John Amaratunga was OVERDOSEd of anger
Posted on June 13th, 2017

By Rajendra Alwis, ottawa, Canada

 I was really perturbed to read the news on how deplorably Minister John Amaratunga behaved when a journalist posed him a question regarding garbage disposal at Bopitiya in Wattala. His arrogant and mean behaviour using filthy words was clearly evident in the video footage published in electronic media. The funniest part of this incident was that John Amaratunga tried to approach the journalist threatening in anger to fight him, even miserably forgetting failing capacities of his old age.

Garbage disposal is a burning issue in Sri Lanka that needs to be discussed time and again, to steer the way towards a viable solution. It is therefore, quite appropriate to question these politicians to get to the crux of the problem who paved the way for unimaginable recent disaster in Meethotamulla that destroyed many lives and properties of innocent people and also berried some alive. Any right thinking citizen in the country has an undeniable democratic right to question the wrongdoers to bring out the buried facts and expose them to public.

Almost all the politicians in Sri Lanka are suffering from a chronic disease of which the main symptom is thirst for undue respect from the general public, for no reason, which is very difficult to bring under the curative care. In the circumstances, I wish to remind these politicians one good example from Canada for them to re-pattern their behaviour.

Several years ago, when Mr. Jean Chrétien was the Prime Minister of Canada, he attended an agricultural exhibition at Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island and began shaking hands with people. A man suddenly stopped crossing his path and landed a cream pie along one side of his face. Mr. Chrétien appeared momentarily stunned, then pulled the pie plate from his face and his eyes seemed with a flash of anger. RCMP officers then hustled him into a washroom, and the culprit was arrested. This honourable Prime Minister came out calmly and addressed his Prince Edward Island supporters and said jokingly: you have developed a funny way of serving pies these days. I am not hungry…..” This incident was televised several times on that day. I think that this is a very good example for Sri Lankan politicians to follow suit and correct themselves.

Further, I wish to quote another good story form Panchatantra for John Amaratunga to learn a valuable lesson. It is the stupid monkey’s story therein. One day, a carpenter was sawing a huge log of wood. Since it was half done, he placed a wedge in between the log to prevent it from getting closed up. Later on, a wandering stupid monkey saw this and was curious about the wedge and sat down on the log placing his legs between the half split log. Without thinking the consequences (like these politicians) he pulled out the log and got caught his private parts in the gap of the wood and experienced untold pain and heavy damage. This story teaches ignorant people not to do to unwarranted things unwittingly.

Minister John you pathetically had an overdose of anger. John you are well aware personally, with your own experience, that overdosing of anything is good for nothing and it will certainly end up in catastrophe. Therefore, in the future, please stay away from doing stupid things without being a laughingstock because of your overdosed anger.

3 Responses to “John Amaratunga was OVERDOSEd of anger”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    John baas aka minister of erection (permanent) is a violent catholic thug. He is the right hand man of another violent thug
    although he shows a very different outlook, Pathala Man PM traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal
    Karaya Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller. People in Sri Lanka are kept in the dark by the
    catholic controlled media of these dangerous people’s actions by painting a rosy picture about them. Remember
    john baas caught with a towel to conceal his modesty after taking too many pills? No papers in Sri Lanka reported
    it. Imagine this happen to a Sinhalese Buddhist politician? He would’ve been branded to this day about the scandal.

    To see catholic run traitor UNPatriotic party’s thugs people should read Batalande Commission report. During the
    BHEESHANA SAMAYA 60,000+ Sinhalese were killed by dragging the insurgency for 6 years when the UNPatriotics
    could’ve easily rehabilitate them like Sirima B did. What rehabilitaiton, they were Sinhalese Buddhists! That’s the
    UNPatriotics attitude. A Sinhalese cull! John baas and pol pot r@nil were instrumental in these.

    Then the traitor UNPatriotics dragged catholic tigers of tamil drealam war for 30 years saying the terrorists were
    too strong and sacrificed another 100,000+ Sinhalese Buddhists including Buddhist monks, men, women, children,
    tri forces personnel when they could’ve stopped in the beginning. What for? The terrorists were mainly killing
    Sinhalese. Another Sinhalese cull! Meanwhile catholic-run media kept giving a rosy picture to hoodwink the
    Sinhala modayas. Question why the catholic tigers of tamil drealam attacked Sri Maha Bodhi, Sri Dalada Maligawa,
    Aranthalawa Bikku massacre, still not a single church or a priest attacked? Sinhalaya famous for being modayas
    were taken for a ride. They fell in the same hole they fell during the day by appointing these mega thieving,
    Sinhalese murdering, Buddhism destroying, Sri Lanka destroying jaathi dhrohee UNPatriotics who always want to
    do things to please traitor tamils, mussies (guarantee their votes of course) and catholic west. Sinhalalaya famous for being modayas still don’t see the true colours of these jaathi dhrohees! John baas’s thuggery nothing new to Sinhalese Buddhists with a bit of common sense.

    Please click on the following links to see their treacheries to Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism. You won’t find
    these in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Why is it that the World Bank Plan for Garbage Disposal (put forward by the WB during the MR Govt time), not followed ? The WB did a study lasting some 6 months and put forward a plan to dispose of garbage into disused lime quarries in the Puttalam area. We do not know the details of this plan, but we are hoping it is followed through, even at this late stage of matters.
    Can Energy be produced as a side venture from such an area where garbage is dumped into disused lime quarries ? Over to the experts for clarification !

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