta”. This description  of his rule, where a minority rules the majority in the  Parliament, was, no doubt, a Freudian slip. But  like all Freudian slips it  reflects the hidden intentions buried deep  in the psyche. If push comes  to shove Wickremesinghe will not  be  unwilling to run a junta” like the way he ran his Party.

He has  survived in his  party by fixing the UNP constitution to keep him in power with the Executive Committee stacked up to the rafters of Siri Kotha with his catchers”.  Since he doesn’t have the numbers in Parliament he is moving  heaven and earth to use the NEC and the FCID as tools to survive in  the prime ministerial seat. His past  experiences of being thrown out of the prime ministerial seat has made him a nervous fascist bent  on hanging  on to power at any cost. He  is an insecure man who is not sure  of  his  tomorrows. Despite  his bravado he  is not  sure of  winning the requisite numbers in the next election to be confirmed as the next prime minister. The only alternative available  to him is  step out  of the constitution to establish instrumentalities that will strengthen his grip on power. He is obsessed with running his  democratic junta” with  him  as its benevolent and  popular Fuehrer. He has labeled it as the National Government” which is another politically convenient label to keep him going as the Prime Minister without a majority to sustain him  in Parliament.

This is why the Supreme Court  decision has  unnerved him. The Supreme Court decision to cut down his arrogant powers was an unexpected blow. This is  hurting him  most  and he  is reacting like a wounded bull.

His knee-jerk reaction is to go over the heads of the Supreme Court and appeal to judges of the Commonwealth.  This reflects his power-crazy mentality. Unfortunately for him, he has been shot down not only by the Supreme Court but also by the  Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa.  Confirming the authoritarian character of Wickremesinghe, Dr. Mahanamahewa states: “Looking at these developments, we cannot imagine what would have happened had the 19th Amendment vested all the powers of the Presidency on the Prime Minister.”

Dr. Mahanamhewa has hit  the nail on the head. The overall plan and argument for the constitutional reform was to hand over presidential powers to the prime minister  in parliament to prevent corruption, abuse of power, and authoritarianism. By his own example Wickremesinghe has proved that power vested in the hands of the prime minister in parliament can be worse than the power  vested in the president who stands outside the parliament. His appointments of Arjuna Mahnedra and R. Paskaralingam are two glaring examples of Prime Minister abusing his  powers to appoint  his henchmen in key places without any benefits to the nation.

Besides, the illegal agreement he signed with Prabhakaran, without informing the Cabinet, the President, parliament or  the people in 2002 and the appointment of Arjuna Mahendra, who has proved to be the destructive Prabhakaran of the financial market, confirms that Wickremesinghe cannot be trusted with power. In  both instances he has betrayed  the vital interest of the nation. This also reveals his contempt for anything Sri Lankan. He  prefers Mahendran from Singapore and Paskaralingam from UK to local talent who can do a better job in protecting the interest of the nation. Neither of these importees have shown a loyalty to the national interests. They are in it to either feather their own nests or that of using  the GOSL bases to promote pro-separatist  agenda. Neither of these officials have backed Sri Lanka in foreign or local fora. But they are allied to agents in pro-separatist / LTTE outfits. For instance, Arjuna Mahendra, has openly admitted that Raja Rajaratnam, the insider trader jailed in New York, were childhood mates.

The conduct  of Wickremesinghe in running  the FCID and  the serious  threats to fundamental freedoms that flow from his arbitrary and  politically motivated action demand that the Gestapo police acting under Wickremesinghe should be dismantled  forthwith.  There is no place for such an instrumentality in any democratic administration, let alone Yahapalanaya. Parliament should take immediate action to curtail the powers of Wickremesinghe who, in the first place, have no right to arrogate anti-people, anti-democratic powers. The basic principles enunciated in the agenda of the Yahapalanaya backs the Parliament and not Wickremesinghe. If Parliament fails to teach  Wickremesinghe the basic principles enshrined in Yahapalanaya it will be as  guilty as Wickremesinghe in betraying the fundamental rights  of the people.

