Lies Exposed : LTTE propagandists meet Waterloo with comparison of Srebrenica to Mullaivaikkal
Posted on July 15th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

Truth always has a way of coming out eventually. The LTTE propagandists in their over-enthusiasm to portray a fictitious ‘genocide’ is now attempting to compare Mullaivaikkal with Srebrenica little realizing that the Srebrenica ‘genocide’ has become a proven hoax. Yet, it has become a perfect opportunity to resurface the lies and show how the same players (media / Western countries & UN/UN entities & local stooges) are involved in the breakup of Sri Lanka in a bigger geopolitical gameplan being strategized.

Aspects relevant to Sri Lanka

  • Srebrenica and Mullaivaikkal lies have continued for 5 years. Repeat a lie enough times and people believe it!
  • Who were the real victims? In the case of Srebrenica it was the Serb women and children and not the male armed Bosnian-Muslims who died in combat similar to the armed conflict that took place where other than a parroting of figures none of these accusers have been able to come out with bodies or names of the supposed dead!
  • If the Clinton government backed the Islamists (who were even given official jobs in the UN) we have to wonder if the foreign located LTTE fronts banned by Sri Lanka have connections to foreign governments as well!
  • In the case of Srebrenica, western media turned what was 2000 combat deaths of Bosnian-Muslims to 8000 ‘executions of POWs) while in Sri Lanka’s case what was less between 2564 and 7721 while Sri Lankan soldiers also saved close to 300,000 among whom were LTTE cadres dressed as civilians while a further 11,000 LTTE cadres surrendered. More over the term POWs are not entitled for armed conflicts where the other party are rebel movements!
  • Another glaring similiarity is the manner that western media and pro-West officials claim ‘missing Bosnian Muslim soldiers’ claiming they have been executed by the Serbs just as the demands to Sri Lanka to produce ‘missing’ LTTE cadres! Question is do they even exist!
  • In Srebrenica after 5 years only 160 mass graves have been found but no one knows whose bodies they are. In the case of Sri Lanka, the satellite analyst report by the American Association for the Advancement of Science identified 3 graveyards of which one had 1346, and one of the 3 was a LTTE graveyard with 960 bodies
  • ‘Never Forget’ slogan is associated with Nazi terror and when Richard Holbrooke US Ambassador to UN in 2000 said ‘Srebrenica must not be forgotten’ it is just like the present chorus about Mullaivaikkal not been forgotten. However, both being lies the game is to repeat the lie often enough for people to believe it. If it is crimes then the NATO/UN/US/UK crimes seem never to go on trial.
  • Munira Subasic, President of the Bosnian Muslim Association of Srebrenica Women, who reported her son as one of Srebrenica Muslim victims. It was later discovered her son lives in United States under a new name – we continue to question how many of the LTTE ‘missing’ are enjoying hob nobbling with the very organizations and individuals accusing Sri Lanka. shows how far lies used connects with the same lies the LTTE propagandists are presently using.
  • Milivoje Ivanisevic’s booklet The Srebrenica Identity Card’ documents bodies buried at the Srebrenica Memorial that were not killed in July 1995 when alleged genocide took place (some of these died from natural deaths 13 years before 1995)!
  • He also shows that in the 1996 elections in Bosnia 914 or 37% names that were on the voting list were of bodies that had been buried in the Memorial but these names had been approved by the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe which supervised the elections. This certainly raises the electoral registries of North Sri Lanka and questions the authenticity of the names being included.
  • Ivanisevic also proves that ‘at least 100 people’ buried at the Memorial died of natural causes. The most astonishing charge made by Ivanisevic is that several hundred soldiers & civilians had been transferred to the Srebrenica Memorial from other cemeteries and reburied and gives example of Hamed Halilovic transferred from cemetery in Kazani who had died 13 years before the Srebrenica ‘genocide’. He gives the names of more than 10 such others. This clearly shows hypocrisy!
  • Ivanisevic also provides names of Bosnian Muslim soldiers buried in the Srebrenica Memorial who had been implicated in numerous massacres of Serbian civilians in which 3000 Serbs were killed. This also reminds us of the manner in which post-LTTE defeat spouses of LTTE cadres are bemoaning their ‘missing LTTE cadre’ husband whom civilians that escaped having implicated in shooting at them while they were fleeing the LTTE!
  • If we are highlighting the LTTE-Church connections, the fact that the West used Bosnian Muslims and watched as they destroyed Serbian Orthodox Churches should make ordinary Christians realize that the war profiteers are using religions for their own agendas.
  • Equally poignant is the controversial verdicts of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia in The Hague to justify support for Muslim-dominated political movements in Bosnia and Macedonia and Serbia’s Kosovo region.
  • Just as the Bosnian Serbs were international isolated and humiliated with the ‘Srebrenica genocide’ the same is being done to the Rajapakse Government via the ‘Mullaivaikkal genocide’ propaganda lies.
  • If Srebrenica was used by Bosnian Muslims to arouse Muslims towards Jihad, the LTTE are using the same strategy to draw Tamils to continue Eelam.
  • Ironically and not surprising it is the same western media that lied about Srebrenica that continues to spread the ‘genocide’ story in Sri Lanka – New York Times playing lead role!
  • Henry Wieland head of the UN Human Rights Commission interviewing Srebrenica refugees in July 1995 said he could not find ‘anyone who’d seen any atrocity committed with their own eyes”. The question is who saw 40,000 to 200,000 being killed by the Sri Lanka Army or who can vouch that these supposed dead were actually even born!
  • Edward S Herman, an American economist & media analyst and Professor Emeritus of Finance at Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania speaking to Voice of Russia on his views of the facts surrounding the Srebrenica Massacre and the ‘official’ version promoted of the West reveals that the killing in Srebrenia (an area declared as a safe zone by UN despite not disarming Islamic militants) where Serb army was accused of killing Bosnian-Muslim POWs (originally claiming 8000 to eventually being 2500) was in fact a retaliation for these Bosnian Muslim soldiers killing 2383 Serb civilians most of whom were women and children. This part of the story has been purposely kept hidden by western media. Thus Prof. Herman says that the 2383 Serb civilians killed between 1992-July 1995 has to be called the ‘first Srebrenica massacre’. He also discloses that 150 Serb villages had been totally wiped out and that a study gives the names of these 2383 civilians. Prof. Herman also highlights that the media also kept out the fact that before the Serb army took on the Bosnian-Muslims they had bussed 20,000 Srebrenica women and children to safety. His final estimate is that 500-1000 would have died from vengeance executions while the rest were all combat related deaths. The gist of all this is that it was the first massacre of 2383 civilians mostly women & children (Serbs) that instigated the 2nd killing of combatant soldiers (Bosnian-Muslims). Who should we feel sorry for the civilians which included mostly women and children or male combatants?
  • Sri Lanka has every right to question allegations being made without providing concrete evidence. What the UN/UNHRC is trying to do is to first arrest and put on trial Sri Lanka’s leaders and Armed Forces with war crimes and thereafter to look for the evidence or prepare the evidence to charge them. That is not how things should happen.
  • The reasons why we are objecting is because the entire process of excavation and identification of bodies was controlled by an organization founded by late Bosnian Islamist leader Alija Izetbegovic. Star witnesses too mysteriously appeared claiming ranks in the Bosnian Serb army and claiming to have participated in the execution of 1200 Srebrenica Muslims but he had been exempted from cross-examination and deemed ‘mentally unstable’. These are things that Sri Lanka can expect to happen too!
  • Though there are no international unbiased agencies to help Sri Lanka’s case the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation issued a report in 2002 Srebrenica a Safe Are’ declaring that though UN declared Srebrenica as a ‘safe zone’ the Bosnian-Muslims were not disarmed and the UN was well aware that these Muslims were carrying out lethal raids against Serb villages.

