Future of Sri Lanka & Buddhism: Call a National Convention of all Buddhists (Clergy and Laymen)
Posted on May 23rd, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

 The Sinhale nation was betrayed numerous times. Don Juan Dharmapala, our own men (lascoreens/sepoys) who joined the white colonial shooting their own people, those that willing converted to Catholicism/Christianity for perks and privileges, those that carried tales and messages for the enemy, the confiscation of Buddhist Temple Lands, the demarcation of territory, the later day arrivals now holding the majority to hostage using their foreign influence and the treacherous agreements signed to enemies are just a few examples of how a nation ruled by 181 Sinhale kings is presently existential fears for the real Buddhists who want to maintain the history and heritage of the Sinhale Nation and the Compassion of Buddhism that should prevail at all levels of governance and should be the basis on which the country’s Constitution is formulated.

 The name for Sri Lanka was Sinhale. It was with the Sinhale Nation that the British signed the Kandyan Convention in 1815. No one can object to the use of the name Sinhale or remove that name from historical records because it does not fit into their plans. Reversal of injustices and discriminations have yet to be acknowledge, accounted for or even compensated in the absence of establishing what was denied and lost and what needs to be regained.

 There is much that Sri Lanka has to be proud of – from ancient Buddhist artefacts, stupas, man-made irrigation and canal systems unmatched anywhere, art and architecture etc. These cannot be sold to foreign hands and must be preserved and protected. The Sacred Buddhist lands demarcated cannot be compromised on the grounds of development and given to faiths that shed blood with animal slaughter/sacrifice.

 It is obvious that the majority of the Sinhalese Buddhists do not understand the dangers lurking while a handful of Sinhalese Christians have realized and have put country before religion. None the less it is imperative to organize a national convention bringing together all Buddhist clergy, all Buddhist Organizations and Patriotic Nationalists to discuss the challenges and devise a national plan to address them.

 What are these challenges:

  • The need to realize that Christian/Islamic territorial expansion and conversions to their faiths is a program that has the backing and even funding of government/institutional funding (Vatican / Wahhabi / NGOs / Evangelical/Assembly of God & other Cults)
  • The Christian/Islamic influenced media on a witch hunt to denigrate Buddhists at every turn – content analysis of articles/coverage will prove (Press Commission Report of 1964 – needs to be reprinted and circulated)
  • Politicians compromising territory and heritage of Sri Lanka for votes – Wilpattu deforestation and settlements of Wahhabi non-Sri Lankans depict dangers in store
  • The subtle programs to slowly remove the Buddhist ethos and identity of Sri Lanka legislatively / constitutionally & legally by reference to multi-religious/multi-ethnic/multi-faith etc (do Muslim-majority nations refer to or follow any such programs? The Nations that do are now finding its citizens angry with immigrants influencing policy. We do not wish the same to happen in Sri Lanka.
  • Need to decolonize our minds that have been distanced from the English education system, Western culture, Western modes of communication that steadily influences people to be slaves of different ideologies and denationalize them.
  • Need to always protect those who defend the nation, incorporate history and nationalism into the school curricula (public, private & international) nurture future leaders to protect the history & heritage of the Sinhale nation.

    What should be the demands

  • 70/30 Demand from all Politicians : with over 74% being Sinhalese the Sinhale voters must insist that the Sinhalese must be given 70% share at every level of decision/policy and allocation of state funds/flats/lands/schemes etc. (The same prevails in Singapore and even in other nations though it is not publicized)
  • National Anthem Sinhala only as was originally done
  • National Official Language – Sinhala (link Language English) Everybody must know the language of the majority 74%. There is no requirement for the country to be divided with people speaking 2 different languages plus the cost of translations to Tamil is just a waste of time and money & has no productivity. Tamils/Muslims must be taught Sinhala first though Sinhalese should also learn to converse in Tamil without having to sit exams in it. Tamil is not a functional language in administration.
  • One National Law – there cannot be different laws prevailing (no laws should take precedence or overrule the national laws). It is only when one national law prevails that equality before the law takes place.
  • Laws to protect the Ranaviru National Heroes – If US & UK can ensure their soldiers are not brought before any international tribunals, the same should apply to the only nation that defeated an international terrorist movement. No international inquiry/domestic inquiry but military inquiry as done in all other nations for disciplinary action as per laws applicable to military only.
  • No land/property to be owned by foreigners (even those married to locals) – strict laws must be created for this. With over 300,000 Maldivians in Sri Lanka is the Govt aware how many have married Sri Lankan citizens and are now indirectly owning land/property. Maldives will not even allow a Buddhist statue to be taken to Maldives where ancient artifacts in a once-Buddhist nation has been ruined by vandals and history changed to deny the Buddhist heritage of Maldives.
  • Protection of Buddhism as foremost religion must entail that nothing can overrule the tenets of Buddhism – people of other faiths must be given freedom to practice their religions but their religious institutions cannot follow their doctrines of conversions and imperial expansion & culture changes of people using freedom of religion as a bogey.
  • Sinhala Buddhist voters must not vote for any politician who compromises above at any election.

