Decree of Mahanaayake Theroes ignored – New Constitution almost ready
Posted on July 20th, 2017


Sri Lanka can be termed as a country of semi theocracy where the Kings and the rulers have always sought advice and guidance from Buddhist monks on all major issues confronted by the country and the ancient Kings and freedom fighters have received blessings from the monks before embarking on wars and rebellions and on auspicious occasions.

As far as I know the country’s history does not have any record of a King or a Ruler gone against the admonitions of the Chief Monks of the country. It seems that it is going to happen for the first in respect of introducing a new constitution under this inept foreign and Tamil diaspora slavish government.

The Mahanaayaka Theroes of the Tri-Nikayas issued a decree on 4th July 2017 ordering the government to cease the process being undertaken to introduce a new constitution.  They said that the country neither needs a new constitution nor amendments to the existing constitution at the moment.  Accordingly everyone except the separatists and their minions expected that introduction of the much dreaded and non-mandated Ranil-Smanthiran-Chandrika-Rajitha constitution will be ceased and the country can be rest assured without getting subjugated to the manouvers of the separatists and their cronies. .

Nevertheless it has been only an illusion.  For the government fulfilling the dictates of their western and Indian masters and the Tamil diaspora have become more holy than the admonitions of the Maha Nataka Theroes.   The government seems to have totally ignored the call of the Maha Nataka Theroes. Ranil Wickremasinghe the chief architect of this federal, and secular constitution addressing a seminar at the BMICH has said that a preliminary report relating to the new constitution will be presented to the Parliament soon.

It is strange to find that Pacha Ranawaka, Rathana thero, Karunasena Paranavithana and other members of the JHU (called by some people as Jathika Hele Karumaya) in the Parliament who talks much about Buddhism and the sanctity of the Maha Singha and makes Buddhism as their political trump card remaining as DDBs (Deaf, Dumb and Blinds) in the face of the open rebuttal of Maha Nayaka Theroes’ decree by Ranil Wickremasinghe.

Similarly many dollar voracious NGO vultures have also ridiculed the Maha Nayake Theroes for the decree they issued demanding to cease the constitution process. It seems that they have no respect at all for the Maha Nayake Theroes and they would betray the country and the people on any issue. They have said that the Maha Nayaka Theros with 30,000 monks are only a minority in this country.

The bold decision taken by Mr, Wimal Weerawansa and his National Freedom Front MPs in this regard to withdraw from the Constitutional Council deserves much appreciation as it is needed to somehow to wreck the moves being taken to introduce the new constitution. In the 10 point letter submitted by them to the Speaker it is pointed out that the process of drafting a constitution has been commenced as per recommendations made in the despicable UNHRC resolution No. 30/01 of 2015 which the government endorsed under pressure, and various forms of pressures have been exerted by the UN Human Rights Commissioner, and various other special representatives becoming emboldened to recommend the provisions that need to be included in the constitution, and separatist forces too are exerting various forms of pressure to direct the constitutional formulation process in the manners they anticipate. Under the same point No. 10 of the letter it says that it is quite clear that a constitution that would confer fairness to all people, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims will not be formulated

The letter emphasizes that the government has not received a clear mandate to establish a Constitutional Council, to sustain it, and to accept its recommendations of it despite various parties attempt to socialize in bogus ways the suitability of it

It adds that since the President has no political authority or moral right to establish a constitutional council, to approve a new constitution or to amend any clause of the constitution that requires a referendum, and he has received a mandate through the election manifesto presented to the people only to make a constitutional amendment that does not require a referendum.

In conclusion, the letter says that as per the proposal approved in the parliament that the Constitutional Council should constitute all the 225 members represented in the Parliament and their withdrawal gets that condition violated, and the 10 points presented by them have challenged the validity of the Constitution Council.

Although the Constitutional Council can be deflated by the withdrawal of some other MPs as well we cannot expect that it will put an end to the attempts being made to bring in the abhorrent constitution as long as Ranil Wickremasinghe remains as the Prime Minister of this country and the draft constitution seems to be almost ready.  If the constitutional council becomes defunct Ranil Wickremasinghe will still introduce the draft Bill in the Parliament to get it approved.

The Eunuch Sirisena who is a notorious con who denies lack of knowledge on many things and claims that he came to know about such things through newspaper reports or through the television has deliberately hidden from the Maha Nayake Theroes the near existence or near conclusion of the new constitution.  With his meeting with the Maha Nayake Theroes on 6th July he has sad that if a new constitution is to be drafted it would be done only in consultation with the Maha Sangha and other stakeholders.  What a misleading and despicable statement it was a President of the country to say to the Maha Sangha who are the spiritual heads of the 14 Million Buddhists in this country. As this crook has signed the gazette notification for establishing the ‘Missing Persons’s office today (20th July) he will not hesitate at all to sign the gazette notification n the new constitution as well.