The Hague Tribunal

  • Oric was tried for war crimes at The Hague – he had even publicly boasted he mass murdered Serbian civilians but the Tribunal set him free.
  • Hague Tribunal’s evidence consisted of 3,568 autopsy reports (which means 3568 dead bodies) but half of the total number of the Hague’s Srebrenica post-mortem reports are based on only few bones — in many cases just a single bone or bone fragment — which, simply put, does not allow for any meaningful forensic conclusions to be drawn” (Dr. Ljubiša Simić, pathologist and forensic expert)
  • Simić concluded that the total number of victims in all thirteen Srebrenica mass graves is well under 2,000 — woefully short of the magical number of 8,000, aggressively propagated by the State Department ever since 1995.
  • 954 Bosnian Muslim Fighters Killed Before the End of 1994 Listed as Srebrenica Victims”

Lies also have a way of haunting the guilty. The UN will forever have to shoulder its lies and crocodile tears when it pushed for a UK drafted resolution to call Srebrenica as ‘genocide’ and charge for ‘genocide denial’ on the basis of that prostituted word ‘reconciliation’. Russia vetoed that saying supposed 8000 deaths were not grounds to call ‘genocide’. It emerges that the deaths are less than 2500! UN as expected acknowledged its ‘responsibility for failing to protect the people who sought shelter and relief in Srebrenica’ the same crocodile tears shed in Sri Lanka! Why is that the UN has absolutely no record of ever preventing conflicts except to enter to stop ongoing conflicts which continue nonetheless! What fancy words, speeches and tamashas cannot hide are a load of lies that have been dished out over the years.