 Buddhist lands prevailed from Persia as far as Indonesia – today there are just 5 Theravada Buddhist nations fighting to survive and preserve the Buddhist ethos and Sri Lanka is one such. The historical edicts of imperial expansion of Christian/Islam prevails still with both competing to increase their flocks (adherents via conversion to be their footsoldiers). The doctrines of discovery to take and possess non-Christian/non-Islamic lands continues still and not revoked and it is against this realization that Sri Lanka’s leaders, citizens must realize their role in preserving a history that has been passed from one generation to the other not to be given to be transformed into another faith.

 No religion can object to the compassion of Buddhism to be incorporated into the governance of a country when the general public of the West are giving up their faiths to embrace Buddhism having discovered that wealth does not provide happiness, meat has ruined their health and peace of mind and truth has been scientifically proven by only Buddhism.

 We as a Nation have much to ponder.

A National Convention must address all these challenges and more and it is our duty to take forward what has been passed down.

Those who forget to learn from history are doomed to repeat those same mistakes.

 It is hoped that the Clergy and Laymen together arrange for an emergency national convention to discuss and address the challenges.

 Shenali D Waduge

6 Responses to “Future of Sri Lanka & Buddhism: Call a National Convention of all Buddhists (Clergy and Laymen)”

  1. Independent Says:

    Ideal conditions set forth. Thank you.

    But we live in a world governed by Lobha , Dvesha and Moha (LBM). In fact it is “Moha” that creates the world, so a lot of religions worship Moha (God), expecpt Buddhists who show the backside to Moha or God ( Allah) by looking in the the opposite direction. (උඩු ගං බලා යෑම​.)

    Those politicians who seek votes of Sinhala Buddhists are not Arahants but people with these three major defilements and that will not be ideal. So, idealism is not practical, unless there is a leader who has very little LBM. When will that leader arise ? Until that we should look for men or women with less LBM considering all their action, not just the political action. Actions which reflect the personality which is normally hidden. But most people do not posses “wisdom” required.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Saudi’s Sunni govt. backed IS terrorists have bombed a SHIA mosque in Saudi!!

    What a country!

    Looks like Iran and Saudi will have a showdown soon. IF Russia has any backbone, it should support Iran to the hilt. IF they go to war, oil prices will increase and Russia will come out of recession.

  3. Christie Says:

    Shanali, the Sinhalese are outbred by Indian colonial parasites at a very high rate. They have outbred the locals of Mauritius, Guyana and Fiji in two generations.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you for defending the rights of the indigenous Sinhala/Buddhists. We agree with what you suggest. There has to be special protection for the local Sinhala/Buddhists as they are the most vulnerable group in Sri Lanka, even though they number 74%. It is hard to believe that 74% of Lanka is S/Buddhist, as the news is mostly NOT about the problems of this group.


    However, in my opinion, religion ought not to be mixed in with State matters. This has been proved true in Europe, from which area two World Wars emanated. A Common Sense approach to governance should prevail. Overly compassionate governance for all in Lanka will lead to other groups with powerful international connections taking over. Most of the Buddhist countries have already succumbed to other such groups. In Malaysia, the Bhumiputhra Laws protect the indigenous people. Lanka has to have similar laws protecting the local Sinhala/Buddhists.
    Lanka should remain a Socialist Republic with free birth control material (from Neem tree mostly) made available to all.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Frankly speaking, I am of the opinion that the biggest problem the Sinhala/Buddhist community faces today is access to clean drinking water. With large numbers of farmers dying of kidney disease (CKD), installation of Reverse Osmosis plants, perhaps in every Province, ought to be a top priority, isn’t it ?

  6. Independent Says:

    Practically you are correct. But pollution of waterways shall be stopped at the same time. There is no reason to use very expensive methods such as “Reverse Osmosis ” again to feed the Yankees who have some patent rights in these processes. Are you a specialist in this field ? If not please do not speculate.
    It probably is the Rolls Royce of treatment.

    Padaviya is not an industrialized area to install ANY water purification plants. We need not convert sewage to drinking water. It may be cheaper to transport drinking water from Dambulla using bowsers for 20 years than to construct of 1 RO plant, or should be able to construct a pipeline from Dambulla.

    But the issue is big money spent on bribing various betrayers ( not politicians only) of motherland destroying original groundwater sources. That has to be stopped.

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