Sovereignty of Sri Lanka under threat: Mapping the Dangers
Posted on June 11th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

While the politicians are kept busy fighting for survival in a political chessboard that finds everyone trying to check mate each other, Western imperialism is in full swing pursing with the ‘pivot to Asia’ theme nothing but imperialism aimed at militarily encircling China. No corner of South Asia will be exempt from imperialist intervention which is being made easy by politicians who are facilitating the intervention if not inviting it!

The likely scenario of avoiding public outburst against a direct foreign military intervention is to use the UN as an interim mediator similar to the interim administration taking place in Kosovo following its independence. Given that the Kosovo independence is marked by revelations of lies and chaos post-independence, the planners are devising other ways to cover their tracks. Nevertheless, the UN role in Kosovo remains an absolute failure now 7 years after independence. The architect of Kosovo independence is at present part of the 3 member panel investigating the conflict in Sri Lanka. Our leaders have yet to read the dangers for the country.

UN Secretary General interfering in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs:

  • Calling the Sri Lankan President and asking him to implement the 20th amendment & conduct Parliamentary elections – is it a habit of the UNSG to be calling other sovereign nations and asking them to implement Bills & conduct elections?
  • No country will allow a UN role in the internal affairs of its country – will India allow the UN to facilitate governance in Kashmir to maintain law & order!

UNDP conducting seminar & seeking to open a PEACEBUILDING FUND to directly fund development to North & East

  • Is the President aware that the UNDP is working with the Foreign Ministry to establish a UN Peacebuilding Fund initially with $3million which is to include UN giving support to the domestic mechanism on human rights violations & accountability. This is another indirect cunning method to interfere in the domestic affairs of a sovereign state getting local traitors to endorse the interference (The domestic inquiry requested by the UN was the LLRC, there is no requirement to have another investigation until and unless the conclusions of the LLRC is proven false. With every change of government domestic inquiries cannot be held to satisfy other people’s agendas)
  • The UNDP head is referring to the Northern Provincial GOVERNMENT – since when did a provincial council become a GOVERNMENT or has the UNDP head given the cat away as this being the ultimate plan in place!
  • Peacebuilding Fund is the Secretary General’s Fund set up in 2006 and UNDP administers the fund.

Sri Lankan Government allocation to the Northern Province

  • The Northern Provincial council has been allocated adequate funds of the Rs 5,831 million allocated by Govt for North, the TNA Provincial Administration had utilised only 25.17% up to Sep 30th 2014  (This allocation of Rs.5.831m is the highest allocation of all the provinces in Sri Lanka)
  • Janes Intelligence revealed that LTTE made USD300million annual profits but did nothing to develop the North or give a cent to look after the people of the North!
  • The GOSL has spent from its national budget Rs.290,271 million for the Northern Province alone from 2009 to September 2014
  • A covert plan is being devised to bypass the central government and directly fund the North and East in a bid to eventually separate the two from Sri Lanka because it serves a larger purpose for the West and has nothing to do with Tamils or their grievance!

US pivot to Asia

  • US-friendly new government has stalled China projects in view of its threat to US
  • US says it is helping with asset recovery when majority of white collar criminals are in the US!
  • News of US Homeland Security in Sri Lanka raises further eyebrows of what is being devised using opportunist politicians now in power!

Banned LTTE fronts lobbying to have ban removed

  • Secret meetings using bogey of ‘reconciliation’ to seek lifting of UNSC Resolution 1373 ban on 16 LTTE fronts and over 494 individuals
  • Does the Parliament, Cabinet or even the President know of the Foreign Minister holding meetings in London with LTTE fronts on the bogey of reconciliation?

Tamil Nationalism hijacked by West

  • Initially LTTE was created by India following Rajiv Gandhis’ assassination LTTE became controlled & under contract of the West via the Church as it served Western interests to use Tamil Nationalism to claim 2/3 of Sri Lanka’s coast install puppet Tamil leaders (or even Muslim) and rule South Asia with long term intentions to encircle China
  • Looks to be that the Tamil politicians and the LTTE fronts are selling out the Tamils having handed Tamil nationalism to the West to use to advance their agendas pretending it is in the interests of Tamils