  • In 1995 the UK brought a resolution to declare ‘genocide’ against Bosnian-Serbs. Russia vetoed the UN resolution saying that it was “not constructive, confrontational and politically-motivated,” arguing that it unfairly singled out Bosnian Serbs for war crimes. The resolution was the first attempt to making an accusation of ‘genocide’ and charge for ‘genocidal denial’. Incidentally all these terminologies are crafted by the very nations that commit crimes against humanity with impunity to the stoic silence of the UN!
  • Diego Arria, former Venezuelan ambassador to the UN and current special advisor to the UN Secretary General, testifies at the Milosevic trial that the UN Secretariat, Boutros-Ghali and UNPROFOR fed misinformation to the Security Council about the real situation in Bosnia between 1992 and 1995. Arria claims that Secretary General Boutros-Ghali and his Secretariat withheld information about the real situation in the field or fed the Security Council misinformation. As an example of the way in which information was withheld, he spoke about a letter in which Sadako Ogata, then UN High Commissioner for Refugees, warned the UN about the tragic situation in Srebrenica in March 1993. The letter seems to have become “misplaced” somewhere in the office of the Secretary-General, and Arria first saw it 11 years later in The Hague, when the Prosecution produced it.
  • The UN has kept mum about bogus forms with only signatures and multiple signatures by the same person being sent to parties that have filled the forms with lies which the UNHRC investigators on Sri Lanka have accepted and only after a TNA-tasked LTTE cadre was caught with these forms did the expose come to light. Otherwise the UNHRC would have referred to these bogus witness accounts to charge Sri Lanka and we are yet to know whether these forms have been discarded!

What is poignant about the Srebrenica supposed ‘genocide’ and the Mullaivaikkal supposed ‘genocide’ is that the Clinton administration used the ‘Srebrenica genocide’ as excuse to enter Bosnia taking the side of the Bosnian Muslims and enforcing the Dayton Peace Agreement for Bosnia-Herzegovina in November 1995 which Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia had to agree to.

We now see that the Mullaivaikkal ‘genocide’ is likely to be a means of charging the war heroes and enabling the balkanization of Sri Lanka, a military base for the US, the presence of UN as a façade and the choking of Asian seas and trade routes for China while US/West build its way to China & Russia. 

Shenali D Waduge


9 Responses to “Lies Exposed : LTTE propagandists meet Waterloo with comparison of Srebrenica to Mullaivaikkal”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Shenali,

    You are our lone worrier in the field while the government and authorities are sleeping.

    MR should make a note of you this time to get you into his foreign policy advisory. Your hard work will not go waste as long as Mother Lanka is undivided.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    AGREE with Hiranthe. SW is ABOVE all the rest of writers. She deserves to be made a FOREIGN POLICY and LOCAL POLICY advisor.

    (She has made some embarassing blunders too like calling St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome a Dagoba but that is MINOR in comparison.)

    I hope MR will do it this time. At least READ her articles and LEARN.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! If Mahinda took just 1% of the substance that Shenali has reflected in her formidable discources, Mahinda would be on wings of escalation. MR had a habit of ridiculing the common you and me, and SHE.


  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Worse thing will be if Rajapakse comes to power and then start sucking up to the Catholic Church as before to please his Catholic wife and family. He had better not betray the trust placed on him by the Sinhala Buddhists.

    On 8 Jan the Christians did not vote for him. The Jihadist Muslims did not vote for him. The Racist Tamils from North, East and the Hill Country did not vote for him.

    This MR must not forget. He must not forget it was the simple Sinhala Buddhist that stayed with him through thick and thin.

    Most of all we want Gota back in charge of Security of the Motherland!

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    all ok but one thing I do not understand why you Sinhala Buddhist are so angery at present even though 33 years war is finised & Yaldevi is back in track We all are in peace time.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    SA Kumar,

    We are angry because we saved you guys from the clutches of killer Velu and you guys are not grateful. You are chasing the saviors in to Hague.

    This is the joke of the century. Ancient Sinhalese accommodated Tamils who came from India on many missions and they settled in this Island to co-exist and later declared that this is Tamil’s homeland and chasing Sinhalas from North and East.

    Same story.. We are only watching and waiting doing nothing for this unfair cause.. but Tamils took arms for their false claim… That is the difference between Sinhalese Buddhists and Tamils…

    Hope you agree!!

  7. Lorenzo Says:



    In 1983 then pope met LEK WALASA of POLAND and gave him the REGIME CHANGE plan. He did it in 1989.

    Pope was due on January 14, Election was on January 8. Since DECEMBER 2014, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of South Endian, Kerala, etc. people came to SL and VOTED for My3.

    In DECEMBER 2014 MR went to THIRUPATHY KOVIL when My3 went to DALADA MALIGAWA!!

    IN OCTOBER 2014 MR promised to send poor people to HAJJ FREE OF CHARGE!

    Hope MR will not fall into that trap again. So far MR has done very well.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Agreed & disagreed may Chinhala sakotharam !

    You saved 297,000 us agreed how many of us you killed (Excluding VP &co) please do not say crossfire (as American way).

    Ancient Sinhalese accommodated Tamils who came from India- Agreed & disagreed eg: King Ravana is Saivan not Bhuddist.

    Tamils took arms for their false claim- Disagreed We ( include me) took arms after 1983 ( 1956 to 1983 every five years we had riot festival ) not for fun !

    Tamil’s homeland and chasing Sinhalas from North and East- Agreed because every time you kicked out from south(1956 to 1983) you said Kari demila , Yanavavo yanda Japanayada ( go to jaffna).

    Hope you agree!!

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    We are angry- I hope you angry with between you MS/MR/RW/CBK not with us you all are good with us after war even MR.

    Our CM Viggi like MR than RW you know that even though MR let him down to change NP GA .

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