Prime Ministers and Presidents generally tend to consolidate their  own anti-people powers.  It  is up to the Parliament to stand up for the rights of the people. Parliament must act now before Wickremesinghe can play havoc with his powers like the way he handed over powers to the other fascist dictator, Velupillai Prabhakaran, in 2002.

13 Responses to “Ranil’s Gestapo Police  exposed  in Supreme Court”

  1. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    I like this quote from the article, “[Ranil’s] past experiences of being thrown out of the prime ministerial seat has made him a nervous fascist bent on hanging on to power at any cost.”

    This is Ranil’s basic problem, he is ONLY concerned about his personal power rather than the plight of the country. This is going to come back to haunt him as his disgraced Central Bank Governor has just squandered 9 BILLION USD in reserves defending the Sri Lankan rupee, and only has 800 million USD left at his disposal to continue this effort. This means that the the rupee is on course to completely collapse BEFORE the Parliament elections, and this will send Ranil and the UNP out of the government PERMANENTLY! No one is going to care about Rajapaksa corruption if the price of goods at the store, which are comprised of imports from other countries, DOUBLES under Ranil’s watch because of the rupee’s collapse.

    Ranil is basically a short-term election scheme artist with no long-term vision or skills to move the country forward. If you put him into a longer term scenario, it becomes obvious to everyone that he is completely incompetent to run ANY country, let alone Sri Lanka. This is why Ranil is pushing for elections in July rather than September, hoping that the impending collapse of the economy does not become obvious to everyone until AFTER the election. One thing to watch is 1st quarter (January through March) GDP (total economic output) numbers which are supposed to be reported by June 15th. If the GDP tanks as expected because of Ranil and the UNP shutting down all of the Chinese-funded development projects, this will be one more piece of evidence in addition to the rupee mess that Ranil and the UNP simply are not qualified to manage Sri Lanka’s economy.

  2. Kumari Says:

    It is very unlikely that Ranil was able to think up something like the FCID. He hasn’t got that much brain matter. This is an idea given to him by the West. Ranil is only the Sri Lankan agent carrying out West’s plans.

  3. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Indian Empire in action. Jai Hind

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Some Sinhalese traitors think it’s fashionable to be Unpatriotic Party (UnP) supporters.
    This rampaging CATHOLIC gb ranil is anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist of course, anti Sri Lankan. These
    pea-brained traitor Sinhalese still support this traitor and his henchmen without realising
    the irrepairable damage they do to the country, Buddhism and the Sinhalese. Only when these traitors
    can’t pay salaries for 1 month, then those Sinhalese traitors will understand their mistake.
    If you have a just a single drop of Sinhalese blood in your veins, you will never support these traitor
    unpatriotic party (UNP) which is hell bent on dividing our country to please the west and indian parasites.

  5. Ben Silva Says:

    We need a broad based secular organisation to protect the interests of the Sinhalese and to protect our heritage. There Is also a need to resist organised Tamil racism carried out by TNA.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    HLD’s article plus the comments section says it all. The picture gets clearer by the day ! Paskaralingam (UK) and Mahendran (S’pore) are running the show re Fiscal matters of Lanka under Wickremasinghe with the FCID to do the Rottweiler work (trumped up Fear Factor). Definitely, this is not RW or CBKs brain work.

    Who will gain from all this ? Cannot think anyone else but the Separate State EELAM Leaders plus vested interests.

    Crashiing Lanka’s Economy is going according to plan – stage 1 is completed.

  7. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Mr. Mahindapala,

    I agree with you on the points you have made. We need to as a Nation recognize what MR and GR did for the country. Right now all the players are getting ready for the partitioning of Sri Lanka. I think it will happen very suddenly and if there is a uprising which is exactly what RW and MY3 want to declare emergency and impose fascist rule. They will then attack the right thinking people to demoralize the Sinhalese. Look at the scenario.