In an article written Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke quoting Tamil National Alliance MP Sumanthiran, who is the real architect of this constitution as Neelan Thiruchelvam was the architect of old hag Chandrika’s package points out that Sumanthiran has said that the new constitution will be federal but the label will not say that.  Speaking in Jaffna Sumanthiran has said that the new constitution will be based on the federal system but it will not be indicated in such terms. Dr, Jayatilleke points out that this is like the wrapper of a product saying something and the contents inside having a totally different thing.  He says the envisaged constitution will be a federal one masked as unitary and asks why the drafters do not say it openly if the constitution is going to be, in effect, federal in content and character?

In addition to this the Indian Origin Tamils have also demanded that the new constitution should confer land, Police and other forms of administrative rights to them.

The JVP hooligans who have completely deviated from the nationalist ideals advocated by Rohana Wijeweera and Somawansa Amerasinghe and have now become underlings of Ranil have said that a new constitution is more suitable for the country and it is essential..  The leader of the hooligans of this richest party of Sri Lanka Anura Kumara Dissanayake has alleged that some forces are opposing the constitution just to cover up criticism against them with regard to acts of large scale corruption committed by them when in power.

As per Sumanthiran the chief architect of this reprehensible constitution, the modern progeny of Ponnambalam/Chelvanaygam breed the drafting of the envisaged constitution has almost been completed and the Steering Committee has held over 60 meetings.  He says that the people (implying Tamils) voted this government into power on the promise of bringing in a new constitution and this pledge must be respected.  He adds that both JVP and the TNA (the destroyers of this country) fully support the government in this endeavour.

All the signs are there that Ranil-Sumanthiran-Chandrika-Rajitha coterie is not going to get deterred by any form of opposition whether it is by the Maha Sangha or by the people of the South.  The Tamil diaspora has come forward to spend any amount of money to get this constitution approved as it would be the achievement of their long held dream of establishing Tamil Eelam which they could not get achieved through Prabhakaran.

In order to promote the new constitution and mislead the masses in the south hey have funded for establishment of an organisation called The Natinal Organization for a new Constitution” and it is steered by Ranil Wickremainghe.  The prominent members of this Organization are NGO vultures such as former JVP activist Dambara Amila Thero, Gamini V-angoda, K.W.Janaranjana, Sarathy Wijesuriya, male nurse Saman Ratnapriya and several other notorious pro-Tamil elements.

Patriotic masses and organizations now itself, without waiting for guidance and steering from politicians, should form grass root level anti-constitution organizations and launch wide spread agitations against the envisaged constitution through the country until it is recalled by the  government. Otherwise our children and the children who are to be born in the future in this country will have a country called Sri Lanka without the Northern and Eastern Provinces and Malai Nadu consisting Badulla and Nuwara Eliya districts and parts of adjoining districts.(End)

8 Responses to “Decree of Mahanaayake Theroes ignored – New Constitution almost ready”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Yamapalanaya KNOWS it has ALREADY dug it’s own grave WITHOUT EVEN ENACTING a New Constitution.

    So, KNOWING that it is on its WAY OUT, the Yamapalanaya is HELLBENT on pleasing it’s FOREIGN BACKERS and the SEPARATIST MINORITIES frantically trying to achieve their DESHADROHI GOALS before the ROOF CAVES IN, to ensure that the Yamapalanaya will CONTINUE to receive their support for FUTURE REGIME CHANGES!

    By IGNORING the MAHA SANGHA, the Yamapalanaya has ACCELERATED it’s DEMISE!

    Whe the 2-year agreement between the SLFP and the UNP ends 2 weeks from out, 18 or more SLFP MPs will leave the HAWUL-AANDUWA, to preserve the support of their Sinhala Buddhist voter base.

    And so, the YAMAPALANAYA will come crashing down, and THE MAHA SANGHA will have played a PIVOTAL ROLE in Co Vincent them of the ERRORS of their ways.

    The NFF has ALREADY left the Constitutional Assembly; and the JO will soon follow suit INCREASING the pressure on the SLFP members of the Sirisena-faction of the SLFP to follow suit!



  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Such GOOD NEWS to hear that the infamous 2-yr period is finishing for Yama-palanaya !

    Jayawewa !

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    2-yr period is finishing – end of December 2017 so not yet Jayawewa !- I say kaput Sinhela Island .
    Idian flag is flying in Jalpanam & Hambadoda(i) !!!!