  • TNA is seeking the release of hard core unrehabilitated LTTE cadres claiming them to be political prisoners
  • Consent reference to ethnic issue when the military operation was to eliminate LTTE terrorists and Sri Lanka’s conflict itself was categorized as a non-international armed conflict by Ban Ki Moon’s three member panel.
  • TNA claiming genocide and passing a genocide resolution despite a case on violation of penal code section 120 in place.
  • Continuous demands for direct financial assistance to the North bypassing the central government – this was one of the key components of the Ranil & CBK backed PTOMs and ISGA which thankfully was shot down by patriotic forces via the Supreme Court
  • The outbursts by NPC Chief Minister related to law & order in the North may aligned with intent to pave the way for Blue Helmets (UN troops) to enter Sri Lanka on the guise of sustaining peace post-conflict (this is one of the objectives of the Peace Building Commission under the UNSG)

Muslim demands in the East

  • Though ground situation does not showcase demands by people for a separate Muslim only area, like Tamil politicians the Muslim politicians have been easy to be bought over to align with Western interests/agenda.
  • The Oluvil Declaration of 2003 is what continues to be used to lobby for a separate administration for Muslims only – fundamentalism and Saudi-lined Wahhabi mosques brainwashing Muslims are likely to be working hand in glove with Western interests to create the scenario for the next wave of trouble for Sri Lanka.
  • The East is where Trincomalee harbour rests and has been the key treasure that every country is after to possess and they are using all sorts of other reasons to fool politicians to get secure this strategic area.
  • East is also home to natural assets and resources

How regime change fell into place orchestrated by UK-US-India nexus (Indian intelligence part time Western employed)

  • For US Sri Lanka is a lynchpin in its attempt to control the seas and trade lanes from Asia to West & West to Asia.
  • Ranil’s one month study tour on regime change , Mangala’s visit to US, US & UK envoys training youth on social media providing equipment, study tours for Sri Lankan lawyers to US, USAID aligning with Sri Lanka Bar Association, media tied up with foreign counter parts, bringing opposition parties under one banner against the Rajapakse government, US-initiated Western backed Resolutions against Sri Lanka, Navi Pillay personally steering war crimes charges against Sri Lanka, human rights organizations, former UN officers turned journalists, Western funded entities tasked to issue regular reports (without disclosure of witness details) covering varied human rights abuses to lay foundation to incriminate leaders opposing the Western plan for Sri Lanka. Return of CBK on Clinton Foundation payroll that resulted in finding another scapegoat to field as Presidential candidate instead of Ranil W on the slogan of CHANGE which brought results on account of Rajapakse’s own mistakes.
  • In Dec 2014 RAW chief was asked to leave Sri Lanka – Central votes going against Rajapakse would have all been attributed to Indian interference.
  • 100 day programs, changes to constitution to remove all national elements are replica of other post-regime change scenarios.
  • FCID created to bring legal charges against anyone opposing the implementation of post-regime change programs

Sri Lanka is being wronged by the very entity supposed to be bringing peace

  • The UN should be questioning why Tamils or Muslims want exclusive mono-ethnic areas when their people live amongst the Sinhalese which can be statistically proven. There are more Tamils & Muslims living among Sinhalese outside of the areas they are claiming as Tamil homeland / Muslim homeland.
  • Does the UN not have brains to ask what is the logic behind wanting an exclusive area only for Tamils and only for Muslims while they keep the right to live amongst Sinhalese & can purchase land and property?
  • Does no one in the UN want to question why Tamils and Muslims who use discrimination as a reason to demand separate mono-ethnic states are happily living amongst the Sinhalese?
  • Who will question why Sinhalese who had been historically living in the North and the East far before the immigrants of Tamils and Muslim traders came to Sri Lanka should now not have rights to these areas while there is a bigger threat that with time the areas that the Sinhalese presently live may be bought over by the minorities with Sinhalese ending up with no land whatsoever! Have even the Sinhalese politicians thought of this scenario?

Do we have politicians able to read these scenarios and comprehend what is at stake for the country or even to imagine what it may ultimately result for them politically?

Do we have organizations, lawyers and others with the power to fight the prevailing conditions coming out to inform the people of the dangers at stake for the future of the country?

They must now come out and warn the people that the sovereignty of Sri Lanka is under threat and the people must unite to save the nation!

Shenali D Waduge

7 Responses to “Sovereignty of Sri Lanka under threat: Mapping the Dangers”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    I watch regularly the political discussions on Sri Lanka media. The majority of the politicians who come and debate at these forums are of such low calibre it is not surprising that our Motherland is going through perhaps the deadliest time in our 2600 year long history.

    These worthies are only good at throwing mud at each other. They are utterly ignorant of history, geography, culture and most importantly security of the Motherland. They are so taken up with their egos they can only think of somehow remaining in power. Literally they will sell their mothers to continue in power hook or by crook.