    (1) I think Central Bank appointment of Arjun Mahendran was done by RW to destabilize the economy by stunts such as the Bond scam. He is supposed to have links to Raj Rajaratnam who is in jail for insider trading. If insider trading is proven then Mahendran will also end up in jail. I reserve judgement till Mahendran is taken to courts and proven guilty.

    (2) I read in the news that the economic activity is stalled in Sri Lanka. All the projects which had been initiated by MR have been paused. Why?

    (3) RW has Paskaralingam as advisor who under President Premadasa is supposed to have made a lot of money. So much so that though he was a Govt. servant he could afford to retire in U.K. in the exclusive St. John’s Wood area. He came back to Sri Lanka as soon as RW became prime minister. Should not the bribery commission investigate how he made so much money?
    (4) Important security zones are being removed from north and east. These are vital to maintain for at least 10 years till the threat of terrorism is completely removed.

    (5) The most important is that Jayalalitha who was sentenced to 10 years was released in a matter of seconds by the appeal court. Does anyone know on what grounds? She was swearing vengeance on Sri Lanka and was very supportive of LTTE. If Tamil Nadu breaks away from India Jayalalitha will invade Sri Lanka. I think Sri Lanka should create a standing army of about 2 million similar to Switzerland who can be called up to duty in a day.

    (6) As indicated by Shenali Waduge (http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/05/15/balkanizing-agenda-the-grand-plan-for-sri-lanka-world/) the West wants Sri Lanka balkanized as they did in Yugoslavia, India, Middle East etc. When Lord Mountbatten drew a line to create Pakistan out of India the net result was that both countries armed them selves to the teeth with Nuclear weapons which were supplied to both countries by the Western powers. All the resources went towards it and to date both countries are in utter poverty though both have state of the art weapons. If the TNA gets an independent state in North and East then they can import Dalits from the pool of 15 million in Tamil Nadu alone. This man power would be very useful for the vested interests to fight all the mini wars going on in the middle east.

    (7) Therefore as I see it all the pieces are in place for the partition. Wigneswarn suddenly started bleating about Genocide of Tamils when it was the LTTE which decimated the villages in the North and East and genocidally wiped out all Sinhalese. The have fed this myth that Tamils need to be liberated, to the Tamil people. Liberated from what? Right now they have more rights than the Sinhalese. They can buy and own land anywhere in the country, while the Sinhalese cannot buy land in North and East due to “Thesavalami” laws. It was the Tamils who benefited the most when Prabahakaran was killed. The Tamil ego may have been hurt but in reality they benefited a lot including the whole of Sri Lanka.

    This is a very dangerous situation for the country. I think the Parliament needs to get rid of RW as soon as possible. The law must take it’s course regarding RW’s illegal actions as PM.

  8. helaya Says:

    When all these happening what is Moda Sira doing. I agree with Kumari. Certainly RW does not brain to think a scheme like this. There goes the country.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Aha ! Riots in Jaffna – the CYCLE OF VIOLENCE starts yet again !! Riots are the favored mechanism to holler about Human Rights etc and export Tamils to Canada etc as so called ‘Refugees’. Govt has changed and the UNP is in the forefront, yet Riots are going on with Tamils. Hmmm …..

    Now that the Upcountry is setting down, RIOTS in Jaffna begins and its Rioting for no reason over a Tamil rape case (Tamil raping Tamil with no Sinhala involvement). Tamil Caste Wars have been transported to Lanka from Tamil Nadu – AGAIN. Jayalalitha has been reinstated as Chief Minister again too ! The Cycle begins, using ‘gonna Lanka’ as the fall guy. Destination: Eelam.

    Guess who is chortling !!

  10. Sooriarachi Says:

    If the people elect a new Government at the next election and if the questionable NEC chaired by Ranil and FCID created by Ranil’s cabinet, are resorting to illegal practices to defame political opponents, then, there is no two words all these people will be held accountable for their actions, by an incoming new Government. However, going by reports that the last Presidential elections was rigged against the former President, in Tamil dominated districts, then it could happen again and the same people would continue in power. This could be what will happen and probably that’s why the NEC and FCID are acting with impunity. So how will true justice prevail?

