Brad Adams & HRW did you not know that Tamils voted for Field Marshall Fonseka in 2010?
Posted on February 13th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

Brad Adams of Human Rights Watch has spoken. He says Mr. Fonseka’s appointment is a breach of trust for victims and families who believed in this government’s commitment to deliver justice for war crimes.” The election of 2010 just months after the elimination of the LTTE ground force and the manner that the Tamil voters voted en masse for Sarath Fonseka exercising their democratic right, clearly nullifies foreign notions of Fonseka as ‘military leaders suspected of widespread abuses’. That all polling divisions except 1 (Kayts) in the entire Northern Province voted for Sarath Fonseka shows that they did not consider Fonseka a war criminal while the TNA endorsed Fonseka as common Presidential candidate. If Tamils did not consider him a war criminal in 2010 how can that change in 2016 or because people like Brad Adams of HRW or other UN entities says so?

The UNF comprised the United National Party (UNP), Sri Lanka Muslim Congress(SLMC), Democratic Peoples Front(DPF) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party faction led by Magala Samaraweera, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna(JVP) which strongly backed Fonseka

2010 Presidential Elections – Sri Lanka / Northern Province results

District Candidate Votes obtained %
Jaffna district  

(11 polling divisions)

Sarath Fonseka

Mahinda Rajapakse





Vanni District

(3 polling divisions)

Sarath Fonseka

Mahinda Rajapakse





Out of the 11 polling divisions of the Jaffna district, Mahinda Rajapakse as President secured only 4611 votes in the Kayts polling division, all other 10 polling divisions were won by Army Commander Sarath Fonseka.

Out of the 3 polling divisions of the Vanni district, all 3 polling divisions voted for Sarath Fonseka.

The postal votes of Jaffna district also went to Sarath Fonseka while the postal votes of Vanni district went to Mahinda Rajapakse.

Even the displaced votes of both Jaffna and Vanni district went to Sarath Fonseka with overwhelming majority.

Jaffna district

Polling Division Presidential Candidate Votes obtained % Registered Voters Total Polled
Vaddukoddai Sarath Fonseka 11,712 62.68% 63,991 19,436
  Mahinda Rajapakse 4,247 22.73%
Kankesanthurai Sarath Fonseka 8,216 56.90% 69,082


  Mahinda Rajapakse 4,559 31.57%
Manipay Sarath Fonseka 13,390 62.01% 71,114 22,475
  Mahinda Rajapakse 5,749 26.62%
Kopay Sarath Fonseka 13,151 64.13% 65,798 21,133
  Mahinda Rajapakse 4,538 22.13%
Udupiddy Sarath Fonseka 8,974 67.20% 56,426 13,955
  Mahinda Rajapakse 2,545 19.06%
Point Pedro Sarath Fonseka 8,585 69.30% 48,613 12,828
  Mahinda Rajapakse 2,361 19.06%
Chavakachcheri Sarath Fonseka 11,599 62.39% 65,141 19,450
  Mahinda Rajapakse 4,567 24.57%
Nallur Sarath Fonseka 11,543 70.42% 72,558 16,948
  Mahinda Rajapakse 3,554 21.68%
Jaffna Sarath Fonseka 7,914 66.17% 64,714 12,414
  Mahinda Rajapakse 3,296 27.56%
Kilinochchi Sarath Fonseka 4,717 75.11% 90,811 6,566
  Mahinda Rajapakse 991 15.78%
Kayts Sarath Fonseka 3,976 39.83% 53,111 10,321
  Mahinda Rajapakse 4,611 46.19%
Postal votes Sarath Fonseka 3,173 71.95% 4,737 4,526
  Mahinda Rajapakse 892 20.23%
Displaced votes Sarath Fonseka 6,927 70.78% 15,602 10,147


  Mahinda Rajapakse 2,244 22.93%


Jaffna District Final results

Sarath Fonseka = 113,877 (63.84%)

Mahinda Rajapakse = 44,154 (24.75%)

Vanni district

Polling Division Presidential Candidate Votes obtained % Registered Voters Total Polled
Mannar Sarath Fonseka 20,157 70.19% 85,322 29,172
  Mahinda Rajapakse 6,656 23.18%
Vavuniya Sarath Fonseka 31,796 66.02% 112,924 49,498
  Mahinda Rajapakse 13,742 28.53%
Mullaitivu Sarath Fonseka 6,882 73.47% 68,729 9,625
  Mahinda Rajapakse 1,726 18.43%
Postal votes Sarath Fonseka 1,845 46.76% 4,069 3,991
  Mahinda Rajapakse 2,018 51.14%
Displaced votes Sarath Fonseka 9,687 64.33% 29,940 15,394
  Mahinda Rajapakse 4,598 22.13%


Vanni District Final results

Sarath Fonseka = 70,367 (66.86%)

Mahinda Rajapakse = 28,740 (27.31%

Therefore, whatever Brad Adams, Human Rights Watch or any others have to say in Sri Lanka elections are democratically held. People exercise their franchise. The Tamils voted en masse for the army commander that led the forces to defeat the LTTE months before the elections. The Tamil voters did not vote for the then President Mahinda Rajapakse who was also the Senadhinayaka (head of the armed forces) and without whose orders the military victory would not have been possible.

Fonseka however has not performed at elections since 2010 election as a common candidate where islandwide he secured 41lakshs. He contested in the Colombo district in the 2015 Parliamentary elections and islandwide secured only 28587 votes, quite a comedown from 4.1m votes obtained in 2010. Though the people did not vote for him. Fonseka has re-entered Parliament based on the decision of the present Government to offer him a parliamentary seat via the UNP National List quota. We do not hear the democracy proponents complaining why people rejected by vote are sitting in Parliament as MPs. It is not only Fonseka most of the MPs in Parliament have been rejected by the People. It is very strange that the world is not complaining about this violation of democracy!

Returning to Brad Adams, all we can say is that his entire argument about Fonseka being accountable for war crimes is nullified by the fact that the TNA and the Tamil People all voted for him immediately after the LTTE was defeated. What better thumbs up can the army commander get than obtaining over 70% of the Northern votes!

Shenali D Waduge

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Almost 100% of Tamils in 2010 voted for the COMMANDER IN CHIEF and the ARMY COMMANDER who together won the war.

    2 “war criminals” according to Tamils. Well, Tamils LOVE “war criminals”.

    e.g. VP, Chelva, MGR, Hanuman, Raman, Run-nil

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