    Most importantly the President who was brought into power with much fanfare does not understand his role. This idiot of a Gamarala is being used by the traitors of Sri Lanka to oversee her dismemberment. This Simple Simeon hasn’t a clue that he will be go down in history as the greatest betrayer of Mother Lanka.

  2. charithsls Says:

    Ranawaka has come out strongly against it & says in fact he stopped some compensation to LTTE terrorists forwarded by some Ministers. In fact I think if any Buddhist feels some comfort with this MS RW government, it is because Ranawaka & JHU there. If they can be lured to MR camp that would be a huge boost but I think Ranawaka may see that his ambitions are better served by sticking with MS. However if he can see after MR & Gota there is no credible leader in the SLFP group, he may see a future in the alliance. What he & everyone else who go against MR group should understand is, MS’ life at the top is numbered, he will become a spent force in a year or so as he is not contesting again & everyone in his camp will be left in the lurch. In fact after the election I see open revolt against MS by his cronies because all what hold MS in his power at present is nominations! Hope Ranawaka see this now & decamp at a suitable time because MS supporters are unlikely to elect him to represent them in future so best for him through MR after MR time is over.However I would like the JHU to remain this government until its end as they are the only trustworthy group for the Buddhists.

  3. Christie Says:

    Namaste; Thanks Shenali, like everyone else you put the full blame on the West when it comes to Ceylon (I prefer to use Ceylon which means the land of the Sinhala in preference to Sri Lanka what the people in the countries of the Indian subcontinent used to call us). Our problem is Indian Empire. Jai Hiind

  4. ranjit Says:

    India and west both were not our friends at any time in the past or maybe not in the future too. The evil Govt’s of west and India is trying to bully Sri Lanka by pressuring and threatening by various methods and get their agenda thru the traitors of this land Ranil and his cronies. We have to rally behind a leader like MR to stop these invaders if not sorry for our country. I do not understand why our Sinhala Buddhist leaders do not understand the gravity of the situation? why they are silent specially the JVP and Hela Urumaya who were barking like dogs every time Sinhala Buddhists were threaten.

    UNP er’s were all jokers and liars and to see them in TV screen is disgusting and I feel vomiting every time I see their faces and hear their lies. They are talking all nonsense in the Parliament which is the home of Democracy. It’s like watching Ataka Nataka in T.V. No one is talking the truth and important issues except lies and mud slinging each other. I hope people of this land will choose wise and educated peoples representatives to solve their problems in the next General election rather than sending people like Harison,Mervin,Soyza,Awamangalaya,Akila,Jayawickrema, and many more like them who were only good to sling mud at people and say dirty words to please poor people of this land like jokers. All corrupt politicians must be rejected and also the people who are engaged in drugs. We need a clean strong Govt without Ranil and Choura two great traitors to the land. MR has all the qualification to lead us again and bring our country back on track without giving our backs to western and Indian bastards. He has the will power,backbone and a vision for our country not like these pigs who Govern like Gestapo harassing and locking up everyone who cross them. Tamil terrorists walks free while Sinhalese lock up in jails for crimes they haven’t done. What a shame to live in a country like this with these type of liars and bullshiters. Get them out soon if you need to live in peace.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    As PAUL HARRIS correctly said, the ONLY way out of this is to PIT “AQ” against “LTTE” (you know what I mean).

    Look at a SL map by ethnicity and you will HOW INTELLIGENT that strategy is. ALL strategically important places are COLONIZED by them!!

    e.g. Colombo city, Trinco, Kandy, Galle, Negombo, etc.

    That is a THREAT and an OPPORTUNITY.

    Until that is done, we will lament how the 4 enemy groups destroy SL and meditate on it.
    (“LTTE”, “AQ”, USA, Endia)

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Editor.

  7. Independent Says:

    An attempt by the Hela Urumaya to appoint Gota as the Premier

    Details Created on Friday, 12 June 2015 05:22 Category: General

    Gota Confirmed news reports that there is an attempt conducted by the Jathika Hela Urumaya to appoint the former defense secretary as the Prime Minister candidate for the opposition.

    In order to lay the ground work two loyalists of the former defense secretary Ashoka Abeygunasekara and Dilith Jayaweera has taken a proposal from Hela Urumaya and met Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Gotabaya has responded positively for the proposal and the convener of Pivithuru
    Hetak Ven. Athuruliye Rathna is supposed to meet Gotabaya Rajapaksa in the coming few days.

    In case if Gotabaya Rajapaksa is reluctant to contest the election Jathika Hela Urumaya is planning to nominate Chamal Rajapaksa for the position

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