  4. Dilrook Says:

    The last paragraph is not practical. People will not organise themselves into influential anti-constitution groups unless one of them is guaranteed power at the next election. For them to do the hard work while Opposition MPs piggyback on it is not going to happen. As the pithy proverb goes, like the soup bowl of seven beggars.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    ALL ANTI-NATIONAL & UNPATRIOTIC activities MUST be stamped out !

    The New Constitution, as it leads to Division of the Country, must be viewed as an Anti-National & an Unpatriotic Act, and those who bring it forward must be viewed as such too.

    The New Constitution, led by Ranil, must be thrown OUT, together with the Anti-National & Unpatriotic politicos. That is true Democracy – by and for the People of Lanka !

    Sri Lankans must get organised in every way possible to throw OUT the New Constitution and the good for nothing politicos too !


  6. Vaisrawana Says:

    The writer means well. But it is not quite correct to say that the Mahanayakes issued a decree to the government. No one even suggested such a thing. They only offered some cogent advice, but prefaced it with the word ‘karunika’ (meaning kind, compassionate). Buddhist monks have no authority to issue commands to rulers. They neither have nor ask for such authority. They only offer advice to the rulers on matters relating to the Buddha Sasana and to the general moral and material welfare of the people irrespective of their different ethnic, religious and other identities.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    There is NO NEED for a New Constitution.

    * Just get rid of ILLEGAL 13-A imposed on the JRJ govt by INDIA.

    * Next, activate the 6-A.

    * Next, pursuade the Tamil leaders of Lanka to revoke in Parliament the V’koddai Resolution (1976) – Eelam through Violence.

    Without PATRIOTISM no Country can flourish.

  8. RohanJay Says:

    Yama-palanaya. Yes good riddance to bad rubbish. Sri Lanka or rather large numbers of the voting public which includes a large section of the Sinhala Buddhist base voted in my opinion very strangely for this new govt led by Maithripala Sirisena clearly a shoe in puppet. Who I already knew but Sri Lankan electorate in Jan 2015 didn’t and non-sensically voted in a govt which didn’t deserve to be handed the reigns of power.
    MR’s Govt was voted out. When it should have been given a mandate for at least another 5 years of power so that it could fully realise its vision for Sri lanka. At least it deserved that much given it is the only govt that brought true peace,stability and development for Sri Lanka.
    No in Jan 2015 the public had decided no extension of MR’s rule. For whatever strange reason. Maybe they took the good things that happened between 2009-2015 for granted.
    He and his govt was being punished in Jan 2015 for misdeaminors that were minor compared to the progress Sri Lanka had achieved between 2009-2015. When Sri Lankan expatriates some extremely wealthy after living decades in the west and abroad returned back to Sri Lanka because under MR Govt. Sri lanka was a very nice place to live in again. To the extent they were prepared to leave the comfortable prosperous lives they had in the west for the tropical climes of Sri Lanka again. All that was due to the progress Sri lanka achieved between 2009-2015. Since 2015. There has been a big exodus back to the west and other countries again. Since MR left many Sri Lankans especially the wealthy ones had upped sticks and returned back to the lives they had in the west. That should tell you something about Sri Lanka since MR’s Govt was replaced in Jan 2015. Really stupid and not being gratetful for the the good things the MR Govt did for Sri Lanka rather people would focused on the negative of the MR govt and then, to replace a government despite all its faults was doing really good things for Sri lanka with something else in Jan 2015. I hope Sri Lanka can get back to the relative good times of 2009-2015 again. Although now so much water has gone under the bridge since Jan 2015. That I am not holding my breath if Sri lanka could ever return to the now relatively really good times between 2009-2015. .By the way I am no supporter of MR Govt. I was always more Partial to the UNP myself because I lived in Sri Lanka for a large chunk the 1980s when UNP ruled when the UNP Govt in the 1980s had a lot of well educated very competent guys who did a lot of good stuff for Sri Lanka back then. Like opening up the economy. Sri Lanka becoming more wealthier in the 1980s. Mahaweli Development projects by JR Jayawardane and Co. At the time PM Premadasa genuine initiatives to helping the poor with gam udawa projects and other welfare projects etc and the UNP Govt of the time would have even ended the war in 1987 if India hadn’t abruptly and unnecessarily intervened in its fellow southern South Asian neighbours affairs in May-July 1987 with eventually disastrous consequences for Rajive Gandhi and Sri Lanka since 1987. I thought the UNP govt on the whole did a good job for Sri Lanka in the 1980s. But even I recongnise the immense achievements by the MR Govt. They certainly didn’t deserve to lose the election of January 2015. They definitely fully deserved a another 5 years of ruling Sri Lanka!

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