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with Mr Sooriarachi that even the next Elections may get rigged. Ranil wanted to get counting machines from abroad even some years ago and also privatize water. Everyone knows that counting machines can be rigged, and also computers.

    Future elections in Lanka may have to be conducted only through hand counts ? Suggestions welcome on how to avoid rigging
    of Elections.

  12. Cerberus Says:

    News Item
    Over 120 arrested after tense situation at Jaffna protest
    May 20, 2015 05:32 pm

    At least 127 persons have been arrested in connection with the tense situation occurred near the Jaffna Court complex, this morning (20), the police said.
    Police used tear gas to disperse the protesters who were behaving violently near the Court over a rape and murder of a girl in Kayts.

    The tense situation arose as the suspects in the case were brought to the court, this morning.

    Police said that some 127 protesters were arrested following the clash, which resulted in at least 4 police officers sustaining injuries.

    Police have arrested nine suspects in connection with the kidnapping, rape and murder of the 18-year-old student, who was on her way to school in Punkudithivu, Jaffna.


    The above news item is indicative of the Tamil modus operandi. The issue is the rape of the girl and murder. According to news three local men have been arrested obviously Tamils. Why should there be a riot when the suspect is brought to the courts? It is as if any excuse is enough for Tamils to have a riot. Then the police and some times army have to move in to quell the riots. I am sure this will be shown in the Western press as another instance of Sinhala police and army ill treating the Tamils.

    I am sick of the lies and cheat and deceit of the Tamils. When will this stop? MY3 is talking of reconciliation. He says the previous government did not pay enough attention to reconciliation. He is talking non-sense. What is there to reconcile? The Tamils have a beggars wound – i.e. discrimination which is not true – which they go round showing the Western diplomats who come to Sri Lanka to get their sympathy. This allows them to go as refugees. It suits the West to divide peoples. So they play their cat and mouse game to split up the country as they have done all over the world. I have listened to the Tamils griping as long as I have lived and to date I do not understand their issue. When I was growing up I know Tamils were doing everything to cheat. They would cheat exams by putting an “Om” sign on answer papers. If anyone gets into a department suddenly the whole department would fill up with Tamils. I remember at one time the Bank of Ceylon, Manager in Wellawatta was a Tamil. He gave loans to the Tamils and not to the Sinhalese.

    By screaming about discrimination they managed to get Mr. SWRD Bandaranaiyake to give Tamil National language status. Then they got President Premadasa to give Tamil Official language status. Now they are talking of Tamil genocide. I do not understand why the TNA person who said this is not arresested and thrown in jail under amendment 6A. What utter nonsense when 44% of Colombo population is Tamil. The only problem that I see is that their hearts are full of anger and hatred due to their Caste issues which has been directed at the Sinhalese who are the people who helped them the most. None of the states adjoining Tamil Nadu have given Tamil National language status or Official language status. Neither has Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Canada, Europe, or Australia. Countries such as Malaysia, Fiji have a higher % of Tamils than Sri Lanka. So why has Sri Lanka given them National and Official language status.

    In 1983 the nascent LTTE orchestrated riots by killing 13 soldiers by sniper fire in the North and about 300 poor Hindu Tamils were killed in the riots. Tamils themselves led some of the mobs. They were ready with cameras when it happened and the films were sent to Tamil ambassadors in Paris, London and Bonn who happened to be conveniently in place. They had the films on the news broadcasts within the hour. Net result was that these countries opened their doors to “refugees” who were ready and waiting to travel.

    We need to as soon as possible withdraw these language facilities. Otherwise it is a security issue for the country as more and more illegals want to come in to the country from Tamil Nadu.


    Something is missing here. Who is the head of FCID??? Names of Senior staff of FCID. Any one has these names? Pleas get it published.

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